Best Web Hosting for Small Business: FASTEST GROWTH

Best Web Hosting for Small Business for fastest growth: You always have much “inner pump” and high-level excitement when you begin a new website, and every single individual has high hopes. After buying the domain, the very first thing to do is choosing a reliable web hosting service for your website, and that’s where the majority of the new site admins slip!

You can’t be criticized, as so many technicalities are involved here, and understanding everything doesn’t seem that easy and fast. Besides that, comparing these hosting services is also a huge headache!

It’s true that a web hosting service can make or break the game for you, and if you pass through this “baffling channel” perfectly and select the right service and plan, you can certainly skyrocket your website!

The impact of hosting service has a great impact on everything, beginning from the user’s experience to SEO, and tons of things falling in between.

We’re listing hosting services for over a decade and entirely on the basis of our own sources and experience. We’ve narrated a dedicated guide for perfectly assisting you in finding the perfect web hosting service and plan for your small business.

We’ve listed best Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated server hosting plans and described which service provider suits the best for you!

Boom! Here we go!


Overall best web hosting for small business: Top 5 service providers to trust

Accuweb A++ A++ A+ A++ A++ 9.8 VISIT SITE
Bluehost A+ A A+ A A 9.4 VISIT SITE
InMotion A A A A B 8.9 VISIT SITE
A2 Host A B A A+ A++ 8.8 VISIT SITE
Hostinger B+ A+ B B A 8.5 VISIT SITE
Hostwinds B B A B A 8.3 VISIT SITE

1) Accuweb Hosting Review: Best web hosting for small business #1

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

It’s certainly the Best Web Hosting for Small Business, Ecommerce especially. The way Accuweb serves it’s customers is truly unmatched. The host is thrilling the web hosting world since 2003, and the fame is increasing day by day, and why not, after all, the list of reasons never ends.

Among the biggest advantage of rolling on with Accuweb is that even with the cheapest hosting plans, the speed is unbelievable. These folks really spend high on elevating your convenience level to the best. Whenever you cherish their hosting plans, no matter it’s WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Shared, or even free hosting, you won’t find anything “not enough for the money.”

For beginners, Accuweb has brought convenience from all four directions, and their highly helpful and agile technical support is the cherry on the cake. There shared hosting plans kick off right form nearly $3, and from there onward, you get a perfect plan to meet the growth of your website. The majority of their hosting plans are fully-managed, and mostly, you get C panel or Plesk as your control panels.

For any new business website, the upscaling and upgrading options matter much, as who knows when you fall short of resources. Accuweb takes good care of that, and not just that, they also ensure great limits of resources like RAM, CPU power, disc storage, etc. with each plan.

This clearly reflects when you compare their plans with similarly priced hosting plans of the competitors/ If you wanna start smoothly and perfectly, then you should rely on Accuweb for you small or new business website. You’ll always get plenty of room to thrive, and they’ll assist your lifetime!

2) Bluehost Review: Best web hosting for small business #2

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Bluehost is a cool web hosting service for small businesses, and that’s why they’ve earned great fame and trust.

There’s was no surprise when is performed outstandingly in our experiments and testings. It’s owned by Endurance International Group, and that’s the same company behind HostGator. It’s a true expert, as it powers over 2 million websites across the globe. Their pricing is alright, and they’re innovative and helpful.

Among the huge factors behind why Bluehost is so popular and appreciated is its fast and easy integration with WordPress. The single-click installment is awesome and means even if you’re technically weak, you may start your website with both Bluehost and WordPress.

In simple words, Bluehost makes us believe them! We were highly impressed by Bluehost’s understanding center. However, its live chat wasn’t as sharp and responsive as Accuweb’s. Bluehost was among just a few hosts we analyzed that exceeded expectations in all departments of its help and support! Disk space is a bit more restricted inc contrasts to a few rivals.

