Best Cheap Web Hosting in 2020: Pay less get more!

Best Cheap Web Hosting to buy: Why would you spend high on dedicated servers, VPS hostings, etc. when you’re just looking forward to kick-off a website, when the sweet option of shared web hosting is present, with all the amenities? 

Today, you enjoy such great facilities and tons of free stuff with these ultra-cheap web hosting plans, but there are certain hidden traps as well. Even prices are hidden behind stickers many times, and upgrading your plans shifts the land below your feet! 

So, the right knowledge is crucial! 


Here are our 5 Best Cheap Web Hosting:

  1. (Nesting Plan) $0.75
  2. (Personal) $0.99
  3. (Beginner) $0.40
  4. (Basic) $1.19
  5. (Linux Personal Web Hosting) $3.25

Our experts spent 7 months analyzing the most preferred web hosting plans in current times and experienced all features. Considering overall performance, customer reviews, and a bucket full of other things, we’ve deeply explained the 5 best web hosting plans of today!

Let’s have a look!

Best Cheap Web Hosting in 2020: Pay less get more!

Host HOST2BOOST HostPoco Flaunt7 Hosting DomainRacer Hos AccuWebHosting

Nesting Plan 




 Linux Personal Web Hosting 

Cost $0.75/Mo. $0.50/Mo. $0.99/Mo. $1.19/Mo. $3.25/Mo.
Disk Space 500 MB Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB 500 GB
Operating System Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
Setup Time 1 Hour 4 Hours 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour
Free Domains 1 2 Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Free Subdomains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup Option daily Not Disclosed weekly weekly daily
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days Not Disclosed 30 Days 30 Days
VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN Review – (Nesting Plan) $0.75: Best Cheap Web Hosting #1

Best Cheap Web Hosting in 2020

With a generous set of features offering, and impressive customer reviews, here comes a super cool web hosting plan from a provider, whom some readers might not even know! If you talk about the price, $0.75 can hardly trouble anyone! Our experience with the Host2boost was amazing, and we had almost nothing to complain about.

Now, shall we cherish the offerings?

Speed: Higher than the expectations

After paying something below a dollar, you actually don’t expect speed to thrill you. With the majority of web hosting plans costing so low, speed has always come up as an issue.

Most importantly, there’s no straight method to gain good latency except optimizing your website or simply upgrading the plan (or just bandwidth, disc space, etc.). With the nesting plan form host2boost, speed was never a factor to bother!

SmarterMail Webmail: Sweet offering at this price

Only some hosting providers offer Webmail with the low costing plans, and here, you’re getting one. There are many benefits of SmartMail, and the biggest one is organizing your emails. It’s an Exchange-level mail server software program, providing greater stability to users.

With SmarterMail’s document management feature, you’re free to upload documents into their private file spaces directly, and further embed download links to those documents in their email messages, eliminating the attachment limit issues. 

Daily backup & Subdomain allowed  

Search engines look upon subdomains as unique websites that aren’t related to the main domain. You can certainly push your competitor further down, which can further enhance your authority for the service or product.

If you are targetting a specific market segment, a country, or a reading group, then subdomains highly help you. You gain the ability to utilize a specific keyword for search engine, clarity, and promotional purposes as well. With host2boost’s nesting plan, you can enjoy all that, as hosting subdomains are allowed. 

The conclusion

Besides what we mentioned above, Host2boost has got much to offer. Domain DNS Management, Automated Control Panel, 24/7 Phone & Email Support, Free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun, 99.9% Up-time, and also, you can upgrade your time anytime you want.

The bigger plans are also awesome. You’re assisted well in hard times, plus the speed is also impressive. Yes, Host2boost’s Nesting plan is a happily recommendable one. 

Best Cheap Web Hosting Score: A+ Review – (Beginner) $0.40Best Cheap Web Hosting #2

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Hostpoco provides amazing and reasonably priced plans for reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and the same price efficiency they’ve reflected with their shared web hosting plans. Hostpoco isn’t in the industry for long.

