Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel: Beware!

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel

The Economy Linux hosting with cPanel has gained great fame recently, and it’s one of the most successful offerings from Godaddy. If you are hosting a single website, with not any big requirements, then you can certainly choose Economy Linux hosting with cPanel and enjoy a free domain name if you go with the yearly subscription.

Currently, you can buy this plan as low as $2.99* (much explained about it down there), and you’ll be amazed to know, Bandwidth is unlimited, and 100 GB is the storage!

Wait, we’ve analyzed this plan fully, got something shocking for you!

Undoubtedly, whenever you are searching for a cheap hosting solution, Godaddy raises its hands up, and their low-cost plans also have much juice.

But the question pups up – is Economy Linux hosting with cPanel really the unbeatable choice? Well, it isn’t! No matter the Bandwidth and storage are great, but you can’t buy this plan without exploring the negative side!

Won’t you love to know who has dominated over this plan? Let’s move on!

Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel

You’re free to host any website build with PHP, HTML, or using a content management system, for example, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or an eCommerce website with the help of Magento, Prestashop, OS Commerce, etc. with Godaddy Economy Hosting plan.

Yes, C panel is on offer, and for understanding why they are flaunting “C panel” in the plan’s title, you need to read further, and after that, a “Big Boom” is waiting for you down there! it’s an Accuweb’s plan which is dominating over Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel, and you’ll be surprised at the convenience level.


cPanel is a pretty flexible site to use. It’s generally because of the several functions it can achieve. Among its major merits is the potential for the management to be carried out by a team of people. That ensures that your website’s management can still be done rather than not being around.

Monitoring traffic coming into your site is easy and also tracks crucial statistics that help in improving your website’s performance.


Simplicity is among the significant reasons that make cPanel attract tons of clients. It has among the best user interfaces one can ever wonder of. The UI provides a flawless platform for you to do carry out your work without requiring much technical knowledge.

There are several single-click functions, making it a breeze for you to perform tasks. Processes, including installing and uploading features, are simple because of easily accessible and the relevant dashboard. For the beginner also, maneuvering around cPanel is easy.


Security is certainly a key concern whenever you want to buy a tech product. cPanel provides another flawless way to manage your website while keeping it safe simultaneously. It’s constructed with functions that shield your data and stop malicious activity from troubling your site.

Besides that, you can implement two-tier verification programs and stop any form of penetration to your site.


If you look upon various site management platforms, they prove to be quite expensive to roll on with them. Since all apps are put together for the efficient running of cPanel, the expense of maintenance will reduce. You do spend less than other control panels, and here, with the Economy Linux hosting plan, you’re getting it for free.


Conjunction with competing companies in the industry is compulsory for your panel service provider.

It’s where cPanel proves to be handy while offering the same service. It has a great ability to be compatible with various browsers. Besides being able to work in conjunction with browsers, including opera and chrome, it also opens doors to numerous extensions and plugins. This certainly helps you a lot.

Easy Management Of Emails

If your email resonates with your site, then it certainly takes your professionalism level to another stage. Use cPanel makes it even easier. It will permit you to make an email or delete any email account from the panel.

It also offers the option of editing the email & its interface to make it highly appealing to the eye. The most significant achievement in the email management is that you can sync as well as integrate your website mail with your google account. This will make service delivery very easy.

Installation Options

Getting a preinstalled cPanel proves to be a crucial affair as too. The major reason is it’ll massively reduce the time which you’ll spend installing the numerous software.

Installation Options

This software has the ability to monitor the number of processes being completed and the resources utilized. It assists with knowing how the hard disk performs and approaches to make it highly efficient. Your website performance will be identified efficiently with cPanel.

Back-Up & Expansion Capability

The panel’s vital consideration is the backup & recovery process of the data you stored. cPanel provides an ideal way of getting back your data once it’s lost or deleted by mistake.

