How to Disable CloudFlare?

How do I disable CloudFlare from cPanel?

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Above answers are correct too. If you use Cloudflare account dashboad, When you click on your domain, Under --> Overview -->on your right bottom part of the page, there are two options to "Pause" and to "Remove" Cloudflare from your domain

ScopeHosts answered 3 years ago
ScopeHosts answered 3 years ago

you can disable CloudFlare for one of your website from your cPanel

  • Log into your cPanel with WebHostFace and press the CloudFlare icon in the Software/Services section.
  • Just click on the orange cloud and when in turns to gray, your website will be disconnected from the CloudFlare account associated with your WebHostFace cPanel.

*Note: This will disconnect CloudFlare from the website and will also cancel any plan subscriptions for the site. You will need to re-add the site to a CloudFlare account to regain the CloudFlare performance and security benefits.

Eliana Florica answered 3 years ago
Eliana Florica answered 3 years ago

You can only disable CloudFlare from cPanel if your hosting provider has the app installed on its servers. For example, offers cheap website hosting with the CloudFlare app integrated in the cPanel accounts- for web-hosting and Reseller plans.

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