They’ve newly formed institutions consisting of an experienced team of techs and admins and strive to offer hosting services at reasonable costs accompanied with quality features.

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth (with reasonable upgrading charges)

Like a few other generous web hosting plans on this countdown, you get unlimited storage/bandwidth here as well. However, these aren’t entirely free of cost, and once kissing a certain limit, you’ve got to pay to extend the limit of disc space/bandwidth. So, that price structure needs to be reasonable, right? 

Here, you’ll get 100gb bandwidth for $10 per month charges, while the disc space doesn’t have any limit. However, if you have a high quantity of backup files or you’re eating too much space with videos, then there will be a limit for extending which you have to pay!

Free Website migration service

A website migration takes place when a website moves from a given environment to another, or the site’s domain name changes (no matter, even just a bit). In the language of SEO, whenever a fundamental change takes place to the web site’s URL structure, the move is called migration, and it falls into several general types.

Some service providers provide this facility for free, and Hostpoco is one of them. You should be glad, as sometimes, you might have to pay as big as $150-$400 for site migration. 

Enough free stuff to attract you!

Even after spending pretty less, we know that you might be expecting to have a control panel, and here, Hostpoco hasn’t let you down! You’re getting the well-known C panel for free, besides PHP MyAdmin. Not just that, AwStats and Auto SSL are also free of cost. You don’t have to spend on Virus Scanner, as it’s already included in the plan. 

The conclusion

There’s no backup included in the plan, and you can’t register a domain for free. Besides that, Webmail isn’t available, and rest everything is all fine. Speed isn’t tremendous, but it’s good enough for $0.40. However, you might get better speed in case you upgrade your plan.

Overall performance is appreciable, but the customer reviews aren’t that good. This plan is sweet for beginners planning to save every penny possible. Even the other three bigger plans are all under $5. 

Best Cheap Web Hosting Score: A Review – (Personal) $0.99Best Cheap Web Hosting #3

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Here comes another not so familiar hosting provider, which has made the life of the beginners easy! Costing almost a dollar, Flaunt7’s Personal plan has made its way to the 5 most recommendable shared web hosting plans, and the plan feature score is also very high here.

Concerning plan upgrade flexibility, they’re the most appreciable one, as beginning from a dollar, they’ve got plans worth $137.99! Yes, you can pay either monthly or yearly. 

Unlimited storage/bandwidth

Many times, it happens with the new sites that they grow traffic unexpectedly, and if you aren’t armed with the resources perfectly, you won’t be able to fetch the benefits that you deserve. By resources, we mean storage and bandwidth. If either of the limits is crossed, you suffer more than expectations.

You shouldn’t let that happen, and for that, your web hosting plan should offer both of them in adequate quantity. Here, you’re awarded unlimited storage/bandwidth, and you can get either expanded to the limit you want. 

Unlimited email accounts & RoundCube webmail

Running a website means you have to deal with a lot of data, and having one email account can surely frustrate you. Emails keep on stockpiling there, and many times it happens that the crucial emails get buried under other emails.

You might miss some beneficial proposal, or even a business deal if you don’t open such emails on time, and respond. Having multiple emails means you can cleanly organize and categorize your emails, avoiding everything dumping up at just one place!

Responding also becomes easier, and certainly, there are fewer chances of “missing an opportunity.” With this plan, you get RoundCube webmail as well, bringing you much ease!

Hosting unlimited domains & permission of subdomains

After unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, you’re also getting the same facility attached to domain hosting also. Subdomains are allowed here, and you can attain all the benefits of hosting multiple subdomains attached to your root domain.

If you are ok without having subdomains, then you can also host unlimited domains (website) in just one account. 

The conclusion

This plan has much “unlimited” stuff to offer, and upgrading the plan is also not just easy but reasonable also. Also, there’s nothing to a brother regarding data loss, as they give you a weekly backup facility, without charging you for that.

However, a free domain registration facility isn’t available here, and if you can’t do without that, you can go for Accuwebhosting’s  Linux Personal Web Hosting, costing you just around $3!

