Best Laravel Hosting Providers to Trust in 2021

Best Laravel Hosting Providers to Trust in 2021

Laravel hosting reviews are a great way to learn if you’re already familiar with it. This is a more detailed Laravel framework tutorial than a hosting review.

We’ll still try to give you some tips or resources on the Laravel framework tutorial.

Let’s not waste a second and discover the right Laravel hosting provider!

Best Hosting for Laravel to tap in 2021

Here are our top choices for the top-level hosting for Laravel:

1) AccuWeb Hosting

Why We Love It

  • Among the oldest hosting providers on the globe
  • Have offered highly reliable service since the beginning
  • Great variety of plans
  • Always offers more than you pay

AccuWeb is among the big cannons of the web hosting world, and they’ve amazed everyone with their offerings. Concerning price. No other hosting provider can even stand in the competition.

Not just that, they offer ultra-low latency, which is always good for Laravel web applications. Their basic plan costs $3.09/mo and offers unlimited laravel websites. You can test the ping from your location HERE.

You get a minimum of one dedicated IP address with each Windows Cloud VPS. With a dedicated IP address, you can remotely connect to your Windows Cloud VPS, and also, you’re free to install desired software or host your Laravel websites and apps.

All of their Cloud virtual machines are linked with High speed distributed SAN Storage comprising RAID 10 architecture. Also, they guarantee a support ticket reply within 1 hour.

Undoubtedly, AccuWeb is the best Hosting for Laravel in 2021, and for 2022 also, we’re expecting it to rule the domain!

2) CloudWays

Why We Love It

  • Cloud-Based Managed Hosting
  • Five Different Hosting Providers
  • Available dedicated IP addresses
  • SSD-based cloud hosting

Cloudways is a unique provider of hosting services. They offer managed cloud hosting using top-rated providers like Vultr and Linode, as well as AWS and Google cloud. Their hosting is fast and reliable.

All Cloudways servers use SSD-based storage to store server resources. The package also offers 32GB of RAM and 640GB of storage, which is more than the Digital ocean provider, but at a much higher price. These resources will host your Laravel web applications, according to Laravel reviews. Laravel recommends 32GB of server memory.

Cloudways also offers a development environment. Cloudways allows developers to test their code before they implement it onto live websites. This is a great feature for Laravel websites.

Cloudways is expensive for Laravel hosting. However, it is a cloud-based environment that makes the cost worthwhile. Because it can cause resource issues, we don’t recommend Laravel being run on shared hosting.

Cloud hosting is a dedicated resource hosting service, which is not available with Laravel shared hosting. It might be costly, but it is still our good choice for Laravel’s fastest web hosting provider.

3) A2 Hosting

Why We Love It

  • Servers with high-performance performance
  • Laravel shared hosting at a cheap price
  • Turbo Servers Increase Performance by 20x
  • 1-Click setup for Laravel

While we do not recommend hosting Laravel on shared web hosting, A2 Hosting does offer Laravel-specific shared packages that are fast and easy to use. All A2 hosting turbo servers have Nvme drives that power their websites. Nvme drives are lightning-fast and can transfer speeds of up to 3500-4500Mbps.

Moreover, all a2 hosting packages include an embedded cPanel & Softaculous application installer. This allows you to use the 1-click installation option to install Laravel on your hosting. A2 Hosting comes with a free CDN, so you can target the right audience with A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting offers VPS hosting for as low as 5$/month if you don’t wish to go with shared hosting. This sounds too good to be true. You will have only access to the root server and no cPanel.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to learn Laravel or a seasoned expert who doesn’t need any Laravel guides; A2 hosting is an affordable and effective option for everyone.

4) Forge

Why We Love It

  • Multiple platforms available for hassle-free Laravel hosting
  • You can use the Isolation feature to create separate and secure accounts for multiple users
  • Software writing can be a lot of fun.
  • It is easy to set up new servers.

Forge is a dependable Laravel hosting provider if you’re looking for Laravel-specific hosting. It works with hosting providers like Linode, AWS, and Digital ocean. It will provide you with the top-notch speed at all times. Forge can handle everything, from installing PHP to MySql to any other application.

You can easily implement any feature in your hosting plan. You will also have many developer-friendly hosting packages starting at $12 per month. The cheapest plan includes unlimited deployments, unlimited sites, and push-to-deploy options.

Forge is a decent Larvel web hosting because of its user-friendliness and collaboration features. There is even an auto-scalable serverless option with Laravel Vapor, which is powered by Amazon Lambda.

