Top 13 Reasons Why Your Business get Benefit From VPS Hosting Providers

VPS Hosting Providers

Is your web server strong enough to take your business to a new level?

What if you lose your customer because your business site isn’t doing well? Nightmare!! 

Do not worry. We’ve got your back. 

Your one-stop solution is VPS (Virtual Private Server). 

When you want stable solutions and a more secure platform than shared hosting, you switch to Virtual Private Server. VPS is smart and cheaper than renting an entire dedicated server. 

Everyone loves to live in a larger space. VPS indeed provides you quite a large space but not a mansion-like dedicated server. 

Let’s understand some basic ideas about VPS. 

What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS HostingA VPS is a virtualized hosting service that provides the tenant-specific space, memory, CPU cores on a single or cluster parent server. Unlike shared hosting, where the space is shared by hundreds or thousands of users’ websites. 

What are the benefits of using VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting benefitsThere are several benefits of using VPS Hosting. However, a few of them are mentioned below.

Increased reliability – When your website is hosted on virtual server space, it won’t affect other users’ tasks or application performance. 

Complete control – with VPS Hosting, you have complete control over your server, and you can select resources as per your need or website’s requirement. 

Highly secured – as VPS is virtualized, you get your own secured space to run your site, and no other user can access the resources dedicated to you though running on the same server. 

Cost-efficient – a VPS is cost-effective as it is reasonable compared to dedicated hosting. It provides the same resources at an affordable package. 

Reasons Why does your business benefit from VPS Hosting Providers?

Steer Clear of your Neighbors:

Let’s understand the basic idea behind Shared vs. VPS vs. Dedicated. 

Shared Hosting is like living in an apartment where your walls are connected with your neighbor. When your neighbor blasts the music bass at 3 AM in the night, it will disturb you. But unfortunately, Sharing is caring!!!

A VPS is like living in a city house but still having your neighbors. The only difference is that your walls aren’t connected with theirs. Dedicated hosting means building your house on some acres of land where you have full privacy: no loud music, no noisy neighbors. With VPS, your site is hosted with other users on virtual server space, but they are blocked out of yours so that you can get full protection. That isn’t bad!!

Unwavered Resources:

All the resources VPS hosting providers offer are dedicated entirely to your business. VPS server providers have the most user-friendly package dedicated to scaling your business to new heights. Unlike shared hosting, you will not share your bandwidth, space, CPU, RAM with any other users.

Thrilling Speed:

The site’s speed is an important factor that tightly holds the audience’s interest. 

A VPS optimizes to make the site run efficiently, whereas, in Shared hosting, the provider has to configure the server to manage a wide range of applications.  

A firm adopting managed VPS hosting services would realize hosting benefits such as higher performance straight out of the box due to more specific setups.


While VPS costs more than shared hosting, it is worth opting for. However, VPS is cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Hostinger is the cheapest VPS hosting provider. At Hostinger, a high-performance VPS does not cost more than the shared hosting plans. 

When you look at the pros of VPS, then you might get the idea of why VPS hosting holds better value. 

Greater accessibility and control:

Business owners quite not favor shared hosting due to its limited access and control. 

If company owners want to make their business ideas reach people more securely, then VPS hosting will reap good results in the long run. 

Other sites running on a virtual space server will not bother your website performance as you get greater access and control to utilize resources your way. 

For instance, if you do not want any application on your site, you can easily uninstall and make changes as needed.

Enhanced Security:

Let’s accept that shared hosting is the least secure hosting option. However, it does not mean that shared hosting fails to provide a secure environment because many customers host their sites on a single shared server.

VPS is a safe option where you get a secured space of your own. In addition, you get to use server resources that are allocated to you only. You can manually change, save passwords and make changes to your website as well. 


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is where multiple sites use the same server but have equal sets of resources. For example, if you are running WordPress multisite, you might face a crash in the shared server as it requires more resources. Thus, VPS is an ideal choice and is flexible in handling traffic surges. 

Quick and Easy Upgrade:

As your business grows and gains profit over time, you need more resources to keep up your business. VPS is quick and can be upgraded easily to a larger VPS server. Thus, you will get more resources to multiply your business profits. 

VPS is the most convenient hosting service that any business should opt for. It is scalable, flexible, and user-friendly. 

OS and Software Friendly:

In the case of Shared Server, it does not allow its users to download certain applications, and the same goes with the software. 

With VPS, you can have the freedom to download the web applications that you want. 

Long-term Scalability:

As mentioned already, VPS is scalable, and it will reap good results in the long run. 

Some providers offer VPS hosting services and have various plans and packages. Under those packages, the limitation of resources is capped. 

You can buy VPS hosting as per your site requirement. VPS is cost-effective and helps your site scale up with good profits. 

Higher Uptime:

The uptime of any website depends on the choice of its hosting provider. A VPS hosting provider offers a 100% uptime guarantee as it provides separate server space and resources for your website. 

You are the sole owner of the resources. You can upgrade your resources anytime you want as per the requirement of your site. 

Full Root Access:

The full root access in VPS hosting means you have unrestricted access to your server space and resources allocated to you. In addition, full root access saves time as it allows you to make whatever changes you want to do with your website and not wait for the system administrator to approve it. 

If you have full root access, you can customize your website. 

Cost-effective Compared to Dedicated Server:

VPS is a lot more cost-effective than Dedicated hosting as you still get dedicated resources even if you don’t have the entire physical server. 

You can easily scale up your VPS hosting, adding more resources whenever you want. 

List of Best VPS Hosting Providers 

VPS Hosting Providers  Best known feature  Pricing 
AccuWeb Hosting Fastest and most flexible  $7.99/Mo
Hostinger Cheapest VPS hosting  $3.95/Mo
Kamatera Instant scalability $4/Mo
Bluehost Easy to use, quick upgradation $18.99/Mo
LiquidWeb High storage capacity $15/Mo
HostGator Best customer support  $23.95/Mo
A2 Hosting Unmanaged plans for developers  $39.99/Mo
iPage Best for starters  $7.99/Mo
In Motion Reliable uptime functionality $17.99/Mo


A VPS acts as a bridge between Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting. It is affordable and comes with enormous offers that quickly grab users’’ interest. 

VPS hosting is suitable for businesses with visitors increasing day-by-day, and the site demands more resources to function 3X faster. 

VPS stands atop as the best hosting service, making your business reach new heights from personal server space to long-term scalability.

What are you waiting for?? Go and purchase the best VPS hosting provider and kick-start now.

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