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I am researching over the internet. I would like to know which hosting service is more beneficial?

Can someone explain me ?

I believe cloud hosting is best now a days but still looking for opinion.

cloud hosting best web hosting
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Etechsupport answered 8 months ago
Etechsupport answered 8 months ago

Hello, Choose the hosting type?
1. Before choosing any hosting check there downtime
2. Before choosing any hosting check there reviews and rating
3. Before choosing any hosting to ask there customer support and technical support
4. Before choosing any hosting check their various packages and select one of them suitable for your business need

Shared / VPS / Dedicated / WordPress hosting / eCommerce Hosting / Cloud hosting - These are the types but its depend on your hosting requirement, If you want more space OR increase in future then cloud is suitable for you, this type depends on what you host in your server, data, storage, bandwidth and etc. everything as per your requirement

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