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Why is Dedicated Ip Address necessary for your web hosting?

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Guy Moss answered 1 month ago
Guy Moss answered 1 month ago

To add to Nelsahost - you may also need a dedicated IP if you purchase an SSL key or accept credit card payments online.

Nelsahost answered 4 months ago
Nelsahost answered 4 months ago

Well Dedicated IP is not required, you can host your websites on shared IP without a problem, if web hosting provider is good they will keep their IP address clean...but dedicated IP is recommended for a bunch of reasons. First, there are many users who still use older OS and browsers that do not support SSL SNI and since today most webmaster use https protocol, a site on dedicated IP will work even without SNI support. In Asia win xp and older mobile OS still, share significant % of the market so... Second, you don't depend on other webmaster when it comes to IP reputation, and it is important in SEO..e-mail...etc Third, your can access to your website without domain and sometimes it is usefull but also you need to set IP to URL redirection in production since IP can be indexed as any url. Fourth, some application and scripts require dedicated IP so you have much wider range of options...also it is good for business identity...also the web server should do some extra work, parsing the user’s request to the correct website on shared IP but this is web hosting provider concern not your, and it has no big impact on performance

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