Best Cheap Web Hosting Score: A+ Review – (Basic) $1.19Best Cheap Web Hosting #4 Review

Domainracer is an Indian WebHost that deeply concentrates on providing cheap web hosting. Basic, Personal, Silver and Advanced are the 4 shared web hosting plans they offer, costing $1.19, $1.69, $2.9, and $4.29 respectively (yearly cycles). You enjoy lightspeed technology with all of them. For Basic blogs, personal, or business start-up websites, the basic plan proves to be awesome. 

Most importantly, you’ve got less to complain, and that’s the reason customer reviews are positive. The account setup time is just one hour, but before committing, you should read the shiniest features of the Domainracer’s basic plan.

Allowance of subdomains

We’ve read up there, the benefits of having subdomains, right? You can use a subdomain to differentiate the content from the rest of your site. Subdomains are indicated on the left portion of the root URL. For example, and are subdomains of

Newbies can certainly try that out, as it can work out amazingly for you. However, your web hosting plan should include that functionality, and here, Domainracer’s basic plan does include this function. 

Weekly backups allowed & 10 Email accounts

Backups are a crucial part of any website setup, no matter big or small, and talking about the shared web hosting, several times; you don’t get any type of backups! You have to rely on plugins (if you use wordpress), or you have to purchase extra services to avoid data loss.

Domainracer doesn’t provide daily backups as Accuweb Hosting does, but there’s a weekly backup facility for you. After that, 10 Email accounts are supported, and we feel that these many Email accounts are enough for a new website (a few can be exceptions here). 

It’s fully managed!

Firstly, the customer service of Domainracer is very good, and besides that, their technical team is very supportive. Your tickets are solved in less time, and on top of everything, this ultra-cheap plan is fully managed.

Most of the newbies aren’t armed with much technical knowledge, and in case such occasions arise where technical knowledge is needed, they are mostly dependent on the technical support of the hosting provider. With this plan, there’s nothing to bother, as Domainracer’s expert team will solve all technical problems or tasks. 

The conclusion

Regarding support, this host is appreciable, but there are a few features missing. The disc space and bandwidth limits might make you stay desired. You can host just the single domain per account. However, you can relax as you are shielded with the 30-day money return guarantee.

Surely, cost can’t hurt you, but you should acquire this plan only if you feel that whatever is missing, won’t hurt your website’s growth.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Score: A (Linux Personal Web Hosting) $3.25Best Cheap Web Hosting #5

If you want a cheap yet double-perfect web hosting plan, which fully supports your site’s growth, then here comes the Linux personal Web Hosting plan from Accuweb Hosting, costing you $3.25 month. This is the most secure we host on the list.

The list of offerings can bring a smile to any web hosting seeker’s face! However, we’ll discuss just the most impactful advantages right now! 

CloudLinux, LiteSpeed WebServer & Unbeatable WebServer 

Accuweb’s ideal shared hosting is the combination of LiteSpeed Webserver, CloudLinux, and Pure SSD Storage, which brings the best performance. CloudLinux is a commercial OS that is perfectly optimized for shared hosting for building an ultra-stable hosting environment. 

Accuwebhosting provides guaranteed resources with their shared hosting plans and enriches your website with high-end security. You can easily switch between various PHP versions.

Cloud Linux includes Mod_Security, which is the Web Application Firewall, and that means your site will never be troubled by SQL Injection, Cookie hijacking, etc. You’re enjoying LiteSpeed as the webserver, located in Colorado, USA Datacenter. LiteSpeed is considered the ultimate best commercial web server available in the industry.

LiteSpeed offers an event-driven architecture that is capable of hosting thousands of websites efficiently without any significant load. Besides neutralizing DDoS attacks, your website can tackle heavy traffic perfectly. 

C panel support

The cPanel & WHM is the most user-friendly control panel providing the website users full flexibility to manage their website, and it’s very easy than any other leading control panel.

