Need to protect my game servers against DDoS attacks

How do you protect your Game Servers against DDoS attacks?
They say is good at it, have you ever tried their services?
How secure are they? Have you got any first-hand experience?
I appreciate any input.

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Akshay_M answered 4 years ago
Akshay_M answered 4 years ago

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) have increased in intensity over the past year and a half, effectively affecting the normal provision of business, and causing serious damage.

These attacks means several computers previously infected by hackers are fired remotely against a determined target by the cybercriminal, and from there they start to generate thousands of requests until the game session or website goes offline or suffers intermittencies due to overload or over-traffic.

It is common the target to be attacked by DDoS in its peak time in order to impact more. In case of MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games, players begin to have connection problems, such as kicks and freezes (when the game hangs). The persistence of problems resulting from DDoS attacks leaves many players frustrated.

There is no magic solution to dealing with the problem, especially since it can be difficult to differentiate what is a legitimate connection request from a user and what is a DDoS agent connection.

First, it's good to know what you're up against. There's nothing unique about DDoS attacks. Basically, they fall into three main categories:

Volumetric: they flood broadband and block access to online resources.
Protocol: they target online server resources rather than broadband and affect firewalls and load balancers.
Application Layer: they are sophisticated because they mimic human behavior. They're also hard to detect and can overwhelm the application server.

The only way to truly prevent or stop DDoS attacks is to protect your network infrastructure and the data itself.

WarnerK answered 4 years ago
WarnerK answered 4 years ago

While an antivirus program and software firewall won't stop determined attackers, they're still a good first-line defense to stop casual IP detection. They can also prevent you from being caught up in a larger DDoS attack directed at game servers you're connected to.

Medivst answered 4 years ago
Medivst answered 4 years ago

Cloudflare is a good choice if you are looking to get DDoS protection.
There are many other companies that offer this service however, due to the nature of DDoS attacks, this service can be VERY expensive.

Give more details about what you want.

Walkers answered 7 years ago
Walkers answered 7 years ago

There are hosting companies that can give you more protection from DDos if you buy Premium hosting. So perhaps you have to search for another hosting provider. I don't know another ways to get protection from DDos attacks.

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