Should You Use Managed Servers For Your Online Business Needs

The cost to purchase and maintain server hardware for safely storing corporate data can be truly high. Find out what managed hosting exactly means and how it can perfectly work for your business. Undoubtedly, maintaining servers isn’t just expensive but space and time exhaustive.

It also is pretty expensive.

The core purpose of Web Hosting Solutions is to scale expenses as your business thrives. As the underlying infrastructure supporting IT expands, you’ll have to plan for that.

You certainly should have a solution that caters to those increasing demands.

How? Read on, and uncover how your organization can reap benefits from working with a fully- managed services provider.

Managed Server Hosting Defined the Simplest Way

Managed hosting is a service model where clients rent managed hardware from a managed service provider (MSP). This service is also known as single-tenant hosting or managed dedicated hosting.

The MSP leases storage, servers, and a network dedicated environment to serve just one client. It’s a tremendous option for those hunting to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud.

No shared environments, such as local storage or networking, exist here. Clients that choose managed server hosting enjoy dedicated operational management and monitoring services, which means the MSP takes all responsibilities to handle all the management, administration, and infrastructure’s support.

It’s located in a data centre owned and run by the provider itself, rather than being located with the client. Now, such a feature is truly crucial for a company having a responsibility to guarantee the security of information to its clients.

In short, your company’s trust won’t be destroyed or affected anyway if you use managed server hosting.

The core benefit of using managed services is that it relieves businesses from worries about their server maintenance. Technology continues to develop, and companies are finding that outsourcing day-to-day hardware vendor management and infrastructure gain value for money since they don’t need to manage it in-house. Undoubtedly big money is saved!

The MSP guarantees to offer support to the client for the maintenance of the infrastructure. Besides that, it offers a convenient web interface permitting the client to access their data and information without fear of jeopardizing security or data loss.

Shared Vs. Managed Hosting

Managed hosting permits you to rent a server dedicated to you and just the websites you desire to launch. In Contrast to traditional shared hosting solutions, you don’t have to share your server space with any other individual while using managed hosting. So, there are no sluggish loading times or more bandwidth usage per month.

Who Do You Need to Love Managed Cloud Hosting?

It’s pretty clear that in managed hosting, all the technical work, most importantly server upkeep, is managed hosting is where the technical work, most importantly server upkeep, is accomplished and executed by only and only the service provider.

The website admin need not worry regarding setting up the cloud infrastructure or managing the storage servers, or hosting the website. It’s the technical professionals and IT staff who render all of the support required.

New organizations or the ones that lack the technical knowledge of website hosting should certainly invest in fully Managed Hosting services. Besides that, the large enterprises that fall short in time and can’t address the server requirements should choose Managed Cloud Hosting.

Different types of Managed IT or Managed Services :

  • Managed Networking Services:

It is the management of infrastructure and networking. Managed Networking Services are providing dynamic, more than one supplier, and active networks. The short form Managed Networking Service is MNS. It is the networking applications, functions or services that are deployed to be remotely, monitored, and maintained by an MSP (Managed Service Provider).

It can contribute to the root services.(things just like Blood works for our Life) How to find consistent, moderate, and fair networking? is the big challenge, for now, days. But, in Managed Network Services, this is not suitable lines. Because it fulfills all your necessities, it should enhance the security options of your organization’s network.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) controls network-related services in their own data centers, where they can also host other hidden network tasks/roles. With the help of MNS:

  • You can enhance the security of networking.
  • You can improve your service by providing QoS (Quality of Service).
  • You can increase the performance of the network.
  • Provide high uptime.
  • Managed Security Services:

MSS is related to the security of server/networking services deployed to a service provider. It is also called MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). The MSSP provides high Cyber security understanding and experience. They reduce the value of work for hosting Cyber security suspension. The fundamental part of working with an MSSP is that it can provide inside and outside scanning of your environment.

Managed Security Services are maximizing your organization’s logicality. If your organization is facing some emergency/critical situations, then MSSPs will watch the alert closely with the advanced level of monitoring.

The short form of Managed Security Services is MSS. MSSPs are controlling popularly via the cloud. It offers a broad area of security services. Providing extra staffing and proficiency security are the root benefits of MSSP. Only the best MSSPs can provide RTIT ( Real-Time Intelligence Technology.