What’s more, servers might slow down in case your website experiences a high surge in traffic — for instance, if you’re running a paid Google or social networking effort. For the website management system, Bluehost uses cPanel. The Utah-based host has brought much convenience adding useful and easy customizations to the cPanel layout.

You can see sections clearly laid out, and there’s no hassle in following the process. It strikes an awesome balance between simplicity for novices and having the functions needed for geeks. Marking 99.98% uptime, Bluehost is really on a tight competition with HostGator. This means less than two hours of site downtime in a whole year. If you’re thinking, why not 100%, then it’s just not possible.

Tech is a sort of minefield; between cyber attacks, hardware glitches, etc. and that’s why no provider guarantees pure 100% uptime. Besides this, Bluehost’s support is awesome.

3) InMotion Review: Best web hosting for small business #3

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

InMotion is a highly known US-based web hosting provider, and they’ve got a plan for just about everyone: unmanaged WordPress, shared hosting, managed WordPress, cloud VPS, reseller plans, bare metal and managed dedicated servers, high-end enterprise products, and we can continue that further!

For novices and tiny novices, they have got exceptional WordPress hosting plans. The hosting service is backed up with three methods of service (live chat, telephone, and email ticket). Contacting via phone call is the fastest way to get your problem solved professionally.

One of the web hosting service providers I have encountered up to now, InMotion Hosting servers, are a number of the best-performing ones in the budget class. Their uptime is mostly well above the industry standard of 99.95%.

Common plans are essential. Unfortunately, InMotion Hosting does not support the auto-installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (unlike SiteGround or A2 Hosting).

You’re given root access, and you have to install it by yourself. InMotion Hosting Provides SSD-based Shared Business Hosting on their InMotion Budget-friendly, which includes one free domain name and a single completely free SSL certificate.

They also offer advanced hosting plans like VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting for websites in need of more CPU resources. Regardless of the program, their host uptime is chiefly over 99.95%, with good latency in America. Servers are located in the East and the West Coast of the United States. You have the option to choose among them.

Also, InMotion has done an appreciable job when it comes to security. Of course, the shared hosting aren’t the safest, the same way with various other hosts, as that’s the nature of the shared hosting, but the security is above par!

4) A2 Host Review: Best web hosting for small business #4

A2 Host Review

A2 Hosting has been in the game since 2001 and has delivered some of the greatest server speeds we’ve recorded over the past 24 months. Concerning speed, we’ll keep them on the second spot after Accuweb. Their customer support is superb; the hosting plans are also developer-friendly. They have a unique “anytime” money-back policy.

A2 hosting is among the best under-the-radar hosting providers you should know more about. Besides excellent speed, their security features are plentiful. Refund policy is liberal, customer service is friendly, and they’re very conscious as well.

There are certain facts to support that A2 is cool hosting for small websites and newbies. A2 Hosting has hundreds of articles for you in their knowledge base in case you’d want to find a quick and straight to the point answer to your sticking point. For those who prefer consulting with humans, they offer everything, starting from chat to phone call and ticket-based help.

Talking about the uptime, it has slipped over the past 6 months, however. The renewal rates jump rapidly after your first purchase period ends, and that’s somewhat pity. However, cane you wanna rely only on the fast web hosting service at comparatively cheap pricing ($2.96/mo) with the permission to scale once your website grows, Accuweb Hosting might be a better option.

5) Hostinger Review: Best web hosting for small business #5

Hostinger Review

Hostinger is comparatively new, but it’s among the cheapest hosting services on our list. Beginning from as low as $0.80 per month, Hostinger Single permit users to host a single website and email account with 100 GB bandwidth. You can upgrade to higher plans (“Premium” and “Business”) later.

That was just an example, and you can choose among several VPS, WordPress, etc. plans for the beginning phase. Flexibility isn’t an issue, and there are 6 different levels to switch. However, Hostinger didn’t make it to the top because it brings you some restrictions.

