Best Cloud Hosting Plans in 2020: These clouds are stormy!

Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting Plans in 2020: The search of a low cost, reliable, feature-rich, and highly convenient Cloud Hosting Plans has brought you here, and we’re ready with tons of things to explain to you.

Cloud hosting is the youngest one in the hosting families, and this sort of hosting brings several advantages. For you, it’s compulsory to understand how cloud hosting works, what do the top Cloud hosting plans bring you, and also what are the negatives.

We’ve acquired all top plans and tested them with our own dummy websites, and we’ve got deep with the pros/cons of these plans. We’ll reflect on our experience and let you know which cloud hosting plan will suit your website type.

Most importantly, we have also contrasted Cloud hosting against VPS, web, and WordPress hosting down there, so that you get an exact idea, whether you should really go for the Cloud hosting or something else can assist you better!

Shall we begin? 

Best Cloud Hosting Plans in 2020

For making it convenient, we’ve brought you the main specs of each of the best cloud hosting plans in a table form, where comparison becomes easy!

Host Premium Technol AccuWebHosting Host2BoosT HostPlax Com Webhosting Uk


Personal Website 

Starter Cloud 

Starter Plan 

Cloud Windows Starter 

Cost $1.00/Mo. $4.99/Mo. $1.25/Mo. $1.20/Mo. $3.86/Mo.
Disk Space 80 GB 10 GB 1 GB 1 GB 5 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 500 GB Unlimited 20 GB Unlimited
Free Domains 2 Unlimited 1 1 2
Max. Email Accounts Unlimited 150 10 5 Unlimited
Free Subdomains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup Option daily daily daily weekly daily
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days Not Disclosed
VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN VISIT PLAN Review – ( Plan-I ) $1.00: Best Cloud Hosting Plan #1

Best Cloud Hosting

In the presence of hosting giants like HostGator, GoDaddy, Accuweb, etc. we were actually not expecting somebody like Premiumtechs to dominate in the Cloud hosting department, but they’ve truly proved themselves! This plan is costing nothing over a dollar, and just look at the offerings! It’s really like getting a whole plate of fruit salad for the cost of an apple!

LifeTime Discount, FREE Domain Name, and SSL Certificates guarantee

With several hosting providers today, you have to suffer hidden terms and tricks. Such marketing tricks are hidden under several layers, and they attract you pretty smartly toward buying their hosting service. Later on, the charges increase from left and right, and you feel pity for your decision.

That isn’t a case with Premiumtechs, as they promise a discount for life. Most importantly, the plan renewal fee that you pay stays the same always as your initial plan price! There’s no hidden fee or extra charges. Besides that, they offer you a free top-level domain name (com/org/net/info) as long as you host with them.

Enterprise Colocation Data Centers & Ultra Fast + Secure Servers

The data centers of Premiumtechs have industry leading N+2 redundancy and are loaded with numerous backbone Internet lines with colocation. Furthermore, those data centers have backup tape libraries, backup power diesel generators, and proper 24/7 surveillance, ensuring high-end safety, redundancy, and speed.

All of the nodes of Premiumtechs are equipped with the fastest 7 latest Intel/AMD enterprise processors along with 256GB+ of RAM, which permits abundant resources to every single client-hosted. They provide application firewalls, because of which your site attains high-level security and strong protection against common attacks.

Enterprise Level SSD – SAN Storage

You enjoy the optimum performance, as a state of the art SSD drives along with memory caching technology is what all of the Premiumtechs’ uses for all of its enterprise-level SAN storage servers. They are supported by redundant RAID 10 (top-level performance) topology. 

The availability of their servers is always high and loaded with 100% redundant components. Even with the cheapest plan costing you a dollar, you enjoy the high-quality hard drive.  