  • Managed Communication Services :

Managed Communication Services are the collection of emails, VoIP (Voice Over IP), and incorporated communication. It is also known as MCS. It can be posted hypothetical, and through cloud networking.

Incorporated communication is the business and marketing concept of integrating services such as messaging, current information, mobility, voice message, etc. As we know Integrating Service is also known as Unified Service.

It can be providing quick, flexible, efficient and simplified solutions to your business communication channel.

  • Managed Cloud Service :

Managed Cloud Services means mobile computing and wireless services. That gives your organization remotely capacity without the help of any issues. Managed Cloud Service is the process of accessing all the assets of the organization by a remote network through different servers located in different places.

The real life example of Managed Cloud Services are Social Media network (Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Whatsapp, Twitter)

Managed Cloud Service comprise the below things at the ground level:

  • Energetic Communication
  • 24/7 guaranteed support
  • DNS Management
  • Backups
  • High Security
  • Developer level support
  • Managed Support Services :

It’s a very common and the primary type in this topic. It includes the basic/traditional help desk for your business organization. The support service provides inside services to the root business of the organization.

Managed Support Services is an exercise of directing your routine IT actions to an MSSP. The Managed Services Providers provide Endpoint support to your organization.

Managed Support services providing 24/7 guaranteed support to your organization via Ticket and Chat communication. It can help you/your organization at any time or any critical conditions. The main goal of Managed IT Support Services is to resolve the client’s queries and questions on the spot.

  • Managed Data Analytics :

Managed Data Analytics is the dominant/primary type in this topic. Because capturing or analyzing the data is an essential thing in the Managed Services or Managed IT Services.

Data Analytics is the process of classifying data in such a proper formatting manner. It has three types: Structured Data, Non-Structured Data, and Big Data.

    • The Structured Data includes Financial data, Payments related data, Product data, Sales data, etc.
    • The No-Structured Data includes Videos, Images, Texts, etc
    • The Big Data includes Customers related data, Organization’s essential documents, employees associated data, etc.

Benefits of Managed Services :

So, what are the big benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting?

Server Monitoring

That’s the main advantage, though!

A managed hosting company is fully versed in understanding the necessity of online security and ensuring unbeatable protection to user information and data at all times.

When you’re searching for a hosting package that’s managed and dedicated to your site, enjoy the luxury of top-level server monitoring and security, allowing you to build a trustworthy and credible professional reputation in no time.

With every single web host offering managed hosting, there are frequently additional security features and services available depending on whether the site owner processes consumer data directly on his website or in case he just wants to add that “extra layer for protection” to all website visitors, no matter which page they land.

Faster Loading Speeds

When you opt for a managed hosting web package, we recommend you avoid sharing your server with any other individual who is also hosting websites (for example, shared web hosting solutions).

Shared web hosting packages are sometimes much quicker to set up and much cheaper; they often bring issues like slow loading times or the capability to load webpages on your site altogether depending on the various other websites that are sharing the same server as you.

In short, buying a managed hosting web package directly means that you own all the resources and deserve full benefits.

If you own a fast-growing and expanding business and compulsorily want your visitors to return for more without becoming frustrated or despondent due to slow loading times while visiting your website, you should go for a managed hosting solution.

Predictable Costs

Among the biggest advantages of opting for managed hosting solutions is the flexibility to predict monthly costs on the basis of your requirements and the sort of IT assistance you need.

With predictable costs, you can save on capital and overhead while still getting the ultimate-best service when hosting any sort of website you visualize for your brand and business. Most web hosts that offer managed hosting have a wide variety of packages available to meet any certain needs you want besides flexible choices and customized plans.

In case you’re dissatisfied with the current rates of a managed hosting provider you’re fascinated in, consider inquiring regarding other options and alternatives you have available to opt from before constructing a final decision.

Extensive Customer & Technical Support

Choosing a managed and dedicated hosting solution is a process to get the customer and technical support you need in case any issues or problems arise with your website or server as a whole.

When you’re a client with managed hosting, it’s pretty easier to reach a technical service representative because you’ve got priority over other customers using simply shared hosting packages from the same provider.

Managed to host clients aren’t just considered the biggest priority by service providers, but they are also offered extensive support, upgrades, repairs, and security to certify your website is safeguarded and protected at all times. Due to the rise in cybersecurity issues like hacking, managed hosting solutions prove to be ideal for keeping identity theft and potential data breaches at bay.

