Best Cloud VPS Hosting – Speed & Safety Like Never Before!

Speed & Safety Like Never Before – yes, that true! After evaluating 190+ plans, we’ve creamed out 5 Best Cloud VPS Hosting plans for you, which brings the speed and security as you’ve never experienced.

Most importantly, you’ll have to invest lesser than expectations, and even our experts were shocked by the offerings of some plans.

Wanna jump quickly to the best host? Blindly choose Accuweb Hosting, as they’ve got perfect Cloud VPS plans for meeting the needs of all sorts!

In this dedicated article, we’ve flaunted the outcome of all our hard work and fully explained the biggest features and offerings of our top 5 selected plans.

Not just that, we’ve listed down the biggest considerations in our special guide, which will help you evaluate the requirements of your website in a solid way and assist you in choosing the ultimate plan for the ultra-rapid growth of your website! 

Best Cloud VPS Hosting for the best performance

Here’s a comparison chart, consisting the superb cloud VPS plans at various prices. you’ll find a perfetc plan regardless of your website/business level!

PLAN NAME Linux-Cloud-1GB Entry  CX11 Unmanaged Linux Cloud  Plan – 1
COST $9.99 $80 $3.19 $32.36 $10.00
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 2 GB 6 GB 1 GB
STORAGE 40 GB (Cloud (SAN / NAS) 40 GB (Pure SSD) 20 GB  (Pure SSD) 100 GB (Pure SSD) 25 GB  (Cloud (SAN / NAS)
BANDWIDTH 1000 GB 5000 GB 20000 GB Unlimited 1000 GB
DEDICATED IP 0 1 1 1 0
vCPU 1 2 1 2 1
MANAGED Managed – Add-On Service Fully Managed – included in price Self Managed Self Managed Fully Managed – included in price
BACKUP Weekly Daily No Daily Weekly

Now, here, we’ve listed and explained the supreme plans, regardless of price, and it will become pretty convenient to pick out the best one for you after cherishing our top choices.

  • ( Linux-Cloud-1GB ) $9.99
  • ( Entry ) $80
  • ( CX11 ) $3.19
  • ( Unmanaged Linux Cloud Server ) $32.36
  • ( Plan – 1 ) $10.00 Review – ( Linux-Cloud-1GB ) $9.99Best Cloud VPS Hosting rank #1

Cloud VPS Hosting

Accuweb Hosting has done justice to its Linux cloud plan purchasers and provided more than expected when it comes to offering features and ensuring convenience. This plan is costing just $9.99, and that’s what you might be paying for your current shared hosting plan (which stands nowhere in comparison). So, how much juice is there in this plan? Shall we move on?

Fully Redundant Platform & Instant Scalability

Accuweb Hosting’s cloud VPS plan compensates from multiple failures of storage, processing power, hard drive, etc. by delivering a level of redundancy. On top of that, if you buy this plan, there isn’t any requirement to buy any physical infrastructure in case he faces fluctuations in traffic.

Being a customer of this Linux-Cloud-1GB plan, you can conveniently promote your plan as per the business requirement. With Accuweb’s cloud network, you can automatically and easily increase the capacities of RAM, processing power, disc space, etc. to meet your business requirements (Only for Denver, USA location).

Unbelievable overall performance

It might happen that you suddenly get thrilled with the speed and performance of your website right after buying this cloud VPS plan. On the basis of overall performance, this plan form Accuweb Hosting has the potential of beating several plans costing more than double.

With Accuweb’s cloud hosting, your website operates on numerous servers, which are linked together instead of a single server, which we generally find in other traditional hosting services such as dedicated or shared. Because of that, your website’s performance highly improves, as whatever traffic is going to other websites isn’t going to bring any negative effect to your website’s performance.

The ultimate best for Facebook application hosting

If you are a program/game developer for Facebook, and if you’ve recently begun, then this Cloud VPS plan is the ultimate choice for FB application hosting, social media application hosting, or immense traffic sites. You’ve got everything for assistance.

Accuweb has quick-start Facebook servers, and scaling options are easily available. No concerns of over-usage bills, as not just this, but all Cloud VPS hosting plans of Accuweb are pre-paid. Also, you can conveniently host iPhone & Android Application.

