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Dedicated Servers

I purchase a 20tb server for a total of 1800usd (paid by payoneer and paypal), they gave me access to clients area (as a final client) and after they got the money they kicking me out of clients area, they cut me on skype and they ignorig me on email. They simply took my money, scammed me, ignoring me and kicking me out from the hosting clients area If you find a good review from them probably are made from them and is fake This domain is 2 years old so you think about this

This is a fraudulent website, they are not a hosting company!!, they dont have such services, they dont have nothing they are offering, you can call them on their 4 phones and they will not pick up their phone. the chat is a fake chat, and if they reply once to you is because they want to scamm you, they dont have offices in US or UK or anywhere, they are from Pakistan, they barely speaks and write english. They are right now under inverstigation from to deliver such services that is obvious they dont have or return the money

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Premium Technologies harmed me a lot. Stay away from them. Read Carefully!!! 10 months ago

I am an IT executive of a reputed company. Last year, My Boss instructed me to hired a web service provider to build a ecommerce business platform. So, from internet research I found Premium Technologies for my e commerce business solutions. And after contacting through their customer service I hired them. They were supposed to do my app design, web hosting and website design. I also took their email marketing and social media marketing services. All together. Their website is charming. But after time passed by I started to realize that what shit I have done already. A blunder on my part. They are not expert. They are unprofessional and a piece of shit. Their customer service is just a show off. The entire team is frauds who can't do the job properly at all. They didn’t even update what’s the work progress. They delivered incomplete work 2 months after the deadline. The worst service I have ever got from any provider. I contacted their customer service but they didn't care to respond. They also charged very higher than the initial quote. Their email address is a scam address. Then I investigated and found that their address is not real. Worst company. Sons of bitch. I had to compensate a lot to my boss for the loss. I never forgive them. Please stay away from this scammers.

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