New Search Filters & Advanced Sorting options

TheWebHostingDir has pioneered in helping out millions of Web hosting seekers to find the most suitable web hosting provider according to their requirement. In our continuous efforts, to improve searchability and end user experience, we’ve introduced yet another exciting feature that will ease your web hosting searches.

The new feature is Easy Filters & Sorting facility. You can now apply additional filters & sorting options to narrow down search results to match your requirements. Let’s have a look how these filters work.

Filters and Sorting

Filters and Sorting

In each web hosting category, you would see drop down menus for Easy Filters & Sorting as shown in above image. These filters will help you to search out web hosts according to your web hosting requirements.

When you select any category, all web hosts fall under that category will be sorted by the Ratings in Highest to lowest order. This default filter will be applied when any category is selected. Now, suppose you would like to list the web hosts who offer maximum hard disk space. It’s pretty simple, select the Harddisk space from first filter and Highest to Lowest from next filter.

As soon as you make the selection from drop down, you will get filtered list of Web Hosting providers who offers maximum hard disk space in highest to lowest order. In similar fashion, you can refine the web host list in terms of Ratings, Relevancy, RAM, Data transfer and Price in Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest order.

Sorting Options

Sorting Options

To achieve more refined and precise search, click on Show Filters drop down menu. Show Filters drop down will populate list of exhaustive hosting resources filters. These filters will enable you to apply more comprehensive filters in existing list of web hosts showing only the most suitable web hosting providers according to your requirement and budget.

Let’s take a small example to explain functionality of this feature. Say for example, I am looking for a Linux VPS Hosting provider who can offer me following configuration under $50 USD.

  • OS: Linux
  • Diskspace: 100 GB or more.
  • RAM: 2 GB or more.
  • Bandwidth/Data Transfer: 500 GB or more

To list the web hosts who can fulfill above requirements, you will have to select appropriate radio buttons from resource filters. First, click on Show Filters drop down so you can have the exhaustive list of filters.

  • Select At least 100 GB against Radio button HardDisk Space
  • Select At least 2 GB against Radio button Guaranteed RAM
  • Select At least 500 GB against Radio button Data Transfer
  • Select Less than $50 against Radio button Price
  • Select Linux against Radio button OS
Apply Filters

Apply Filters

With the selection of above radio buttons, you will get list of only those web hosts who can offer you this plan.

If you have any other filters that can refine the search more and produce more accurate results, you are welcome to recommend us. Happy Hosting !!!

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