Using cPanel / WHM, creating & managing email accounts, pages, files, etc. becomes very easy on your website. Also, you can easily manage your domains, addon domains, and sub-domains. Due to the C panel, you enjoy the following with this plan:

  • Disk Usage Statistics
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Bandwidth Usage Reports
  • Full Log Files Access
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Hotlink ProtectionIP Deny Manager
  • Referrer & Error LogsWebsite Statistics including WStats, Webalizer
  • DNS Record Management
  • Web Based File Manager

Storage, bandwidth, and data protection: No worries at all!

Mostly with cheaper web hosting plans, you have to suffer from less bandwidth/storage, and sometimes, it’s data protection. However, with this plan form Accuweb hosting, you have to bother about none of those three. There’s 10GB storage (full SSD) on offer, along with 500 GB bandwidth. Now, those limits are enough to support even a mid-level site, and you just look at the cost! 

Not just that, while most of the others are providing weekly backups (or sometimes, absolutely no backups for free), Accuweb Hosting is providing everyday backup! All your data is safe, and getting everything alright without hassle after making some mistake is such a pleasure, isn’t it?

The Conclusion

We’ve just mentioned the major attractions up there, and haven’t gone for the whole list. After reading everything, the price of the Linux Personal Web Hosting seems hard to believe! You’ve got RoundCube webmail as well, and a huge limit of 150 emails allowed! Are you looking for hosting subdomains?

No issue at all, and on top of all, money return policy exists! If you’re ready to spend something like a dollar or two more than what you’re paying for other leading web hosting plans, then you’re attaining 5x benefits with Accuweb Hosting. 

Best Cheap Web Hosting Score: A++

Best Web Hosting: What should you consider?

Now, no matter it’s your startup, or trial period, and you’re spending nothing high, still, you should not oversee some crucial considerations, because we believe that you should get the payback of your hard work. 

Like most things, determining which web hosting company to select can be tough. As every single company out there is promising to have the 99% uptime, knowledgeable support, and unlimited resources, there must be a way got getting out of this jargon and make a decision that is informed, right?

This guide will assist you in determining by showing the method of comparing similar companies with each other, by understanding what hosting organizations mean by what they tell, deciding which hosting company will be easy & which package will suit your requirements.

There are around ten considerations before acquiring the best web hosting plan. We can’t exclaim which consideration is big, as all of them are crucial. Have a look; we’ve listed them below!

  • Area of Focus / Specialties
  • Tech Support
  • Tech Specs / Limitations
  • Features / Add-Ons
  • Customer Reviews / Satisfaction / Reputation
  • Hardware
  • Control Panel / User Interface
  • Email Features
  • Scalability / Room to Grow

1) Area of Focus / Specialties

It’s true that a specific web hosting provider can’t prove to be perfect for every single type of customer (however, Accuweb Hosting are pretty close to that). Even on our list, you might come across some decent plans but they don’t provide solutions that are supportive for growing businesses. On the other hand, there are hosting providers, with great enterprise solutions but don’t perfectly fit for folks with small websites with just a few blogs.

So, focus on the requirements, and cherish the chances of your website’s expansion in specific time. You should consider the specialties of a given host rather than just focusing on a plan, as you might have to upgrade your web hosting plan in future!

go with the host that understands your specific requirements. You can look for recommendations and reviews and on the Web (or cherish listings and guides, like the one you’re reading right now). You can find several customers, experts, etc. discussing a particular hosting provider’s strengths, weaknesses, features, assistance, convenience, etc.

2) Tech Support

Most of the folks preferring cheap web hosting are freshers, and out of those, a large percentage don’t have adequate technical know-how. Whenever there are some technical requirements popping up, or critical issues, they prefer consulting the web hosting providers, and in such case, if right assistance is not provided, the client can go baffled! 

Tech support, as per several experts and users, is among the top consideration. If your site, for some specific reasons, goes down, you can call up your host and get a real live support person on the phone? If not, then is there at least someone who just just guides you on what to do to get your site back online?

