How VPS is the best choice for your mobile Apps?

How VPS is the best choice for your mobile Apps?

The rise in the variety of mobile apps available today on the App Store or Google Play Store isn’t just jaw-dropping, but it’s also a great indication of immense and tight competition in this field.

Everything should lay within the brackets of perfection, no matter it’s app-building, adding features, or hosting your mobile apps.

There are so many platforms for hosting mobile apps, but today, the discussion is all about how VPS is the best choice for hosting your mobile apps.

We wonder why there’s such less buzz about it when it’s such a tremendous choice.

Several big names in the industry rely on VPS hosting for their mobile apps, but still, we aren’t asking you to trust it directly.

We’ve got proper reasons after understanding which you won’t be able to resist.

How VPS is the best choice for your mobile Apps

Well, if you’re already having a “dedicated server” in your mind, then keep one more thing in mind, as the owner of a mobile application, you’ll have to pay the hosting cost till you want it to stay alive.

So, don’t make a hole in your pocket unless your app reaches at least a few thousand mobile phones and generates good enough money for you.

Till then, the ultimate choice is to go with VPS for mobile apps, as you already attain almost all benefits that you do with the dedicated server.

But what exactly does VPS hosting for mobile apps mean and offer?

VPS, or what we call Virtual Private Server, uses OS virtualization so that a single huge server can run numerous isolated Operating Systems as virtual machines. The user enjoys complete control not just over the OS but also software installed on it.

Mostly, the VPS plans are based on the amount of RAM (only dedicated to the user) available to your virtual machine. VPS hosting plans start with a minimum of 256MB of dedicated RAM, but if you’ve got an ambitious plan with your mobile app, a VPS with 1GB of RAM is what we recommend using.

Further, as your application goes into production, you can set up your RAM as per the needs of your application to meet the expected traffic.
Generally, around $40 per month is what the expense of an unmanaged VPS plan offering 1GB RAM costs you today. However, there are a few highly generous web hosts like AccuWebhosting, which offer you such VPS services at really low costs.

If you go for the unmanaged plan, your smartphone application developer or you yourself need to have the system administration knowledge. Undoubtedly, of course, you can opt for a managed VPS for mobile apps, but these are a bit costlier as you get technical support from the host’s side.

But why not a Dedicated Server Hosting for your mobile apps?

This is actually identical to a VPS in the sense that you’ve got complete control over the OS plus the software installed on it the way you do in VPS hosting. However, the entire server is available to your mobile apps, and no virtualization is involved.

You can provision the server hardware as per the need of your mobile applications. Your monthly cost depends on the provisioning level of your hardware. Generally, unmanaged dedicated hosting plans cost begins at $170 – $180 per month, and that’s actually too expensive in contrast to VPS hosting.

We repeat, it’s too expensive, and if you’re just starting on it, then a VPS plan ranging between $40-$70 would be enough!

VPS for mobile apps means your developer is happy!

In the current world, the best apps blend client and VPS into a single platform, creating amazingly responsive experiences for users.
VPS helps you strike this balance easily for the users’ mobile backend, resulting in better battery life on mobile and a fast client experience on mobiles.

With VPS SSD Server, it even becomes easy for developers to work who want full control of bare VMs VPS servers. Now that’s a great benefit over depending on shared hosting for your mobile apps.

Fast & Efficient Networking

Speed is a vital feature, and we know that latency makes or breaks the user experience of your web application. AS VPS hosting directly means there’s nothing like “sharing resources” involved, you can expect much better speed if you’re using VPS for mobile apps.

Faster Application performance

No matter not now, but later on, your application will surely get high traffic, and at that time, performance will matter the most. Most importantly, your application needs to be perfectly suitable for mobiles, but will it be able to handle the user’s load? Therefore, having a quality VPS for mobile apps will assure speedy working no matter if it’s being used from numerous countries.

A VPS server is capable of offering smooth performance worldwide. It’ll also ensure the performance does not get bogged down due to heavy resource usage, which incidentally happens most of the time with shared hosting servers.

In case your application runs a resource-intensive back-end platform for handling multiple actions at the same time. For example, scripts for mobile apps will take a lot of load in the back end, making your app performance laggy. However, running a VPS will simply tackle it all smoothly.

Opting for VPS hosting can be critical if your mobile app holds the potential of expanding more and inviting more users. Such hosting servers will take care of scalability and ensure good future growth without worrying about the low speed or laggy interface.

Better resource optimization of your mobile application

There are chances your application suddenly gets forced-stop due to high resource usage. This might happen due to particular ads. Such ads suddenly pop up in a video or post, which slows down the applications and it takes a heavy usage of resources.

While Advertising is the best method of earning through your application, your back-end server must be powerful & speedy enough to tackle it and not get your mobile app closed unexpectedly.

At such times, the application just gets drowned in server requests, which will lead your app to grind to a halt. It’ll lead to a very bad user experience. If your application is based on shared hosting, that will be the worst since you’ll have to scale up resources frequently. Such continuous management will consume your valuable time. Also, you must do it quickly, or your application will get offline soon!

Instead of facing all those awful issues, a VPS Hosting will take care of it all. No matter your application uses ads, takes a heavy load in the back-end, or suddenly gets a high traffic flow, the level of management a VPS hosting offers will settle it all.

Scaling such resources in VPS is as easy as logging into your admin control panel and just dragging a slider button to scale your resources up when your app starts responding.

Fortunately, you’ll be assured during the surge in traffic.

Security for App’s Business-Critical Assets

In case your application contains some paid subscription, then security must be your first priority. Applications are different from websites, and it needs better security management while processing the payment. At such times, if your mobile app gets offline due to an unexpected error (which is more likely to happen with shared web hosting) and the client’s money might not reach you.

Thus, it’ll lead to a negative 1-star review on your app, and such reviews will heavily impact your app’s security ranking. Platforms such as Google Play Store or App Store might drop your app from their database permanently if users complain. To prevent such payment security procedures, you must ensure your server is completely safe yet performs smoothly through the redirects while the payment is being processed.

A VPS will ensure that your app’s every valuable element is encrypted for each user’s account. Accessing the payment method can only be possible if a client logs in safely. No other third party can interfere due to VPS hosting’s secured and encrypted servers. We suggest you not let your rating down (which matters the most in an application) and opt for a highly secured hosting type that fits in your budget, such as VPS Hosting.

So, the final advice is:

It certainly proves to be an ultimate no-brainer to go with the shared hosting in this case, as when you’re already not consolidating a reliable base, how can you dream about achieving success?

By the way, if you’ve got enough liquidity available, you can go with the dedicated server, but remember, the process of getting your mobile app successful includes a whole load of other investments also.

Keep that in mind!

So, for attaining reliability with affordability, VPS hosting is the only solution. If you ask for the recommendation, then we’d point towards AccuWebhosting’s VPS services, as they are truly unbeatable.

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