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Plan Name Space Bandwidth RAM Price/Mo. Overall Ranking  
Windows VPS - 4 GB RAM 40 GB Unlimited 4 GB $15.00 Smart-Rating Top Ranked #375
  • Windows VPS - 4 GB RAM
  • Plan Features Score: 12%
  • Customer Rating Score: -Nil-
  • Domain Authority Score: 5%
  • Plan Popularity Score: 5%
  • Rating Score - 14% (Fair)
Virtual Private Servers - 1 GB KVM 40 GB Unlimited 1 GB $15.00 Smart-Rating Top Ranked #162
  • Virtual Private Servers - 1 GB KVM
  • Plan Features Score: 13%
  • Customer Rating Score: -Nil-
  • Domain Authority Score: 5%
  • Plan Popularity Score: 4%
  • Rating Score - 15% (Fair)
Plan Name Storage Dedicated IP RAM Price/Mo. Overall Ranking  
Bare Metal - BM2 - Intel C2750 - 16 GB 1TB 5 16 GB $100.00 Smart-Rating Top Ranked #2016
  • Bare Metal - BM2 - Intel C2750 - 16 GB
  • Plan Features Score: 11%
  • Customer Rating Score: -Nil-
  • Domain Authority Score: 100%
  • Plan Popularity Score: 11%
  • Rating Score - 25% (Fair)

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Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Windows VPS Plan's Research Report


100% uptime in our 15 days of testing

Unlimited bandwidth

Free rebuild of Operating System


79 seconds to respond to 500 concurrent connection

Failed to resolve the issue we had reported

No Backups at all

Do not provide pre-installed hosting tools

Research summary

Overall, we found was a stable uptime.They requires improvement in i) start offering basic VPS support ii) Backup service iii) improve the knowledgebase of windows vps.

Our Exemplary Methodology

We could have chosen the uncomplicated way out, and simply collated data from the provider’s respective websites. That’s lazy, though. Instead, we undertook, and continue to undertake, an extensive research program to reach a far more objective and scientifically authoritative conclusion for users of our VPS hosting directory. The above analysis indicates some of the information we analyze, and to perform it, we leased a Windows VPS server from Cheap Windows VPS and conscientiously monitored it to evaluate their services over a duration of approximately one month. All critical elements were rigorously examined: uptime, backup procedures, support skills, load capacity, as well as any other relevant key features.

Rating Summary
  • Overall Rating
  • Load test rating.
  • Support rating.
  • Backup rating.
  • Uptime rating.

Stress Testing

Left Verticle axis is active users & Right Verticle axis respond to every users and Horizontal axis is showing the time
The URL used to test the load.

This URL was setup and hosted on Cheap Windows VPS Windows VPS's server and all tests were performed using this URL.
.Net application hosted.

The application that we hosted on Cheap Windows VPS Windows VPS's for stress testing.

Nopcommerce with sample data was hosted while we tested it.
Concurrent users.

Total number of users were simultenously online for stress testing.

Test duration.

Total time span lasted to carry out this test.

30 minutes
Load time recorded.

Total number of seconds taken to respond to each connection.

It took 79 seconds to respond to each request when there were 500 concurrent users
Test server location.

Location of the load generating server.

The testing server was located in Ashburn, US
Location of Cheap Windows VPS's VPS server.
Cheap Windows VPS Windows VPS's server was located in Buffalo, US.
Rating - Overall load handling capacity
Our Comments
While we tested, we found the Windows VPS was fairly stable to handle 150 concurrent users of NopCommerce Ecommerce Store with a response time being one second. However, as the number of concurrent users were increased by another 350, it resulted in a higher response time of 79 seconds for each user.


  • Technical depth of their service desk.
  • Depth of their knowledgebase articles
  • How easy is their service desk to use?
  • How far they are courteous and patient?
  • How securely they handle sensitive data?
Service desk rating.

Overall performance of their support team.

Service desk availability.

Availability of their support team on live chat, ticket system and phone support.

Live Chat
Support Ticket
Average time consumed to send the first acknowledgement of a new issue received at their end.
Within 0 to 3 Minutes
Above 3 Minutes
Error reported to their service desk.

The error that we reported to their service desk.

403 Forbidden
Error resolution time.

The time taken by their service desk to resolve the error.

Within 1 Hour
Within 1 to 4 Hours
Within 4 to 6 Hours
Within 6 to 24 Hours
Within 24+ Hours
Our Comments
Their technical support team didn't consider this http 403 error related to server. As a result, our windows related issue remain unresolved.Their Windows VPS Knowledgebase requires some improvement to enable the visitors to be independent.

Backup Report

Backup rating.
Backup frequency.

What is the frequncy of taking backup of your VPS? Daily, weekly , monthly?

Backup facility.

How do they backup your VPS? Whether they backup your VPS as a virtual disk or they take file level backup?

No backup is offered
Restoration requested.

We requested them to restore our data from the available backup.

Not requested
Restoration result.

What was the result of our data restoration request?

Not Applicable
Our Comments
They don't offer any backup service along with the plan.Customers are responsible for maintaining backup at their end.

Uptime Report

Server uptime rating.
The URL used to monitor uptime.

This URL was setup and hosted on Cheap Windows VPS Windows VPS's server and all uptime tests were performed using this URL.
Uptime test duration.

Total time span lasted to carry out uptime monitoring test.

15 Days
Server uptime recorded.

Total server uptime recorded during the test period.

Uptime monitoring tool.

The tool that was used to record uptime of Windows VPS server.
Our Comments
While we tested, we didn't face any downtime. In this research, we undertook a test to monitor uptime of thier Windows VPS for a period of 15 days using tool. The service we checked was HTTP on port 80.

Pre-installed Tools

Server roles installed.

List of the server roles that were pre-installed by Cheap Windows VPS when the Windows VPS was setup.

Application softwares.

List of the application softwares that were pre-installed by Cheap Windows VPS when the Windows VPS was setup.

.Net framework
Control Panel
Document processing tools like Notepad++
MSSQL Db server
MYSQL Db server
Email Server(SmarterMail or MailEnable or similar)
PHP & PHP Manager IIS
Free usable disk on VPS.

The amount of usable disk space after the installation of operating system and other applications.

2GB out of total 25GB


Unlimited bandwidth.

Do they offer unlimited bandwidth option?

Upload Speed

File upload speed to their server

247.77 Mbps
Download Speed

File download speed from their server

13.23 Mbps
Rebuild of operating system.

Do they offer rebuild of operating system at no additional cost?

Free domain name registration.

Do they offer free domain name registration with your Windows VPS order?

Green hosting.
Our Comments
In this research, we verified the additional perks offered by Cheap Windows VPS along with their Windows VPS plan. Please see the list of the perks available when you sign up.

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Roy Martinez

"It's important to note that while cost is a significant factor, it's also essential to consider factors such as reliability, performance, support, and scalability when choosing a Windows VPS provider. Additionally, the term "cheap" doesn't necessarily imply low quality; there are many reputable providers offering affordable VPS hosting solutions. But this company has a very good price for begginers and advanced users looking to test new features and skills, this is the place to be at."

Published on Apr 02, 2024

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