Expert’s advice

This cloud hosting plan is the top recommendation for tons of reasons besides it’s “hard to believe” price. You’d love a lifetime free domain name (until you don’t shift to some other hosting service), and it’s undoubtedly a faster service than almost any $1 cloud hosting out there. Security is also very reliable here, and undoubtedly your website receives all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The FREE Website Builder is awesome, and it comprises 500+ professional templates! Everything is fit and fine with this cloud hosting plan. Hence we end up highly recommending it to new websites. Review – ( Personal Website ) $4.99

Best Cloud Hosting Plan #2

Best Cloud Hosting

If you really can’t tolerate even a bit of inconvenience, then Accuweb’s personal Website cloud hosting plan worth $4.99 is what you should buy! Accuweb has already been exceptionally successful with their cloud hosting service, and their offerings are amazing! Out of our top 10 cloud hosting service providers, Accuweb proves to be the best. Besides that, security is something not to bother about.

100% Hardware Uptime Guarantee

Very few hosting providers dare to exclaim 100% hardware uptime guarantee, and Accuweb is standing with a broad chest, promising you the same. 

If your website is hosted on Accuweb’s cloud servers, there won’t be any inconvenience of your site getting offline, and that’s very relieving, isn’t it? Their platform delivers high-end redundancy to compensate for various failures of hard drive, storage, processing power, and so on. 

With most of the traditional hosting services (dedicated/shared), your website relies on a single server, but with Accuweb’s cloud hosting, your website operates on numerous servers strongly linked together, which makes your website perform all the time perfectly.

No Traffic Issues

Sometimes, the good thing can also bring the “unexpected bad,” and the sudden flow of traffic can be a great example here. Who doesn’t love traffic coming to their websites, but sometimes, the traffic spikes so intensely that it even crashes your website! 

Accuweb’s Cloud hosting plans are perfect for handling even the highly intense hits of sudden traffic, and all credit goes to the autoscale feature. You’re free to promote websites/plans we per your trade requirements. You don’t need to tense yourself about sudden traffic bursts due to the dynamic nature of cloud networks. 

Features that fulfill all your desires

This $4.99 doesn’t let you feel desired even a bit, and there’s more on offer than what you expect. Now, let’s mention those star features here. You get Fully Managed Pro level Support with perfect 24/7 customer support, which is always fully dedicated to helping you out. 

1-Click installation of 300+ Scripts is available, and the installation of WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. can’t be easier than this! Website Transfer protocol support, migration, and DDoS protection are all free. 

Besides that, you get PHP 7.x, Python, and 5.x Perl Support. If we keep on counting further, then IMAP / SMTP / POP3 protocol, Jailed Shell Access, MySQL Database Support, etc. is also there. Don’t you think all of that is double enough for the money?

Expert’s advice

Skipping this tremendous cloud hosting plan seems a mistake, as there’s every bit of thing on offer, which is needed for a website to be also up and running with full efficiency. Most just that, if you think deeper, such a cloud service can elevate your website’s reputation, as you can serve your data rapidly to your clients, and they hardly ever face any error when they visit your search results. 

That’s what you want, right? Also, Accuweb is such a promising service provider that you’ll hardly need to switch to some other hosting service. Yes, Accuweb’s $4.9 cloud hosting plan is a golden recommendation! Review – ( Starter Cloud ) $1.25Best Cloud Hosting Plan #3

For all money saver folks, here’s something that you’ll find amazing! This cloud hosting plan from Host2boost is all yours, after paying just $1.25. However, there are a few limitations there, such as just one domain allowed, only 1 GB SSD Storage, no free domain registration, etc., but there are several positives attached to this plan as well. 

You’re getting 10 Email accounts, FREE Cloudflare w/Railgun, etc. and the rest of the benefits we’ve elaborated down there! 

 Free DNS management services

DNS can be described as the “phonebook of the Internet.” Its job is to translate your human-friendly domain name into a numeric web server address (IP). In normal words, DNS makes the Internet usable by humans. 

If you want to make your email traffic and domain’s website safer and highly reliable, then you need DNS management services. Cheerfully, you’re enjoying this DNS management service with this $1.25 plan, along with the anytime plan upgrade facility! 

 Free SSL Certificate & LiteSpeed Cache

In current times, running a website without SSL certification is such a flawed idea, and that’s not eleven an option now! Your website will face a thousand difficulties to rank if there’s no SSL certificate attached to it. Your website’s visitors will not trust you, and Google and several other major search engines won’t respect you for that! 