The ultimately responsible web hosting providers that bring you managed solutions offer 24/7 technical and customer support to all its clients.

No matter if you prefer a live chat through your desktop computer, an email ticket support system, or want a customer service representative to assist you over the phone, be very certain and convinced to determine which host is perfect for you considering the methods of communication they offer to all of their clients and customers.

Increased Uptime and Reliability

Managed hosting is a perfect solution if you desire to maximize your website’s reliability and uptime. The majority of web hosts that offer managed solutions promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee for every single client, ensuring their website doesn’t take time out or experience huge amounts of downtime because of increased traffic or page views.

Before opting for a host that is perfect for your website, be certain to verify that the hosting provider is truly capable of offering a reliability and uptime guarantee, especially for clients who’ve bought a managed hosting package from them.

Avoid Hiring in-house IT Staff

Avoid hiring in-house IT staff when you’ve got a web hosting provider that brings you managed hosting solutions. This hosting offers you the technical support and protection compulsory to run any sort of business, no matter small or big, with fewer worries and stress.

When you don’t need to hire an IT professional employees of your own, invest more capital on other requirements of growing your business, for example, advertising and marketing.

Server Customization

When you’re wondering about tapping a managed hosting solution, it’s crucial to keep the possibility of entire customization in mind. The majority of companies that offer dedicated and managed hosting packages are open to operating with clients on an individual level to ensure each server that’s needed is built with a specified and defined purpose in mind.

In case you project a huge volume of traffic and desire to share plenty of videos, images and other media files, you need to inquire about custom upgrades and custom server options that are most advantageous and useful to you before consolidating your decision on any hosting package that’s most suitable.

Several managed hosting providers build customized servers with specific bandwidth and storage plans in mind to offer smooth loading times and tremendous reliability with ease whenever you access your website.

Automatic Backups

Ah, backups, now this gives peace of mind! Managed hosting is popular for keeping regular automatic backups for its clients, regardless of his/her website’s size and the quantity of traffic it receives.

While it’s entirely possible to get backups with the majority of shared hosting packages out there, it often needs individuals to do the work manually in order to accomplish a backup, which isn’t always that easy for folks not familiar with coding and programming.

Having the ability to accomplish automatic backups with a proper schedule in place is a nice and appreciable way to keep your mind calm without putting all of your data and content at risk of getting lost forever.

Managed Space and Storage

A managed hosting package offers you the flexibility to opt just how much storage bandwidth and space you require for your site per month. While a few shared webs hosting companies exclaim “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited storage”, this often proves to be false when the terms and conditions are provided.

Before settling on a bandwidth and storage package that’s perfect for you, don’t hesitate to inquire regarding potential overage expenses and any stipulations that take place in case you choose to grab an “unlimited” plan and avoid unexpected charges or fees in the upcoming time.

Scalability Of Opportunities

Another huge advantage of managed hosting is the flexibility to efficiently and easily scale your website and ensure a strong online presence without moving your website to any other server or changing hosts altogether.

Managed hosting is perfect if you have the desires to scale your website and enlarge your presence into other countries, communities, and subcultures as you keep on marketing and generate profits. With a scalable and reliable web host, the options prove to be endless regarding maximizing your visibility and reach.

Future of Managed Server Hosting

Back in 2010, cloud computing and hosting’s market size calculated as $24.63 billion. After 8 years, in 2018, it climbed to $117.96 billion. By 2020, a few experts predict it will tap the $340 billion mark, and that’s truly insane. The market has been thriving exponentially for almost a decade now. It truly doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anyway in the near future.

What has invigorating such a test flourishing market over these years is the flexibility to scale? When you invest money in managed hosting services, you’re actually sharing the cost of setup, security, and maintenance with thousands of other businesses around the world.

That’s the reason companies enjoy huge security benefits in contrast to what could be obtained by one company alone. The benefits are simply mathematical. Breaking down the costs clearly saves your business capital and can be utilized somewhere else for more benefits.

Every company is desiring to compete and exist online needs to be aware of the significance of keeping its data fully secure and always available. Maintaining a fully secure management centre and server in-house is now virtually impossible.

Managed dedicated hosting services ensures this available to you straight away and at a low cost since it thrives with you. You pay just for what you actually need, and no money is wasted behind unwanted resources. And you have a wonderful set of experts to hold responsibility for service misfires. How relieving is that?