The conclusion

This low price plan is really the cheese on bread and proves to be perfect for several instances. At this price, no other could VPS hosting plan can match the flexibility, convenience, and performance of this plan!

Even after providing all this, Accuweb is providing the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and you really feel anything can make you ask for the money return after acquiring this plan? It’s the most recommendable one!

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Expert Score: A++ Review – ( Entry ) $80: Best Cloud VPS Hosting rank #2

Cloud VPS Hosting

Siteground is a dominating web host currently, and they offer a great return for your money the majority of the time. This plan isn’t that popular. Still, it managed to be a part of our top 3 cloud VPS hosting plans.

Once you cherish the specs, you’ll find big numbers. However, the figures for storage don’t seem that impressive. Well, what else you’re getting here, let’s see:

PLAN NAME Entry  Cloud-8GB  Plan – 7
COST $80 $79.99 $80
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
STORAGE 40 GB (Pure SSD) 160 GB (Pure SSD) 320 GB  (Pure SSD)
BANDWIDTH 5000 GB 2.5 TB 6000 GB Bandwidth
vCPU 2 2 6 vCPU
MANAGED Fully Managed – included in price Managed – Add on Self Managed
BACKUP Daily Weekly No

Unique Caching Options

WordPress instances hosted on SiteGround’s cloud VPS are superbly fast. NGINX Direct Delivery is enabled for all sites on their servers by default. The advantage is that your images load pretty faster from the server memory, and that elevates the user’s experience.

By using higher levels their our SuperCacher service and linking your website with their Memcached and NGINX-based dynamic cache service through the SG Optimizer plugin brings amazing site loading speed.


The SSHG of Siteground is developed in-house to ensure secure account-restricted access, and you can connect to your account, which is a secure encrypted connection, and manage huge files and also databases.

If you’re an admin in favor of enabling direct secure access to your hosting account on your web server, then it’s pretty useful for you. You can cream out the benefit of SFTP for secure file access, management, and transfer with SSH enabled.

Free CDN service

Siteground has partnered with Cloudflare to bring you a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to their clients. Your website load time for the visitors tremendously speeds up from various geographical locations using the CDN.

CDN does much to bring great speed to your web page by auto-minifying images, blocking malicious traffic, caching the content, reducing Spam, etc. The CDN network consists of 152 locations and is still growing, which means your page is going to load from the one which is nearest to your visitor!

Now, as if you’re interested in knowing about an $80 cloud VPS plan, then surely, your website is huge, and you certainly need CDN for tackling that weight! 

The conclusion

It seems that Siteground doesn’t feel tired of riving more and more advantages with its cloud VPS plan. They’ve heavily focused on the website’s loading speed, along with security.

Several collaboration tools, free CDN, easy plan upgrade, etc. do highly attract you, but if storage space is your big concern, then let’s tell you, you’ll have to spend additional on expanding the storage space if your site is really big, as here, it’s just 40GB storage (pure SSD) available.

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Expert Score: A+ Review – ( CX11 ) $3.19: Best Cloud VPS Hosting rank #3

Cloud VPS Hosting

This danish host is generous enough to provide you a cloud VPS plan for just $3.19. If you ignore a few restrictions, this plan is a sweet one, with 2000 BG bandwidth on offer. Can you believe that? Customer ratings aren’t available here, but for features, popularity, and site authority, this plan has scored tremendously well. So, what you’re enjoying @$3.19, won’t you like to know?

Load balancer

With this small plan, you’re getting a big feature like a load balancer, which brings several benefits. You can automatically distribute traffic across your infrastructure using load balancers and scale your applications easily.

Handling common use-cases such as TLS termination becomes easy, and so does create an internet-facing entry point for diverting traffic to your Hetzner Cloud Networks.

Documentations and API

After acquiring this plan, you get numerous features right at your fingertips, which highly help you in managing your cloud infrastructure. Hetzner also provides the CLI tool and REST-API for developers.

Together with the programming examples, the thorough documentation of Hetzner makes getting started pretty easy and also ensures that you come out of technical issues easily. 

DDoS protection & data protection

Hetzner Online safeguards your Hetzner Cloud servers with the help of sophisticated perimeter security technologies and the latest hardware appliances. You enjoy first-rate protection against no matter large-scale DDoS attacks hit you. Most importantly, that’s all free!

