How to Renew Your Domain With Another Hosting Provider

Renew Your Domain

This blog article will describe how to renew your domain using an alternative registrar. I’ll also address some of the questions you’ve been looking for answers to.

There are various reasons you may want to renew your domain with another registrar. Here are some of them:

  • It might be worth trying/negotiating a lower price for your domain name with another domain registrar
  • The customer service or the domain renewal process isn’t user-friendly.
  • The management of your domain isn’t an easy task.

These are only one of the many reasons you may want to transfer your domain to another registry.

Why do I need to renew my domain?

domain's registrar

Typically, when purchasing domain names, it’s purchased as part of a bundle or plan if you’ve got your site built for you. The domain name could read something like:

“FREE domain name” in the price …”

They’re great! It’s a bundle of services for you, eliminating the stress of managing your domain. In addition, if you opt to renew your domain registration, you can get in touch with the current provider to begin the process.

Websites take a lot of time to develop, design and then publish.

As an owner of your business, it is important not to divert your attention from creating leads and making sales. You won’t be able to generate sales on your website if you do not renew your domain.


Since your domain couldn’t load your site anymore and it’s expired.

How long do expired domains take to be made accessible?

If your domain expires, the information associated with the domain and the place it lives is known as the DNS. When your domain expires, its DNS records will propagate, which is the process that results in your DNS information moving through the internet. This process is of 24-48 hours.

But, expiry dates for domains are not the only reason to be accompanied by the domain to have a “cooling off” period. This time frame is different for different registrars. One may take one week, while another may take two weeks.

What time can I renew my domain name at another registry?

You can renew your domain name by using an alternative registrar at any point. If you purchased a domain name for one or two years, however, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to renew it before the date.

You can transfer your domain registration to another registrar anytime, even though this procedure may seem daunting. I’m sure it did for me as I worked with the transfer of domains. But, unfortunately, it’s not the most enjoyable job.

That’s why I’m going to show you the steps to take in renewing your domain through an alternative registry.

Is your domain locked?

If you’re thinking of renewing your domain at an alternative registrar, consider whether your domain has been locked.

How can you discover the information you’re likely to be asking right?

It is necessary to conduct a WHOIS search for your domain’s name. If you’ve registered an existing domain to our monitor, Accuweb provides you with WHOIS information for the domain, so you know if your domain has been locked.

Click on the information icon in the column for registrars in the Table of Domains, and we’ll inform you of everything we know about the status of your domain!

My current domain registrar locks the domain I registered

If you’ve discovered that the current registrar locks your domain, you’ll have to unlock it.

It will differ depending on the registrar. Therefore, you’ll need access to the domain portal you’ve registered to discover.

Renew Your Domain name at an alternative registry

If you want to renew your domain with an alternative registrar, first, you’ll be required to transfer your domain’s registration into the new registry. For this, you’ll need to sign in to the portal for the current domain’s registrar.

In this instance, we’ll suppose that you’ve already registered a domain through, and now you plan to shift your domain.

  • Log into the Namecheap account and then go on the transfer page. The transfer page will appear in the domains menu.
  • Type your domain’s name into the search bar and click on transfer.
  • Make sure you are set for transfer and check the boxes beside the fields.
  • Enter the Auth/EPP code.
  • Transfer the funds to the cart, and then pay with the preferred payment method.

Following this, you’ll be able to renew your domain at an alternative registry.

But in case.

Was something wrong? Maybe you’re unsure about step 4, the EPP/Auth code?

What is an Auth/ EPP code?

The authorization code, or, as you may refer to it, the Authorisation Code, is a code generated by a registrar to determine the domain name and who owns this domain.

You’ll require this code to transfer your domain and renew your domain using another registry.

Where can you get your EPP authorization code?

You’ll get your EPP authentication code from your current registration.

Transferring your domain name

Renewing your domain’s name with an alternative registrar is the transfer of your domain. What are the reasons you may consider transferring your domain name?

Your domain may not renew yet. However, you’ll still need to make a move.

  • You’re just looking for a change in the domain provider
  • Better customer support
  • User-friendly

There are many legitimate reasons not to be confused when transferring your domain’s name to a different service.

Another advantage of moving the domain name to a different registrar is that it’s ready to renew your domain with the benefits of the new service.

Your current provider of domains may not offer the same features as such companies as Namecheap or 1and1. All domain registrars are not alike, and some may be superior to others.

There may even be BIG savings regarding renewals following the transfer of your domain because if renewal occurs through another registrar, they’ll probably give you a better cost for the first year.

Similar to what you might have experienced when you first bought the domain name for your website.


Whether it’s about cutting costs or you want to provide a better service to your customers, there are a variety of reasons you should renew your domain to an alternative registry. Our recommendation goes with Accuweb Hosting, as it’s the best hosting provider currently, and their domain costs are meager. If you grab both hosting and domain from them, you can save bucks!

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