Accessing SQL using a connection string

The sql databases are hosted on different boxex than the websites. If I configure an active server page on the website to access the sql database on another server, what username/password would I use?Is there any problem with trusted connections between the website and database or account delegations problems? For example, annonymous access to the website still uses a user account. If the connection string uses a different user account, will there be a failure to connect?


Microsoft SQL Server
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Pranith answered 16 years ago
Pranith answered 16 years ago

I think there will not be any problem using the trusted connections as for my knowledge is concerned. If you want to know the user id and password then open the sql manually there you can have two options

  1. it will take windows defauilt password.
  2. if you guys have assigned any passsword then it will be asking to enter user id and password.

Ihope the above information will help to solve the problem.

Dilipv answered 16 years ago
Dilipv answered 16 years ago

hi jason,

i think there won't be any problem with using trusted connection.if you wanna know the user id and password then try to open sql mannually, type user id and password if the database opens then use that user id and password in your coding.

Hope this will help you out

Thank you
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