Besides that, you enjoy GDPR compliancy for your Cloud. You are free to create a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) online, which is going to be in accordance with Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also, entering the correct European location for that DPA is possible.

The conclusion

2 GB RAM, 2000 GB Bandwidth, and 20 GB storage (pure SSD) prove to be double-enough for the price you’re paying. The security level is the same as that you get with the Hetzner’s higher cloud server plans.

There are several features on offer, and also, the speed is worth praising. Overall, for small sites,’s CX11 plan, worth $3.19, is an ultra-cool one!

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Expert Score: A+ Review – ( Unmanaged Linux Cloud Server ) $32.36: Best Cloud VPS Hosting rank #4 Review

Now, when you read the word “unmanaged” in the name itself, and after that, you see the price tag, you might feel as if justice isn’t done, but actually, it isn’t so. This Swiss web host is providing 6 GB RAM with this plan, along with unlimited bandwidth, which highly supports resource and data-intensive websites.

PLAN NAME Unmanaged Linux Cloud  ( Linux-Cloud-4GB ) Cloud VDS Lite 
COST $32.36 $39.99 $49.95
RAM 6 GB 4 GB 1 GB
STORAGE 100 GB (Pure SSD) 80 GB  Cloud (SAN / NAS) 15 GB Storage
BANDWIDTH Unlimited 2000 GB Unlimited
vCPU 2 2 2
MANAGED Self Managed Managed – Add-On Service Fully Managed – included in price
BACKUP Daily Weekly Daily
ACCOUNT SETUP TIME 1 Hour 1 Hour 4 Hours

OpenStack included

OpenStack boosts business’ availability, efficiency, agility by providing a platform comprising on-demand, self-service, highly elastic, resource pooling, and measured services capabilities. OpenStack’s self-service and orchestration offer IT staff and developers better and faster access to IT resources.

Developers are able to reduce development and testing periods besides having more freedom to try out new ideas as they can provision machines on-demand and rapidly.

Having OpenStack with this plan is sweet, especially for those having a team. OpenStack highly helps in regulatory compliance endeavors as it permits the construction of on-premise, private clouds. You enjoy more access to security policies, access privileges, and security measures.

Great flexibility

Concerning price and offerings here, we can exclaim that this plan can prove to be cool enough for numerous instances. You can manage the software part as per desire. Besides that, Infomaniak optimizes the hardware and network resources you need for your activities.

You can use your Cloud Server as a Web server to host a site, an application server for your trading software, an intranet, an e-commerce portal, an application server, etc. You can administrate your server from wherever you want!

 Daily backup and KVM Visualization

Now, who wants to run a website without backups? Well, the situation can’t be narrated in words when you face data loss, knowing that your data can’t be recovered now! How hectic is that? Well, with cloud VPS hosting, you most of the time get backups, sometimes daily, and sometimes weekly. Here, you’re getting daily backup for your website’s data.

You also get KVM Visualization, which means no matter your whole office is running with a hosting provider hat utilizes KVM, you don’t need to be bounded to any specific operating system.

With a server running KVM (or any folk to whom you’ve given the duty of running the IT part), you’ll need to focus on only one central server and nothing else. Also, it’s highly cost-effective.

The conclusion

There’s no limit for monthly traffic, and that’s a relief. You can host Google Ads and bring third party traffic if you feel that can benefit you. It’s true that Infomaniak is facilitating your success and helping you grow faster by providing great convenience and safety at a reasonable price.

The plan has attained a 100% score for the features, and it deserves as well, but it would have been sweeter if the plan were a fully-managed one.

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Expert Score: A Review – ( Plan – 1 ) $10.00: Best Cloud VPS Hosting rank #5 Review

Here comes the plan, which costs near to our expert choice – Accuweb Hosting’s ( Linux-Cloud-1GB ) @$9.99, and here also, the plan popularity and features’ score is amazing.

Right after visiting their site, you notice “Flexible & Transparent Pricing” right at the top! They just don’t say, they mean it as well, and the same they’re reflecting with this $10.00 cloud VPS plan. 

