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I can see many providers who offer Dedicated Servers. But, I am confused as to which should I choose. I am looking for the best server for my mission critical site and the support must be just outstanding. Can anyone suggest me the best provider?

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Harry V answered 1 week ago
Harry V answered 1 week ago

You are looking for a server for your mission critical site. So, you should not look into any cheap or other schemes which are mainly focused on marketing. Few points you should consider:

Hardware: You should double check that the hardware allocated to you will be brand new. New hardwares are generally more reliable and will provide the best performance.

Datacenter: Tier3 and Tier4 datacenters are the most redundant and reliable. If you are targeting the people in specific region, you can go with the same provider who have datacenter in the same country.

Server Monitoring: Many providers offer server monitoring when you purchase a Dedicated server. This will alert them immediately if there is any issue with the server and support team will immediately look into the issue.

Bandwidth: For your mission-critical site, you may need more bandwidth. So, double check the allocated bandwidth with your Dedicated Server. Upgrade Options: It is more important that the server you are purchasing can be upgraded anytime you need.

As far as my experience is concerned, if you go with SO CALLED Web Hosting Giants, you will not get any support when you really need it. They will simply provision your server and you will be completely responsible to manage the server.

I strongly recommend you to take a look at AccuWebHosting’s Dedicated Server. They have powerful servers in many locations. And when it comes to Support, no one can beat

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