Some hosts are so generous, that you won’t even have to explain the issue, and they detect it by themselves, and get the things right. Cherish a host’s reputation concerning technical support before paying for the plan. Check out all the ways by which you can contact them in hard times, and discover how fast they reply to you. Are they staffed 24/7 or do they outsource support? Discover everything!

3) Tech Specs / Limitations

What proves to be limited tech specs for one site, might prove to be enough for the other site. The requirements vary from site to site, and due to that, you have to concentrate on your own site, and deeply (and honestly) think what all your site requires now under tech specs, and what it might need in future. 

If you’re hoping to host an e-commerce site, big blogs, videos, and rich content, then you shouldn’t acquire the cheapest hosting package you come across. You should opt for VPS hosting, dedicated server, etc. because most of the cheap hosting plans won’t provide enough processor power, disc space, RAM, etc. to serve such needs. You’ll face a lot of time dealing with load issues, downtime, and even your site visitors won’t like that!

You can look upon the features and tech specs any cheap host is providing rather than just the cost.What are the charges for additional domains, subdomains, bandwidth, support, backups, etc. If you aren’t getting answers for all that on their website, then call them and clarify everything.

Explain to them what sort of site you won. You shouldn’t consider that they’ll take your website equally seriously as you do. So, hear everything, and evaluate yourself!

4) Features / Add-Ons

There is something or the other (most probably, the features) that make a hosting company popular and special. What are they providing under “extra incentive” to make you choose them for hosting your website.

Some hosting companies provide energy-saving practices, multiple data centers, or some extra features such as free domain privacy, regular data backups, etc. If you’re enjoying something not “mainstream,” or you are getting the feature which is most important for you, then you can certainly choose that hosting company. 

Sometimes, addons aren’t included, but after paying just very little, you can enjoy some sweet ones, which can elevate your website’s performance, or your experience as the admin.

5) Price

Price is the aspect most people will first look when selecting a hosting provider; however, it must not be the determining factor. When you see price differences, it’s good to remember the old maxim, which we get what we pay for.

Jumping on the offers that are cheapest isn’t necessarily the best idea, in case you depend on your website every time for making money. 

Things such as non-outsourced support, cost of quality hardware, and a hosting company, which charges $1.99/month, likely won’t provide these useful features (but a few, which we’ve listed on the top of our listing do provide great facilities). 

Remember to be wise regarding web hosting features and look at whether that hosting company has that valuable features or not, which you’re thinking to choose. Thus, you can compare prices.

Further reference:

We’ve been listing the best web hosting plans of various kinds for very long, and we’ve come across only a handful of web hosts, who have been consistent with offerings and marked themselves in the top spots of our listings most of the times.

  • Accuweb Hosting– A site having a comprehensive list of hosting organizations and their packages. Utilize this site to compare prices of nearly any web hosting companies’ packages of hosting.

6) Hardware

A hardware server can be defined as the actual computer that stores your whole website data and further, delivers it to your website visitors when they click on your website and request it.

These huge computers are housed in physical data centers, manned by an expert security team and various other security measures, for example, video surveillance. However, every single host out there doesn’t have the same hardware.

You might have done web a bit of reading (or maybe question-asking) for getting at the bottom of this one aspect in web hosting. What type of machines your hosting company mostly use? Are they high-end, out-of-the-box fresh machines, or are they just cobbled together from what maybe spare parts and chicken wire?

In case the hosting company doesn’t say which type of servers they use, you’ll need to ask since hardware can impact both the performance of the servers they have and your site.

7) Customer Reviews / Reputation / Satisfaction 

This is among those factors, which you’ll have to get a little creative for getting the real story on. You must do Google Blog research for a particular hosting company, or indicate them up on social media. You must do everything required to determine what that hosting company’s present (or former) customers are saying regarding their service. 

How their contact for support is? What’s the average time they take to respond after submitting a ticket? When they indicate a problem with a website, what’s their course of action? You’ll ale to locate all this vital info on social media. Ask a question about their organization, and you surely receive some answers.

Many times, forums have stories to tell about various hosts. You can participate in the discussions there. You’ll find out whether the host is worthy enough for your site or not.