You do have to pay a sum to get that SSL certificate. But with this $1.25 cloud hosting plan, you don’t have to shed a penny for that! Not just that, even the LiteSpeed cache plugin is provided. As the name indicates, LiteSpeed Cache can improve your website’s speed, and if speed is even enhanced by a short margin, it can positively help the site to rank!

 Easy plan upgrading and flexibility

Upgrading is something pretty crucial for any fresh website, as you shouldn’t fall in a pit when your website grows. It seems as if this service provider is highly concentrating on new websites. You can figure that by cherishing the pricing of the higher cloud plans of Host2boost. 

After this, you’ve got plans for $2.25, $2.99, and $5.99. It means that if your requirement increases a bit, you have to pay nothing too high. The price margin between the plans is minimal, and that’s amazing for small website owners.   

Expert’s advice

You should not grab this plan if there are chances of a sudden traffic surge on your website (buy Accuweb’s service then), but if there’s normal traffic on your site, and requirements aren’t anyway high, then you can save good money after acquiring the Starter Cloud plan form Host2boost. 

You aren’t getting anything “too shiny” here, but this plan does meet the needs of a new website very well. The low price factor makes it a recommendable cloud hosting plan. Review – ( Starter Plan ) $1.20Best Cloud Hosting Plan #4

Best Cloud Hosting

Yes, this plan deserves the name “Starter plan,” as by providing this plan, the service provider is looking to bring convenience and provide support to new and personal level websites. The performance of the dummy website that we hosted on this $1.20 plan was very good. Most importantly, the speed was impressive.

 Besides amazing page loading speed, you enjoy DDoS protection here. You can add on/scale several services, including RAM, computing power, ad disk space, to make your website fly on.

 Cheap Cpanel web hosting: High-end convenience

The Linux Web Hosting Server of Hostplax arrives with the Cpanel Control Panel, which makes the life of any new admin very easy, and highly assists in numerous technical tasks that need to be taken by any website owner to efficiently run the website. 

There are softaculous auto-installers in Cpanel, making convenient one-click installation of apps, including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. within a couple of minutes. For personal and basic business websites (starting phase), this cloud hosting plan is superb.

 Besides that, it’s powered by Solid State Drives, which are shielded by Raid 10. All cheap cloud hosting plans have the LiteSpeed webserver included. You also enjoy free auto SSL.

For personal and basic business websites (starting phase), this cloud hosting plan is superb. Besides that, it’s powered by Solid State Drives, which are shielded by Raid 10. All cheap cloud hosting plans have the LiteSpeed webserver included. You also enjoy free auto SSL (more on that below).

 Free SSL & Cloudflare w/Railgun

No matter what number of domain/subdomains you’re hosting on Hostplax, you’ll get free and automatic SSL certification, powered by Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a well known automated and open certificate authority (CA), which runs for the public’s benefits, and is free. Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) powers this service. 

Besides that, you get free Cloudflare, which offers numerous advantages, including Traffic Control, Web Application Firewall, DDOS Protection, DNS, Website Optimization, and CDN. Also, Railgun is also offered, which pushes further your website’s speed. 

 The flexibility of Multiple Versions Of PHP

Mostly, you are advised to run the current PHP version, but it’s also true that a few applications simply can’t support it. That’s the reason Hostplax permits you to choose multiple PHP versions inside of cPanel. Besides that, they also patch the older version of PHP and make sure they’re being used safely. You are also free to add specific PHP extensions and further modify values like upload limits right inside of cPanel.

Expert’s advice

Yes, this $1.2 plan is a smart choice, but 1 GB storage might not prove to be enough for numerous sorts of websites. However, one can’t complain about that, but it’s worth mentioning that if your website’s load reaches anywhere near that 1 GB mark, your website will be sluggishly slow! 