On the positive side, the server performance is solid, offering amazing uptime (>99.95%) and response time (< 600ms). It extremely cheap to start off ($0.80/mo), and small business websites can rely well upon. A drag-and-drop website builder is also provided, letting you create a website easily.

Besides extra security features, you enjoy automated daily backup (with Premium and Business plans) and free domain name. The free website migration is also good for busy business owners. If you choose Hostinger’s VPS service for your small business, then Top-level data backups are available. Concerning speed, Hostinger is good, but not as fantastic as Accuweb or Bluehost.

However, we can’t skip some negatives here. A single plan is cheap, undoubtedly, but that’s something rather basic. It’s sweet or you only if you want a simple static website. Also, some folks feel uncomfortable with the fact that the hosting price increases after the first term.

6) Hostwinds Review: Best web hosting for small business #6

Hostwinds Review

Hostwinds is an excellent web hosting company boasting “enterprise solutions” at “small business prices.” Their customer service is both personal and remarkable. This hosting service was founded in 2010 by Peter Holden, and the motto was to bring small business owners some extraordinary low-cost web hosting solutions along with superior support and service.

Hostwind’s shared web hosting plans seem perfect to get websites running with the as minor hassle as possible. However, the shared hosting won’t be as performant as the VPS and dedicated options they provide, but you won’t be left “thirsty” with desired, as the cost of their shared hosting is exceptionally low.

For budget-conscious folks out there, yet need a higher level of hosting performance, Hostwinds brings you what it describes as Business Web Hosting. In case you need hosting for a highly-trafficked or resource-intensive website, you might be attracted to Hostwinds’ VPS hosting plans.

They offer both Windows and Linux servers, and while it pushes its managed VPS options, one can choose the unmanaged option. Undoubtedly, Hostwind’s managed VPS options are amazing for those looking to scale up from a simple and straightforward shared hosting plan. However, not wanting to perform the IT-related tasks, typically coming with buying a VPS plan.

For the majority of the small businesses, a dedicated server proves to be overkill, but for those running resource-intensive or highly trafficked websites (or having the biggest security-related requirements that shut the sharing of a server), dedicated servers from Hostwinds are a good option. 

Best shared hosting for small business ( Linux Personal Web Hosting )

When it comes to shared hosting for small business and personal websites, no one stands as tall and smart as Accuweb Hosting. You might find shared hosting plans costing a dollar or two at the top of several lists, and they might be great value for money, but we’re talking about hosting a small business website. 

A bit more than nothing is not going to work out, and you do need some resources to a limit. Accuweb Hosting isn’t charging you anything above $3, and you can easily compare the features of some triple-expensive plans and see those plans getting defeated!

The Free website builder does save your money, and it provides 400+ templates to choose from. Not just that, you’re also saving money while hosting multiple domains per account and hosting registration, as both are free. 150 Email accounts mean more than enough, and also, data loss won’t take place ever, as you’re getting a daily backup facility. 

At certain times, the customer support with the cheap shared hosting plans isn’t as good, but Accuweb’s customer service is always on the driving seat! Undoubtedly, buying the Linux personal web hosting plan form, Accuweb is bringing unmatchable convenience and saving several expenses!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.8 ( Nesting Plan )

The above plan from accuweb cost $3, while our second best choice is costing below $1. This plan is superb for a single page small business website, which doesn’t need many resources. We’ll call this plan an unexpected one, as, within the cost, you’re enjoying some fabulous services such as domain MNS management facility, automated control panel, and even domain registration!

For upgrading, 3 other ultra-cheap shared hosting plans are available, and with all these plans, you can enjoy Cloudflare CDN with a Railgun without paying anything extra. If your business website is really small, then you’ll find the offering of 500MB storage will seem OK for yourself.