 Automated backups

So, how beneficial you are, if you’re getting the automated backup facility with your cloud VPS plan? Sometimes, your computer is likely to damage that’s far off your control.

No matter it’s a random blackout or an extreme storm, there’s potential in power outages to demolish your computer’s hard drive. Regularly backing up permits your system to back up your data, and certainly, you don’t have to bother about power issues resulting in crucial information loss.

Quick migration along with Free SSL Certificates

Now, if you’re running with a given cloud VPS service, but you’re left desired concerning features, or feel that you’re paying more than what you actually would, then you can conveniently migrate to Cloudways plan-1 costing just ten bucks. 

No need to get scared for anything while site migration, and you won’t face data loss at all. No money is charged for your site migration. Besides that, a free SSL certificate is also provided by Cloudways. 

Tons of conveniences

If you ask what all you’re getting with this cloud VPS plan, then the list is long! Concerning performance, efficiency, and safety, you’ve got CDN (Add-on), staging environment, HTTP/2 enabled servers, dedicated firewalls, team management, auto-healing, and SSH, and SFTP access.

You can install unlimited applications, and regular security patching also works perfectly. This plan is Optimized With advanced caches, and on top of that, you enjoy 24/7 Real-time Monitoring.

The conclusion

Now, for whom do this ten bucks cloud VPS plan prove to be suitable? The answer is simple – beginners and small (personal level) websites.

The offerings are worth praising, and so are the specs and price, but Accuweb Hosting’s Linux-Cloud-1GB plan costing $9.99, seems to overshadow this plan when we discuss overall performance and, especially, speed!

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Expert Score: A

Best Cloud VPS Hosting – Why should you buy?

Truly, cloud VPS is a very sweet choice, and you don’t get such flexibility regarding scalability and security at a similar cost. Cloud VPS has numerous advantages, and currently, even low cost can be considered as one.

It’s true that some huge cloud VPS plans might cost you even a few hundred dollars, but for small requirements, some plans are even cheaper than the expectations. Now, let’s go deep into the benefits of VPS hosting.

Cost Savings

Among the significant appeals of a cloud, VPS is the cost-effectiveness of running a server in the cloud. It isn’t possible to match the cost of utilizing a DIY model. 

The availability of compute nodes is in a huge range of configurations. Small/medium/large setups workout with high memory availability, while others with numerous high-end CPU configurations. The cost of buying/leasing a like-for-like server can elevate the cost at least $10,000, and that cane even exceeds. 

However, if we talk about a somewhat smaller scale, then we can discuss dedicated servers here. They also cost pretty high (excepting a few generous hosts such as Accuweb). In a few cases, you might have to pay the cost to implement ultra-high-speed network interconnect capabilities, and that’s something readily available from a cloud provider.

Most of the time, you enjoy several high-end features concerning safety, scalability, configuring, migration, SSL certification, etc. for which you have to pay additionally with low cost hosting types, such as shared or windows hosting. Now, in cloud VPS hosting, you get such amenities with some very cheap plans also! So, it’s clearly visible that you’re saving dollars, aren’t you? 

Improved performance with guaranteed resources

No matter you select a shared/dedicated cloud tenancy, the cloud virtual private server has assured system resources 24/7. Host nodes are normally scaled and load-balanced to make sure no customers are suffering from the noisy neighbor syndrome, which means you always have the resources you require, on-demand.

Cloud suppliers invest heavily in computing hardware while building data centers. You can locate providers having SSD exclusive storage layers, which implement the most recent intel CPU architecture, which is complemented with a network layer and that operates at break-neck speed. Performance that can’t be matched easily with a DIY model.

Improved reliability

The designing of cloud computing takes place from the ground, making it redundant, highly available, and, most importantly, fault-tolerant. In simpler words, the infrastructure is designed to be always-on. 

Besides that, it’s capable of handling infrastructure issues. A few virtual private server providers carry the same to the next level, offering a 100% uptime guarantee. Further, for meeting the uptime guarantee, cloud providers invest immense money in safeguarding server infrastructure.

They build systems with multiple redundant power, storage, and network capabilities as standard. The systems automatically failover in case it detects any issue, and that results in zero downtime for the client. 