It sometimes happens that a specific company’s specific web hosting plan provides you everything for a time period and then suddenly comes out of the box, which shakes you (and your website as well). There are minor things, for example, the Inode limit. We’ve read customer reviews, where the website was taken down just because of Inode limit was hit (the limit wasn’t even mentioned in the plan).

How can you overcome that? Well, for that, you should go only with the big names. For them, there reputation is everything, and there are hardly any chances of any fancy thing happen against your favor!

8) Email Features

This is among those areas in which one might not have to consider web hosting providers before purchasing their survive. 

In case you’ve a spam issue, then it might be as your hosting company doesn’t offer an adequate solution to stop it. Try locating or asking about your provider’s solutions of spam and general email practices. As email isn’t dead quite yet, email marketing might be a useful approach for businesses to drive heavy traffic.

You should always opt for a plan allowing multiple Email accounts with one account. Organizing email becomes exceptionally easy, and most importantly, chances of missing out the important email will be next to none if you’ve got all emails organized, rather than letting them gather at just one email account.

9) Control Panel / User Interface

Even in case you’re the least tech-savvy individual in the world, things. For example, installing WordPress, setting up FTP accounts, setting up email, are what you must know without calling the support line of your hosting company.

Does your hosting provides offer Plesk or cPanel for making basic updates as well as modifications easier, or they just utilize some clunky interface, which nobody can figure out? As you’ll be working with the interface they offer, it would be a crucial issue in case you don’t understand their interface at all.

You’ll have to tap your web hosting support team, which can be a long process, as most of the time you’re asked to submit a ticket for the technical team. It might take some time to cover you as well because they might have other tickets to solve before yours!

10) Scalability / Room to Grow

Thus, an essential about your hosting provider (and also the plan you select) is whether they’re fitting into the plans you’ve for the future or not. In fact, what you think about adequate hosting presently may not meet your requirements two years from now, once you begin selling your products online and driving some good traffic to your website.

Any enterprise that is web-based must have its eye on development. So in case a hosting company might have difficulty in accommodating that development, it could pose a problem. Does the host is having server solutions such as VPS or a Dedicated server? 

Will they easily upgrade the account you’ve? Transferring your website from one hosting to another will take valuable time and effort. Avoiding that is possible in case the web hosting company is able to scale their solutions for your site’s development. Thus, with all these factors, get some opinions, do some research, and make a decision, which is informed.

11) Security

Security can be counted as a sometimes overlooked factor while choosing a web hosting service (the same implies on the provider as well). As per Symantec reports , 1 per every 13 web requests invite malware, making it imperative for you to choose a hosting provider which perfectly shields your beloved website from cyber attacks.

Security of any site has much to do with the manner a website is developed and designed. If you acquire a secure websites, all hackers, malwares, etc. will stay at the bay.

Modern hosting service providers such as Accuweb Hosting implement impermeable firewall rules  as well as highly secure network monitoring processes  to ensure that no harmful traffic paves its way and hits your website.

Furthermore, ensure that the service provider keeps its machines well-updated every time that anti-malware and antivirus  scanning also happens periodically. At last, you should get user control from your hosting provider. It should permit only the authorized users to access the website’s admin features.

The verdict

So, that was all under the best cheap web hosting plan review. We hope you absorbed much from our “buying guide.” Yes, there are several considerations, but you need not do elaborate. We’ve picked the ultimate web hosting plans only after months of testings, evaluations, and deep research.

If you ask us, which is the most reliable and beneficial web host, then we’d recommend Accuweb Hosting. They’re dominant in more departments than any other web hosting provider out there. Not just that, they’ve got excellent plans for dedicated serversVPSForex VPS, and 10+ more sorts of hostings, which are all reasonably priced.

Most importantly, the customer reviews are excellent, and as they haven’t dissatisfied whosoever have acquired their web hosting plans. They’ve been into business since 17 years. We’ve noticed that their plans always and always seal high ranks in our listings.

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