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“Very satisfied with a special appreciation for the customer service and the patience”


14 Years

Windows Hosting

Have been using them since close to when they started up. Always great customer service. I do my own website work as part of my consultancy - so that means I am far from an expert. They are very patient with answers to problems I've caused myself. Also they give help and advice that goes past my questions to suggest things I should do or consider. I have used them for multiple other sites at clients and company's that I run. I have no hesitation saying good things here - and I promise whoever is reading this -I do not do that often for other business services. They also been very good with employees that have asked for hep

No complaints actually. I hope the level of customer service continues and have no reason to thing it would

Company Executive

My website is my is my intro to clients. And it has been up and running for over a decade.



As a business launcher and strategy manager I would say (Quite important)integrate strong dyi web building capabilities into your service offering (maybe you have that) a la wix, squarespace, etc. Full service hosters seem to have made this a strategic component of their service - think GoDaddy. I would brand it with a good name if your source for the builder platform allowed it - call it Son of Wix, not Site Builder. Give it is own landing page. As the world moves from wysiwyg through joomla/wordpress to drag and dropand presto, the lead for hosting services has become a trget customer with a go-to-good site in a free evaluation. This is a fundamental change from getting a hoster, an hosting plan, a toolkit, and then starting the site. Now the site comes first with the infrastructure pulled behind it. People are buying the house because they've picked out nice furniture. The entry point to web infrastructure service has changed (IMO). Hosting services for this low cost, high volume slice of the market are not being called 'Linux plan", "Windows Hosting"... they are called "The $10/month plan" and "The Deluxe unlimited emails Plan". Customer acquisition is no longer the size of your server farm, it's the nice pictures in your library of 10,000 templates. Server competency is not a differentiator, it's a prerequisite.I'm just sayingOther than that I'd always be improving ease and richness of use.I'm just sayng (Me and my background,


Steve Lawrence
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