It’s, therefore, crucial for you to constantly save while updating the data to permit a smooth backup & retrieval of essential data. The panel is integrated with numerous ideal backup features to ease the process. 

How does Accuweb manage to beat Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel?

Well, actually on paper, just two specifications – Disc space and Bandwidth seem to be greater on Godaddy’s side, but we ask you, what’s better for you – numbers or performance? You’d surely say, “performance matters much more,” and we agree with you.

Now, the overall performance can’t be determined by just staring at the specs. Deep testing and analysis are needed, and we’ve done the same. Firstly, you need to understand what the right audience for Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel is?

Well, they themselves exclaim – “new website owners,” and do new websites really need 100BG space and Unlimited Bandwidth? Certainly not, unless it’s a heavy video streaming website or so.

Also, there’s a much big factor which can divert your way from Godaddy to Accuweb!

And yes, Accuweb is also offering Cpanel!

Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Price: Shall we call it a gimmick?

Well, yes, it’s true that you can even buy this plan for $2.99*, but that’s fora long time purchase. You’ll be shocked to know, If you go with the monthly billing cycle for this plan, it will cost you $10.99/Month! let’s understand this:

  • 3 months costs $32.97
  • 6 months costs $65.94

12 months costs $12.00/year, so it is $1/month. However, the renewal price will be $8.99/mo, and that certainly hurts!

In comparison to that, Accuweb is charging for $5.09 the Small business web hosting plan for 3 years billing cycle, and even if you consider the 3 months billing cycle, it costs you nothing over $5.65/Mo!

Gosh, that’s almost half the cost!

Also, when you look at the “unlimited” tag for the Bandwidth, it actually doesn’t mean !00% unlimited. You’re still bound to a limit, ahead of which you’ll be charged.

On the other hand, with the Small business web hosting plan from Accuweb, 750 GB Monthly Bandwidth, which, better believe us, will never end if you’re really going to run a new site. So much bandwidth is enough for a medium-size eCommerce store!

Further, talking about storage, in contrast of 100GB storage form Godaddy, 30 GB Pure SSD Storage is what you get from Accuweb, and again we’d say, 99% sites really won’t cross that storage limit (unless it’s a heavy video streaming or movies downloading site).

So, that margin is hardly a thing to consider!

Wait, you’re missing a big consideration!

Guys, after security, speed is the biggest consideration for running any sort of website, isn’t it? Well, how will you figure out which web hosting service will push your website to greater speed? Shared hostings are already considered somewhat slower than other hosting options due to low cost, and you really can’t afford anything slower!

Accuweb never hesitates in spending on the latest technology. They don’t believe in keeping the things going as they are and always look for betterment. As a result, their ultra-cheap web hosting plans are also speeding enough to beat expensive ones!

So, besides the price, in the speed department also Accuweb’s Small business web hosting plan dominates over Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel!

Ok, what else is cool with Accuweb’s plan?

  • Even after charging so low for this plan, Accuweb offers free domain registration.
  • Accuweb ensures Instant account activation. You can contact Accu by sending an email to In case you fail to receive an account activation email.
  • You get a tremendous addon here, for as little as $1.95/Month/Domain, protecting 100 email accounts. It’s an Enterprise-class Anti-Spam solution with highly advanced filtering algorithms.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • HTTP/2, PHP, and pearl support.
  • Free Website Builder – 400+ templates.

The last word

The Economy Linux hosting with cPanel is undoubtedly a nice plan to choose, but we can’t step back from saying, the price scheme is somewhat translucent. You really need to understand the pricing well, rather than channelizing your attraction some shinning specifications and features.

On the other hand, Accuweb isn’t just transparent with pricing, but overall offerings also prove to be much sensible. Obviously, low price is another supportive factor, but the biggest factor, we’d exclaim, is the speed!

New websites do need most of the things perfect to rank in SERP. Accuweb’s Small business web hosting plan seems to support you form all aspects and proves to be a better choice than the Economy Linux hosting with cPanel.


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