When considering all the features, Forge is the best choice.

5) InMotion

Why We Love It

  • Softaculus is an option to install Laravel
  • VPS Hosting shared and dedicated hosting plans at an affordable price
  • Over 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Install Laravel in just one click

InMotion, another Laravel-friendly hosting service provider, has Softaculus quick software installer. The Larvel website-based app demands just a few steps. InMotion offers affordably shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting plans.

While shared ones are the most cost-effective, Hosting Laravel recommends managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plans by InMotion. A managed VPS hosting plan is better for new developers, as it includes a cPanel and an automatic installation option.

If you aren’t a Laravel expert and can manage unmanaged dedicated servers, you can host with in-motion for just 5$/month. We think this is a great deal on a VPS plan. Pro developers have full control over dedicated machines thanks to Root-access to the server and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

These features make in-motion the top choice for Laravel’s best hosting in all three categories.

6) ServerPilot

Why We Love It

  • Automated Server Administration
  • Your Laravel app can be hosted on Digital Ocean, Upcloud, and Google Cloud.
  • Platform that is flexible and quick
  • Fast and easy to set up

ServerPilot, like Forge, is an easy-to-setup Larvel hosting platform that offers automated server management. You get a fast-performing server with automatic optimization. Serverpilot is a reliable Laravel hosting platform that starts at 5$ per server and 0.50$ per app.

The server pilot also uses Nginx and Apache for speed and performance. Server pilot is a worthy contender for Cloudways’ top pick Cloudways, as it allows you to host your Laravel website applications on Digital Ocean, Upcloud, or Google Cloud.

These providers will provide speed and reliability that are unmatched. Serverpilot also supports Laravel 8 right from the start. It takes nothing over 3 steps to set up your server. Install SSL and install Laravel on ServerPilot.

It offers security features such as automatic security updates for their server, firewall, and best of all, 1 click SSL installation with http/2 support. You can monitor your server and get in touch with the support team anytime.

The best part is the free trial and hourly payment options. ServerPilot is a reliable and credible Laravel hosting platform.

7) Liquid Web

Why We Love It

  • Prompt support from professionals
  • VPS Plans with High Performance
  • Cloudflare CDN and backups free with VPS plans
  • Three different control panel choices.

Liquid Web is more of a hosting web service, but it also offers VPS plans that allow you to host Laravel. For just 35$/month, you can get more than 40GB SSD space, 10TB bandwidth, and 2GB of RAM. The best part about Liquid Web hosting is the three control panels.

You have the option to choose from InterWorx or Plesk Web Pro, depending on your needs. Support-wise, Liquid Web is rated as one of the top-rated Webhosting services, with a professional staff. You can contact the “Heroic support staff” if you have any issues with hosting Laravel.

You can scale up your server to 16GB temporarily without upgrading to a higher plan. Even if your plan is upgraded to handle more traffic, you will be supported throughout the migration process. The bottom line is – Liquid Web offers a cost-effective, quick, and feature-loaded service.

It might not be as cheap as other options in this guide, but the free CDN and daily backups, plus the overall server performance, are all very impressive, according to reviews. You also get DDoS protection and Server Secure Advanced Security. There are integrated firewalls with Liquidweb. They also offer downtime crediting.

8) GoDaddy

Why We Love It

  • Laravel can be hosted on shared hosting plans
  • Affordable Packages
  • Support available 24/7
  • VPS and dedicated hosting are available

GoDaddy is a well-known brand that you must have heard of at least once. It’s also affordable. Hosting Laravel on GoDaddy is not as easy as using a 1-click installer. It’s vital to follow a particular method, and you need to know how Laravel will be deployed.

This resource provides more information about the process. We recommend dedicated servers or VPS servers to host Laravel on GoDaddy. You can select between high and low RAM options with a VPS server. Both fall under the affordable hosting category.

You should choose Nvme for dedicated hosting. It’s lightning-fast and will work flawlessly with Laravel. A dedicated server also gives you root access, control panel options, and backups. Not just that, a free SSL certificate will also be provided to your dedicated IP.


Laravel is a top-rated PHP framework with many incredible features. Laravel has the highest rating and most posts, even as seen on GitHub. It updates every six months, and that makes it reliable, secure, and fun to code.

This guide focuses more on Laravel’s best hosting than the actual exploration of Laravel. We’ve reviewed the best options we have tested, and we conclude AccuWeb Hosting as the best choice.

We hope you find this guide useful.

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