However, the bandwidth provided here is unlimited. You can support your website with subdomains, and backup of everything is available every day! Concerning features, the Nesting plan form Host2boost in unbeatable, and probably the best value web hosting plan available!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.6 ( Beginner )

If you’re thinking of rolling on with some free hosting because you are in “try-out” mood, then better don’t show any haste, and read about this 50 cent plan! Yes, you read that 100% correctly, and we know that you’re feeling a bit puzzled about what somebody can provide in 50 cents!

There are tons of benefits of this plan over free choice, and the biggest benefits include the permission of up to 10 email accounts and customer support. You can host two sites in one account and uplift the bandwidth and storage space to whatever limit you want.

Pro, premium, and elite plans are available here to upgrade, and you can certainly start with this $0.50 (if you’re OK with the absence of a backup facility and no free domain registration). Even subdomains are allowed here, and there’s nothing to lose, as you’re in the shadow of a 30-day money return guarantee.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.5

 Best WordPress hosting for small business ( WordPress Personal ) $4.33

Hosting a fresh (or small) business website on WordPress brings numerous benefits, and the convenience manifold ten times if you acquire a special WordPress hosting service like the one Accuweb is providing at $4.33!

This plan has so many facilities and features that it can assist your WordPress business website much better than several shared hosting plans costing you around 15 bucks!

This is an excellent plan providing you 10GB storage space along with 500 GB bandwidth, which hardly seems to end. You’re even free to host multiple websites and subdomains here, and even if you host multiple, bandwidth doesn’t seem to end. Yes, you enjoy a daily backup facility, along with super-duper customer support.

Most importantly, the speed will leave you open-mouthed, and that’s among the biggest requirements of any business website.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.9 ( Baby ) $1.55

This Indonesian host is trying its best to stop you from buying a free hosting plan by providing extraordinary benefits at a minimal cost. Yes, this WordPress hosting plan is costing just $1.55, without hiding any further charges.

This is a plan providing 500 MB storage space, and for hosting one simple business website, 500 MB limit is OK, and as you develop your website further, then you can upgrade the plan, which is a quick process! Other plans are also cheap yet highly valuable when it comes to performance.

You’re limited to just one email account and one domain per account, but that doesn’t seem worth complaining considering the price. Niagahoster’s customer support deserves appreciation, and so does the fast speed performance of this WordPress hosting plan. Wait, we forgot to say, daily backups are included in the price!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.8 ( WP BASIC ) $4.99

If you feel that your WordPress website wouldn’t fit well in the Baby plan from Niagahoster, then you should buy a plan like WP basic form Webhostingpad, costing you $4.99, which brings you a higher limit of resources.

The flexibility provided with this WordPress hosting gives you an answer to all uncertainties, such as whether the plan is good enough to tackle those heavy traffic waves, what you’ll do once your site’s size increases, etc. The higher plans available for upgrading are also cool. You’re free to host 5 sites here, and subdomains are permitted as well.

Unlimited bandwidth/hosting space will assist all websites/subdomains very well. Furthermore, speed isn’t a concern, and your WordPress website will load well even if you haven’t designed it in the most optimized way!

Both SSL Certificate, Premium Backup Service are free, and Automatic Malware Removal, Global CDN, and Automatic Malware Scan are also provided. For those searching for a $5 WordPress hosting plan, the WP basic is a highly suitable one, but yes, the WordPress Personal from is a more promising one.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.4

Best Cloud hosting for small business ( Plan-I ) $1.00

Cloud hosting is a big plus side of, and they stand on their words of delivering great services at a low cost. The Plan-1 is the best value pack, and you certainly won’t trust your eyes after reading – 80 GB Storage (Cloud (SAN/NAS) with SSD) is on offer! Also, it’s rare to get an unlimited bandwidth facility with any $1 cloud hosting plan.

As for upgrading options, $2 and $4 are available, which are again value for money. If you’ve got a small business website, then this sort of cloud hosting plan really makes you turn your attention from free hosting or even a shared hosting option. There’s a 100% uptime guarantee associated with Premiumtecks’ WordPress hosting.