This reliability spans regions and datacenters and is pretty crucial for data retention and backup. Besides that, Disaster recovery services are in scope as well, and successful implementation highly enhances the always-on capabilities of your business.

There is no comparison of cloud VPS to shared hosting in terms of reliability! 


Securing cloud infrastructure is becoming arguably one of the essentialist concerns for all digital industries. Protecting is everywhere, and the requirement for a secure & robust infrastructure is formidable.

Basically, security operations are built into cloud server suppliers architecture from the ground up, as well as virtual private servers have the ability to be inherently secure.

The overriding infrastructure, which hosts virtual private servers, is highly secure and subject to frequent security upgrades and enhancement initiatives.

Cloud providers incorporate application and server templates as standard, which can be deployed at the tap of a button. These templates are built to be rock solid for protecting. Industry-standard server hardening is incorporated in the template, and applications are actually patched & secured to the latest levels.

Easy Licencing

A feature that is often overlooked while working with any virtual private server is the licensing. There’s no denying that licensing may become extremely complex, in case working with numerous operating systems as well as applications in a developing enterprise environment.

Virtual private server licensing is easy. All the connected costs of the license are already incorporated on the basis of a monthly charge for the server. 

That’s why you know the expenses you’ll encounter prior for deploying the virtual private server. So, in case you want a Red Hat Server, having cPanel installed, the monthly cost that you will pay to the cloud provider will already incorporate the license fee for Red Hat as well as the license fee for cPanel.

Fully managed service

Most cloud services offer a completely managed service as an aspect of their virtual private server service providing. A managed service offers additional consumable platforms, which are designed to improve support features, and there are disaster recovery capabilities enhanced too, not only that but offer 24/7×365 technical support.

Undoubtedly, these services are not every time free, but they will work out incredibly affordable in comparison to other managing and in-house IT support teams. Plus, you will be working with subject matter experts in the field of cloud computing, techies who may have already seen the kind of issue you may be experiencing.

Besides technical support, services, for example, Cloud Backup & Cloud Snapshots are features most companies will benefit from. Cloud Backup services don’t only backup critical business data. A few services incorporate data protection capabilities out-of-the-box.

These services include data replication, deduplication backup data between numerous data centers. This design makes sure data integrity in the case of a disaster scenario.

Cloud Snapshots improve these capabilities further by letting clients migrate, revert, and stand up exact replicas of the server, in any pre-selected area, all in just seconds. Some suppliers Cloud Snapshot services have a fantastic feature built-in that makes it possible to finish file-level restores directly from a snapshot image into a live system.


Every business requires to develop, and numerous achieve this aim. Some develop gradually over a long time of period, while others develop exponentially over a very short period of time. Mostly, businesses fit somewhere in between; however, no matter what your development expectations are, a cloud virtual private server will develop with you.

Virtual private servers can develop as demand is required. Servers can scale down, up, in, and out. Expansion normally results in a server resource enhancement, more memory, more disk, and more CPU. These features can normally be added on the fly in case you convert your existing machine to a fresh system plan. Typical plans incorporate storage optimized, compute-optimized, or memory-optimized.

A virtual private server will also scale-out. This practice is for implementing numerous virtual private servers in a single clustered resource. This is typically used by organizations seeing quick development in web server demand. New virtual private servers will be deployed as well as network traffic load-balanced between numerous nodes to enhance performance.

Now, we just scratched the surface of the numerous benefits that a virtual private server will offer businesses. We encourage you to reach out to your preferred cloud partner to locate the world of advantages afforded to virtual private server users.

Cloud hosting vs. VPS

We know that differentiating various hosting types might be challenging for the common folk, and you might be wondering is VPS cloud hosting really better than shared one, or who wins the Cloud hosting vs. VPS battle. Further, you might be confused about what will assist your huge website better, a dedicated server, or a high-level cloud VPS plan!

We’re here to solve every single bit of that! After that, we’ll also explain the core advantages of hosting your site on cloud VPS.

So, should we assume that dedicated is better than cloud VPS?

Well, it would be too early to say!

Dedicated hosting scales in a different way than cloud-based servers, and we’ll explain how! The physical hardware is limited by drive-bays or Distributed Antenna System (DAS) arrays’ number it has available on the particular server.

