Is it easy to host a website in a Dedicated Server

Is it easy to host a website in a Dedicated server? How should I make it easier?

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Harry V answered 2 years ago
Harry V answered 2 years ago

Yes, it is very easy to host Web sites in Dedicated Server. You can host any number of sites on your server same as you do in VPS.

Most of the providers offer control panels with the server. The hosting control panel makes it easy to host websites from web panel directly. You will not need to do anything manually. The control panel will manage everything for you.

For example; if you purchase a server with Linux OS and cPanel, you can create unlimited accounts from cPanel. You will not need to even touch the Apache server. Everything can be managed from WHM/cPanel functions directly.

I strongly recommend AccuWebHosting’s Dedicated Server. You will have the ultra-fast performance with their most trusted hardware. And when it comes to Technical Support, no one can beat AccuWebHosting.

Host IT Smart answered 2 years ago
Host IT Smart answered 2 years ago

If you have a simple HTML website then here I share 4 simple steps.

  1. Create a machine:- Creating a machine is a trivial process. This machine is your dedicated server and we shall call this a node.
  2. Login | ssh into the machine and install a web server and ftp.
  3. Copy your code to the machine.
  4. Configure your DNS to point to this machine.

But if you have looking purchase dedicated hosting? I would suggest you Host IT Smart. if you have not a technical knowledge how to host a website on a dedicated server. our supporting team helps you to host your website on the server. 24X7 and we have also provided Live Chat services

NodeSpace Hosting answered 2 years ago
NodeSpace Hosting answered 2 years ago

It's very easy to host a site on a dedicated server. When most people have a single site that needs to be hosted, they forgo using a control panel and use Apache, NGINX, etc. directly. However if you're looking for it to be easier, definitely use a control panel like cPanel or cPanel Solo if you only have a single account.

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