Their servers, besides being fully secure, are pretty fast, and speed can definitely add to your business website’s success. 500+ professional templates are also provided in their free website builder, and all that pushes you well toward buying the Plan-1 from Premiumtecks.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.9 ( Personal Website ) $4.99

If you’ve got solid thoughts that your website might need a bit higher resources right from the beginning, and further, you’ll need high-level assistance, then buying Accuweb’s Personal Website plan makes you dual beneficial. Firstly, the plan carries almost everything a small business website needs.

After that, the bigger plans are also super impressive. That means no matter at what pace and to what extent your business website grows, you’ll keep getting full assistance throughout. That way, you can ensure stability in your business. Talking about specs, you enjoy 500GB bandwidth (means no bother about heavy traffic) and 10 GB storage.

150 Email accounts are permitted (more than enough), and a 100% hardware uptime guarantee is exclaimed by Accuweb. Accuweb’s platform delivers high-end redundancy and compensates various failures related to the hard drive, processing power, disc storage, etc.

Besides amazing features, speed and security are the pillars of success of this cloud hosting plan, and it’s a highly recommendable one for small businesses.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.9 ( Starter Cloud ) $1.25

Now, in case you feel that you are starting a small business website, but either it’s too small, or you are not going to work much to develop it for a month or two, then you can acquire this $1.25 plan from Host2boost, and save some bucks. If you don’t consider the “no free domain registration” factor, then there’s everything you expect in this plan.

FREE Cloudflare w/Railgun, 10 Email accounts, free DNS, Litespeed cache, etc. you’re getting here. Not just that, even the SSL certification is done for free. 24/7 Phone & Email Support brings amazing experience, and it’s certainly rare to get such tremendous support with such a low cost plan. You’re allocated unlimited bandwidth as well, but you can host a single site per domain.

If you’re thinking of comparing this cloud service from Host2boost to several low cost shared web hosting, then let’s tell you, you’re getting much better security here. You can grab this $1.25 cloud hosting plan, and take your time to develop your business website. The service provider will take care till then, and after that, you can upgrade to Basic, Pro, or Business plan conveniently.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.6

Best VPS hosting for small business ( Standard RAM – 1 vCPU ) $7.99

So, a big-name has played a wonderful game! Keeping Accuweb’s VPS Mercury plan aside, no other VPS hosting provider can match the convenience level of this $7.99 plan from Godaddy. 

It seems as if the experts have very deeply analyzed the requirements of a new business website, and after figuring out what all it needs in the first few months, they’ve designed the Standard RAM – 1 vCPU VPS hosting plan. You really enjoy as an admin, as SSH keys are provided for complete control over flexibility and power.

You get several flexible server configurations along with scalable performance options. To tackle sudden traffic, high-performance SSDs are there on OpenStack. Round-the-clock network monitoring is amazing, and the DDoS protection is also provided so that nothing harms your business or hinders your growth. Besides an on-demand snapshot, weekly backups strive to save your important data. 

If you’re confident to roll no with VPS hosting, then it certainly won’t be as cheap as WordPress or shared web hosting. However, for the money, you’re getting tremendous assistance. Yes, VPS hosting is sweet for enriching the growth of the new business website, and plans like Standard RAM – 1 vCPU are super sweet!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 9.3 ( VPS Mercury ) $7.99

The cost of the VPS Mercury plan is similar to that of the one provided by Godaddy that we recently discussed. this plan provides 1GB Guaranteed RAM, which is good for a small business website, and instead of one, you enjoy 2 vCPU cores here. 20GB SSD Storage also proves to be enough, and on top of that, even the bandwidth limit is amazing 250 Bandwidth!

With this plan, you aren’t bound with a given number of websites to host. This is a type of plan even a group of friends can buy and host respective websites all together in one place! The speed is even better than our first VPS plan recommendation. Besides being exceptionally cost-effective, their servers are fully secure.