It’s possible for a dedicated server to add a drive to a bay that’s already open, via an LVM (underlying Logical Volume Manager) filesystem, an associated battery, and a RAID controller. DAS arrays prove to be more challenging to hot-swap. 

In comparison to that, the cloud server is conveniently expandable/contractable, as the SAN is off the host, and the cloud server doesn’t need to be a part of the intervention to supply expanded storage space. You won’t face any downtime while expanding storage in the cloud server.

A company is needed by the Dedicated servers to monitors all its dedicated hardware. Hence, an in-house staff needs to closely understand systems administration. Besides that, a company will need deeper know-how of the load profile to maintain data storage needs within the proper range. 

Upgrading, maintenance, and scaling is a joint effort between provider and client, which should be engineered carefully for keeping the downtime to a minimum. In comparison to dedicated servers, cloud servers are much more accessible to admin. Scalability takes place faster with a lesser impact on operations.

 How is cloud hosting better than shared hosting?

Now, both sorts of hosting have their own benefits. We’d explain in a simpler manner to let you know what’s suits your needs the best out of these two.

First, let’s discuss who should choose a shared hosting over cloud hosting.

  • If you want to invest very little and want a solid web presence.
  • You get only some monthly visitors/traffic on your website.
  • If you feel that you can roll on efficiently with limited disk space, RAM, and other such resources.
  • Your business is in the start-up phase.

If you feel the same way as well mentioned above, then you can go with shared hosting. However, you can’t foresee a few issues, such as:

Server downtime: Multiple requests are served, due to which, sometimes, the server gets whelmed by the huge number, which further results in server downtime, and sometimes, even site crashing.

Sluggishness: Shared hosting jointly caters to numerous stakeholders, which results in slow speed because various other users are also requesting the same resources. Sluggishness can certainly decrease your website’s reputation, and also the SERP rankings.

Little or no control over features: You, most of the time, feel limited concerning which features you want. As you’re paying low, you share the features which other users on the features are using.

So, where’s a big deal?

Well, for low budget folks, also, we’d recommend laying a strong foundation of your website. However, if you do feel that fewer resources are enough for you, and shared hosting is perfect to meet your needs, then go with something like Accuweb’s shared hosting plan, which begins form nearly 3 bucks!

Now, if you’re willing to spend ten bucks, then you can get a much high level of convenience with the Linux-Cloud-1GB plan.


Cloud VPS vs. Dedicated server

So, when it’s Cloud VPS vs. Dedicated server head o head, what do you think is better? Dedicated servers are generally the most preferred choice for a company that’s searching for rapid processing and retrieval of info. They don’t experience a huge deal of lag while performing these functions because they process data locally. 

Cloud servers are considered a bit (just a bit) slower than the dedicated servers, as to access data, the cloud servers go through SAN, and that takes the process through the infrastructure’s back end. 

Besides that, the request is also supposed to route through the hypervisor. Now, due to this extra processing, a certain level of latency can’t be reduced.

Why we’d say cloud hosting is better for most of the folks? 

Dedicated servers are mostly expensive, we have to accept that, and even if you buy a cheap one somehow, then also scaling resources (can be RAM, CPU, Disc space, bandwidth, etc.) or two can highly increase the cost. Now, in the case of cloud, you can save tons of money, even if you scale a few resources. 

Flexibility is also somewhat high. The uptime guarantee is stronger with the cloud VPS, and f you feel that you’ll face the frequent need for scalability in upcoming time, then also cloud VPS is a sweeter choice. Cloud servers offer fast deployment and simple configuration. 

However, if you want an entire control, then a dedicated server is better, as Cloud VPS is, after all, virtually private, not fully! In the bottom line, choosing among dedicated server and cloud VPS majorly depends upon your business’ requirement, but we know the majority of you would choose cloud VPS here.

What is the best cheap cloud VPS?

This is a big question, but the answer was in our list itself. The $9.99 cloud VPS plan from Accuweb is the perfect one. The ratio of offerings and features against the price is high. Besides that, no other plan (even double the price) can accommodate you better.

Certainly, some lower-cost cloud VPS is present on our list, but every single of them carries some limitations. Hence, spending just a handful more bucks won’t hurt as the return is much high.



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