If you do want disc space but not willing to spend high, choose Premiumtechs .uk’s Plan-I @$1.00. However, if you’re looking for some other conveniences besides disc space,’s Personal Website plan @ $ 4.99 is the best choice. ( Cloud Windows Starter ) $3.86Best Cloud Hosting Plan #5 review

The list of best cheap Cloud hosting plans isn’t ending, isn’t it? Here comes another “go with the flow” sort of plan costing $3.86 and ensuring enough reliability. Just visit, and you’ll be amazed by the flexibility they’re providing with their cloud hosting plans. Their high-speed cloud hosting service is available up to $9 a month, but currently, let’s concentrate on what’s on offer in return of fewer than four dollars here.

You’re blessed with speed!

Everyone wants to make their website dynamic, and understands the need very well. Intel Xeon based cluster is used, which provides blistering performance, and makes your website load quickly no matter it’s resource-intensive. Besides that, you’re provided with Enterprise-class SSD based storage for loading your website data rapidly.

Not just that, several other steps are taken by the host to bring immense speed to your website and help you beat your competitors. They provide Automatic data caching for adding speed to content delivery.

High-density hardware & resources

High-density hardware is used, which highly reduces your carbon footprint. The host has used the latest generation CPUs, storage, and memory blended with advanced power-saving features, ensuring that the servers run cooler and ensure increased data center efficiency. All of that has a great positive impact on your website’s overall performance.

Your website stays up always

If your website is new, and if it goes down often, then you’re not going to impress search engines anyway, as the site uptime is a huge priority for any search engine. With this hosting plan, there is no single point of hardware failure, which states that your website will mark its online presence no what the conditions are.

Geographical redundancy ensures that this host’s cloud platform is capable of sustaining the loss of a data center, while still remaining functional. Your data is mirrored across numerous physical devices besides being backed up every day to two different geographical locations.

Expert’s advice

Yes, the cloud windows starter plan from is a reliable one and the right value for the money as well. The latest Microsoft technologies, SSD Accelerated Storage, the power of Microsoft & Open Source, 1 Click App Installer, Daily Offsite Backups, Plesk Control Panel, and numerous other amazing features and benefits.

Concerning plan upgradation also, we’ll give full marks, as all further Windows cloud hosting plans are reasonably priced.

Best Cloud Hosting Plans: The informative Guide

When you start comparing various sorts of web hosting, you get entirely baffled, as most of the time, the views are divided. Some might find WordPress hosting better than Cloud, while some would say one shouldn’t spend on dedicated servers when there are high-level VPS plans available.

We’re talking about cloud hosting here, and we’ll compare this hosting type to various others. Several deep facts are waiting for you down there!

Web hosting vs. cloud hosting

One huge misconception concerning cloud hosting is that it has to offer no significant performance boost in contrast to a normal shared hosting solution. Those who’ve deeply analyzed these hosting types would say – it is miles away from the truth. If you buy cloud hosting, whatever resource you configure is entirely dedicated to you.

RAM, SSD storage, and Processors bring ensured performance on cloud hosting, the similar way they actually do on complete servers. In reality, this indicates that your Drupal site or WordPress blog can run with the same high-end of performance you’d enjoy from a high-cost dedicated server. Are you expecting higher visitor numbers? 

The configuring of increased server resources like a shared platform, everything can also be managed from one central control panel, but with the flexibility to manage files via SFTP, install and update applications (e.g., WordPress), manipulate source code, manage databases and DNS, are all simple cases.

Administering a Cloud hosting can be just the same way line a physical, shared platform, as the applications and website view it as such. Virtualization tricks the website/application into wondering if it’s still hosted on a single piece of hardware – with the RAM, processors, etc. that have been fully allocated to it.

Let’s go deeper!

The fact that in reality, these resources are divided among four different servers in a couple of different data centers doesn’t matter. However, as mentioned before, the most significant difference is that dissimilar to shared hosting, cloud hosting provides fully dedicated resources that the user can scale as per the demand for guaranteed performance.

Cloud hosting is a sort of ‘dedicated hosting’ option only for those who prefer increased power of their server but want to save themselves from dealing with server management. As always, the straightforward answer for the query -” which is the better web hosting vs. cloud hosting is that it entirely depends on your needs.