It’s true that load balancing costs you high, and sometimes, small business owners can’t afford that. Thankfully, Accuweb provides it for a reasonable price. 3 plan upgrading options and 15 Geo locations are available. Want to test the ping? On Accuweb’s page, ping testing is available form all 15 locations. Yes, it’s a perfect VPS plan for meeting your ambitious business planning.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 9.2 ( VPS 1 ) $19.99

Yes, this plan is expensive than those of Accuweb and Godaddy, but if you think that your small business has high potential to thrive fast, and you don’t want to fall in upgrading resources or plans, then the VPS 1 plan from Hostiso will attract your interest. Daily backup is there, and that’s something Godaddy and Accuweb don’t provide (they give weekly backups).

Additional bandwidth, CPU, etc. are available, and Softaculous is pre-installed (straightaway usable). Also, 2 vCPU is provided. 100 GB storage full SSD along with 3 GB RAM at this price are certainly appreciable.

Blistering fast SSD performance is something everyone likes after acquiring this plan, and you’re also free to switch to a dedicated plan form this VPS plan. Your account set-up is completed in real quick, and after that, you are free to install the desired apps among 400, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, etc.

This fully managed VPS hosting plan form Hostiso is worth trusting, but go for it only if your requirements are somewhat big, or you’re sure that you’ll get enough revenue form your business website. Otherwise, you can go with either of the previously discussed VPS plans.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.7

 Best Free web hosting for small business

Three super generous plans are waiting down there! ( Free WordPress Hosting )

Buying a free web hosting doesn’t need tons of considerations, and you don’t expect much either. Also, most of the time, there’s hardly anything on offer with free hosting plans. As a result, reviews of such free web hosting are stuffed with negativity. Accuweb hosting has taken a step to turn the tables, and their Free WordPress hosting is hard to believe.

2 GB storage, 30 GB Bandwidth, and 25 email accounts on offer, and all that does make you feel surprised. Do you know what’s even more surprising? It’s the allowance of subdomains! This free plan is amazing form starting a business and trying out, and you might now believe this plan is capable enough to tackle up to 5000 visitors to your site.

Whatever is on offer is certainly more than enough with any free plan, and once you find everything is running smoothly, you can switch to Accuweb’s Shared or WordPress hosting, and their plans also cost exceptionally low! The email sending limit is 100 emails/hour, which is enough. The offering of Horde Webmail is appreciable as well.

You enjoy PHP5.x, 7.x, Perl & Python Support, and cPanel/WHM control panel. Besides that, it’s among a few rare free web hostings with no ads! You also get a Pre-Installed WordPress Blog as well as a Pre-Installed WordPress Blog. Now, you should really not look for anything else!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 9.4 ( Free Web Hosting )

Hostinger has made a great reputation, and that’s because of its high-end services and meager costs. Here, we aren’t talking about costs, but concerning services, they haven’t stepped back. It’s hard to believe, you get daily backup here, besides the allowance of hosting 2 sites in 1 account.

Bandwidth falls on the negative side, and once you begin getting some traffic, you’ll notice the website speed slowing down. Here, you’re getting 3 GB bandwidth. That’s something you won’t like, but let’s not forget, it’s a free hosting plan, which can act as the launching pad for your new small business!

This can be your first-month hosting plan. If you’re not trying to expand your site or bringing high traffic to your site, then you’ll feel yourself kicked off this free hosting and will have to spend on shared hosting or so. That’s not unfair, as for free, you’re getting much, and you certainly can’t get everything, that’s a fact!

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.5 ( Free Premium Hosting )

The third most generous free hosting provider is the British host –, which is permitting to host 100 Email accounts! Talking about storage space, wins hearts by providing 10GB storage, and that’s something you don’t get with certain paid shared hosting plans. You can trust this free hosting plan if you are planning to publish stuff frequently. Concerning disc space convenience, no other free service provider impresses this much.

