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Hi, this is my first post here so hello!

I've recently purchased a dedicated server (3 days ago) and Im running into some problems.
This is my first time ever dealing with servers so please bear with me.

first question: (i really don't know how to put this) With a dedicated server, and when you create 'packages' and 'accounts', do you transfer a domain over or are they 'parked'??

Second Question: Say im only planning on having 1 domain name on this server. Do I need to create a package for this domain or can I just have that domain for that server.

Third Question: I am currently trying to set up a wildcard subdomain. I have edited the DNS settings in WHM

* --- 14400 --- IN --- A --- IPADDRESS

that didnot work after 30 hours so I tried

* --- 14400 --- IN --- CNAME --- domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk[d0t]

that did not work

im now trying

*[d0t]domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk --- 14400 --- IN --- A --- domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk[d0t]

but waiting for the DNS to update.

which one of the above is correct.

I also have a resellers account ( its all on heartinternet ) in which this domain is 'parked' and you can access the DNS settings from there, but the * value constantly directs to the IP, should this be deleted?

Any ANY help is much appreciated as I really need to get my project up and running!
thanks in advanced,

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ACT Web answered 14 years ago
ACT Web answered 14 years ago

my main problem being the wildcard subdomain.

I have currently change my DNS settings to * --- 14400 --- IN --- A --- IPADDRESS.
In my account's Cpanel in sub-domains section i've added *.

So when i go to www[d0t]anything[d0t]domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk it goes to www[d0t]domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk.
What I actualy want is it to stay at www[d0t]anything[d0t]domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk but load www[d0t]domain[d0t]co[d0t]uk
If that makes sense.

Robert Kirwan answered 14 years ago
Robert Kirwan answered 14 years ago

Is the dedicated server with Heart too?

Do you have a control panel installed on the dedicted server? you mentioned WHM but is this on the dedicated server or on the Heartinternet site?

If you do not have a control panel on the dedicated server my suggestion would be to install one as you will find it a lot easier to manage,

You will need to create a package for a domain even if its only one, you can set it u unlimited/unlimited.


BravoHosting answered 14 years ago
BravoHosting answered 14 years ago


Can you come to my website for a live chat I need to get some future details about your server before I can help. But none the the less I will be glad to help you in any way that I can.

ACT Web answered 14 years ago
ACT Web answered 14 years ago

Hi yes, I have both reseller and server with heart.

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