Finding the perfect Managed Web Hosting Service for Your Online Business

Once you’ve decided on a managed web hosting package, you should seek out the perfect host for your online business besides the type of WordPress site you’re interested in by comparing various options that seem appealing to you. The most important factors to compare and review before solidifying your decision on any managed web host include:

Customer reviews and testimonials:

Always invest your time researching real customer testimonials and reviews before opting for a managed webhosting provider that you can 100% trust and rely on. You can use third-party websites to find out real testimonials and reviews of web hosts that you find most appealing to learn more regarding the services they offer along with the technical and customer support that’s available 24/7.


Compare the pricing of various managed web hosting packages available to you and are suitable for the sort of website you’re looking forward to hosting. While comparing prices, keep bandwidth, storage, and other features like “WordPress” hosting in mind.


Research the sort of customer support that’s available to clients using managed hosting services from the hosting provider of your choice. Several popular hosting providers today offer customer and tech support 24/7 via live chat, customer service phone lines, and email ticket support systems.

Uptime and reliability guarantees:

Just choose to work with the hosting provider that’s fully capable of offering a reliability and uptime guarantee, especially when you are opting to rent a managed server of yourself. A few of the current day’s most popular web hosting services boast from a 96% to 99.9% uptime guarantee to appeal to new clients and retain the existing ones.

Features and functions:

Compare various functions and features that are available with every single managed web hosts you’re deeply interested in. A few web hosts offer a whole library of add-ons, software, and plugins, that can be installed within minutes with just some clicks (sometimes, just one click).

In case you prefer a web hosting service that provides libraries of plugins, software, and tools that are helpful for the sort of website you’ve got in mind, ensure to ad review and compare each of the features available before deciding on your hosting package.

WordPress hosting:

When you desire to launch a WordPress website, explore managed hosting provider that offers streamlined and optimized hosting for WordPress-concentrated sites. Choose the host that understands the significance of optimizing WordPress loading times to deliver high speeds regardless of your preferred CMS and the overall size of your site.


Look for a managed web host that presents a reasonable amount of bandwidth at an expense that’s affordable to you, keeping on your current business model and income in mind. Avoid opting for any web host that provides “unlimited” bandwidth until you read every single term, condition, and possible restriction with every single package available.

In case you expect a huge amount of web traffic on your site, talk to a customer service representative concerning your bandwidth requirements to create a hosting package that perfectly works for you. That way, you can avoid potentially overpaying for the extra bandwidth that you may need each month.

Ready for your Managed Hosting trial?

Grab the opportunity now and let us offer you precious help you determine if managed hosting is a perfect fit for your business?

Hosting Solution That Grows With You

Web servers offer more resources than ever, and web hosting services are more powerful than ever as well. What does this exactly mean for you? What’s the reason behind the success of managed hosting? It’s because they provide a faster and fully reliable service!

Using hosting services that are managed proves to be a great way to consolidate a professional online presence whether you’re launching a new brand from the soil or looking to promote your existing business of your own.

Putting the Advantages of managed hosting to perfectly work for you is a magical way to make your online presence climb the “ultimate levels of success” in just about all markets or industries.

Which is the best managed hosting provider out there?

Well, our listings are always backed by strong research, and on the basis of a streak of research and studies done, we concluded that Accuweb hosting offers the most dependable managed service provider.

Most importantly, they stand on what they explain, and that’s the reason behind their hundred percent customer satisfaction rate for their managed dedicated hosting service.

How’s Accuweb the best managed hosting provider out there?

First of all, they score well on all of the considerations mentioned above, and also, their hosting plans are of true value. Most importantly, they’ve got managed services for you, even if your budget is too low.

Let’s have a look at their offerings.

All shared hosting plans of Accuweb are fully managed by default. These plans start at around $3.00 and move as high as a few hundred dollars also! Yes, you get tremendous customer support with all the plans. Besides that, SSD Windows and Linux VPS plans are fully managed by default.

If you prefer rolling on with WooCommerce or WordPress, then also you enjoy fully managed services with all plans falling in these categories.

Classic and cloud plans for Windows & Linux VPS are self-managed, but managed services are available at a meagre cost of $12.96 USD/Month.

All dedicated server plans are self-managed by default but need to add just $9 USD/Month to enjoy dedicated services.

So, the bottom line is that managed hosting is ten times better for busy admins and organizations, and don’t hesitate anymore in grabbing it if you feel that it would help!

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