Free backups with free web hosting is undoubtedly something pretty rare, and you are enjoying that “rare” here with weekly backups. Even more importantly, this hosting is Optimized for Desktop, Tablet & Phone. You’re free to switch to whatever device you want, and keep the work going on.

In the beginning, mostly we can’t bring huge traffic to the website, and for that, 250MB bandwidth won’t trouble at least the first month. However, once traffic starts hitting your search result, you’ll have to flip your plan, and move to the paid plans.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business score: 8.2

Best web hosting for small business: Major considerations for skyrocketing your website

Knowing the basics of web hosting is the first step, no matter if web hosting is for a small or big business. So, here’s a small explanation. A web host is an organization that has servers, which you’ll use to store & deliver your video, documents, images, graphics, and other files, which make up your website & its content.

These servers come with 3 major types shared, dedicated, and virtual varieties. In case launching your own blogs is what your plan is, then you’ll encounter several useful considerations beneath, which you must store in your mind before you purchase a web hosting company.

There are tons of web hosting services that are clamoring for your dollar and offering numerous hosting types. However, we’re concentrating on a specific hosting type that is for small businesses.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business : The Basic Business Features You Need

When you start shopping for web hosting for small businesses, it’s ideal to have a basic features’ list that you need. For example, you’ll need a web host, which offers not just basic features but also focuses on your business goal. Handling page views with enough speed no matter in future your business grows and gets thousands of traffic is what an ideal web host is called.

If you’re planning or selling a product, search for a web host that offers an (SSL) certificate as it encrypts the data between the browser of your customers and web host to safeguard buying information.

You’re maybe familiar with SSL; it’s the green padlock, which you can indicate in your web browser’s address bar when you visit an online financial institution/retail outlet. Some companies even offer SSL certificates free of charge, whereas others might charge you around $100 for that additional security layer.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business  : How Much Does Business Hosting Cost?

A dedicated server will approximately cost you over $100 every month; it’s definitely not cheap web hosting and might be difficult to purchase or small businesses. However, what’s the benefit? Your website lives on the basis of a server all by its lonesome; therefore, you can take advantage of the server’s full resources.

You’ll likely handle firewalls, updates, and maintenance of your site if you opt for the other types of web hosting. Now, managed hosting is the other type and basically is a service provided by web hosts, which sees the organization handle the care and maintenance of your dedicated server.

In other words, the web host acts as your IT squad. In case you instead have a web host that handles the server-related work, managed hosting can be an ideal choice. Some web hosts provide prorated plans, which charge you by the resources’ amount, which your site demands. For example, some hosting plans start at roughly $10/month.

That ensures that your site’s online at the starting of the month; in case your site goes live halfway via a month, you’ll see a reduced bill, which reflects 2 weeks’ worth of resources use. Now, which type of web hosting server is the cheapest? Well, the answer is undoubtedly Shared hosting. It’s a type of web hosting in which a single physical server hosts numerous sites.

Many individuals utilize the resources on just a single server that keeps the costs low. Shared servers can host hundreds of users at the same time, but the facilities are worse in comparison to other types of web hostings. Shared web hosting is undoubtedly an affordable deal for small businesses and starts at approx 3$/month.

Customer service

When technical issues arise, you’ll have to swift backup support, and for the survival of your business, solving issues on time are very important. Reliable hosting providers offer 24/7 support to help you get your business back online in case something goes against your will. There are numerous ways of support available such as email, phone call, live chat.

You need to check SLA (Check your service level agreement) for support’s details you can expect to get. A few providers also reflect the expected uptime in their SLA. If they are promising a 99% uptime, that means your website can be expected to be down and under for around 3.5 days a year.

If the uptime agreement says 99.99%, then your website is down to less than an hour. Discussing further, some costly hosting packages promise up to 99.999%, meaning that around 5 minutes will be your per year downtime.