After mentioning its benefits, it isn’t a surprise that Cloud hosting is mostly considered a better choice in contrast to shared hosting. However, it’s worth noting down that these advantages might be costly, and as a thumb rule, cloud hosting is mostly a bit more expensive than shared hosting plans. No worries, we did explain some ultra-low price cloud hosting plans up there! 

Cloud hosting vs vps include – VPS hosting vs cloud hosting

Let’s disclose which one is better – vps hosting vs cloud hosting deeply. VPS hosting is mostly less efficient as it allocates a given amount of computing resources to every single client.

Therefore, if the need increases, the system won’t be able to tackle the additional inflow, which does bring tension. It will simply crash, and you can just blame yourself. The same would happen in case the server malfunctions. Cloud hosting, on the opposite side, tackles the increase in a different manner. Under the cloud environment, your site is hosted on a group of unified computing resources.

Explaining that further, if one server reaches its optimum level, the second server is all ready to function and deliver. Similarly, in case a server fails due to some reasons, your website will still continue running because the other servers will keep on serving the incoming traffic efficiently.

If you want powerful functionality and reliability, then Cloud hosting is a hot choice. The recent price printing in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and the likes indicate that the market embraces tremendous growth potential.

Besides that, it also indicates that cloud hosting is getting more and more affordable too. VPS is for those who are looking to host just a website. While it’s powerful, VPS doesn’t guarantee uptime in case your website fails due to a technical glitch or high traffic. 

Which is the cheapest cloud hosting

It’s true that currently, cloud hosting is cheapest than ever, and below $5, there’s a whole lot of plans bringing high-end comfort and performance.

If you’re searching for the cheapest cloud hosting, which assists your website for a somewhat long while, and you don’t need to upgrade that soon, then’s Personal Website costing $4.99, is the supreme choice.

However, if you’re strictly looking for the cheapest cloud hosting plan only, then’s Plan-I costing $1.00, is the best choice.

Cloud hosting vs. WordPress hosting

Cloud hosting proves to be amazing for ambitious businesses and growing websites. It operates in an identical way to a pay-as-you-go type mobile plan, in which you pay just for the resources you use. Besides, those resources are almost limitless, which means in case your website experiences an instantaneous surge in traffic, there’s nothing to worry about your website crashing.

Cloud hosting is the latest sort of hosting available, which is pretty identical to an iPhone’s iCloud, it’s understood. So, what is the focus takeaway? The cloud hosting is a great option in case you’re looking for a scalable hosting option, without spending much. 

WordPress hosting, as one can guess till now, is exclusively for WordPress sites. It’s pretty identical to the more typically used sorts of hosting (shared, dedicated, and VPS); however, it lays importance on making it as easy as possible to host a WordPress site.

Conveniences such as automated WordPress updates and one-click installs are commonplace. Unsurprisingly, WordPress hosting is the best for WordPress sites. Performance boils down to how smoothly and efficiently your website runs for the visitors. For bringing them the best possible experience, strong uptimes and fast loading speeds are a must.

Cloud hosting permits you to adjust your resources as per the traffic amount your website is getting. On instances of a sudden traffic surge, you can elevate the bandwidth limit, so your website continues to run faster and smoother. In contrast to that, WordPress hosting is somewhat more standard.

The resource limits that you set can’t be exceeded, and these limits will differ as per the plan, but so long as you’ve got confidence with your selected WordPress hosting plan, performance shouldn’t be an issue.

What is the best scalable cloud hosting provider? 

Scalability is a big positive with cloud hosting in comparison to shared web hosting. There are certain cloud hosting providers providing great scalability options, which help you with your website’s growth. Accuweb hosting’s cloud hosting plans don’t start from a dollar like several other high trending hosting providers, but the value for money factor is high on Accuweb’s side.

For scalability, they provide you two higher could hosting plans. Most importantly, their expert team can even migrate your plan from shared cloud hosting to cloud VPS (C-panel and a few settings needed), no matter if it’s an ultra-challenging process.

So, if you ask, What is the best scalable cloud hosting provider, then Accuweb would be our answer. Host2boost is a new horse in the race and has highly impressed all with plan scalability. Its’ truly an unmatched service overall! 

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