Last, but surely not least, backups are counted among the most critical service you need to consider before trusting a hosting provider. Every single all hosting company includes this service in your bundle, so do inquire about it. Backups will certainly be taken off your site on a regular basis automatically and kept for seven days (in most cases), letting you restore your site at whatever point if needed.

Backups generally include both the database (dynamic) and website files (static). Reasons you may require a backup of your site include hacking, human error, component failure, and fire at the data center. You may decide to backup your all files locally on your computer or to some third party (like Google Drive) as well.


Regardless of how you desire to use your web host, you’ll have to ensure your web host service equips you with perfect security features.

The reliable hosting providers generally roll in a huge variety of security features, and then you have to figure out which ones are more important for you to match your business website’s type, which you plan to roll out. Undoubtedly, the needs of an eCommerce portal are certainly different from that of a personal blog.

The Importance of Uptime

All the aforementioned features prove to be very valuable parts of your web hosting experience. However, none matches the necessity of site uptime. When your site is down, new customers or clients won’t be able to find you or access whatever products or services you’re selling, and that’s how you’ll lose potential profit.

Not just that, even your regular customers may lose confidence and faith in your service when they can’t reach your site. Or they may just require to access a service or widget today. That means they might head to a competitor to get their desire fulfilled—and yes, they might never come back to your site. If you’ve ever tried to build customer loyalty, you’ll definitely understand what level a catastrophe this is.

Further, to test the level of criticality of this particular aspect of hosting, we include perfect uptime monitoring as a widely considered part of our review process. The results reflect that majority of the top web hosts do a tremendous job of keeping sites running.

Sites with uptime issues certainly aren’t eligible for good scores, regardless of how good their offering may be. All services face-ups /downs, and sometimes for reasons, are beyond their control. Sites failing to instantly address the issue are penalized accordingly, and recovering from there is very tough.


If your data center is close to your visitors, the page loading will usually be faster. In case the majority of your website’s visitors are coming for a specific area, then go with the hosting provider having a data center nearby. Even if that isn’t the case, you can always purchase a web hosting package, including the CDN (Content Delivery Network) option.

A CDN hosts a copy of the page along with your website’s static content when it’s accessed from a given territory. Caching, as we all know, means that your website’s visitors will always receive the data from the nearest server to their location.

At a minimum, you have to ensure access to a few sorts of spam prevention tools. You can choose among Spam Experts, Spam Hamme, SpamAssassin and etc. We all know, SSL certificates are essential these days, and they help to elevate your website’s trust score and help it rank. You can get it for free with the Let’s Encrypt project. Besides that, it provides tools to add a certificate to your site as well.

Finally, in case you’re planning to conduct financial transactions on your site, you need to concentrate on solutions to support mitigate distributed denial of DDoS attacks also. Solutions, including Cloudflare and SiteLock, are highly used to empower this shield besides offering numerous other useful features.


After signing up for hosting, you’ll get a control panel for the proper management of your hosting account. Besides that, you need the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to your files. FTP is among the most common methods adopted to transfer your web pages and various other files from your system to your web host’s computer to be hosted.

Concentrate on the max file size as this may put a limit to your permission to upload media files. Several providers also provide an online file manager. It’s useful in case you’re away from your regular workstation and have to perform a fast update to your site, even from a smartphone.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business: The Conclusion

So, finding a suitable type of service and a suitable plan shouldn’t seem that tough to you now, as we covered all aspects and suggest only the best. Your website can be of a single page, double-page, it can be resource-demanding, or no matter what, we brought the best value plans. We are sure you’ve chosen the perfect one.

If you ask us which is the best hosting service to trust for beginning your business website, we’d say it’s Accuweb Hosting. Not just the beginning, but they’ve got a whole ocean of different sorts of hosting plans. No matter to what level you develop your website, Accuweb will always have hosting plans to assist perfectly!

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