Start Your Virtual Consulting Business Post-Lockdown

If you’re determined to begin your Virtual Consulting business, then cheers, you’ll achieve golden tips in this article. We’ll ensure you get your first clients within the next month!

Post-lockdown, the job market is dramatically changing, and you’ll be thrilled to know the stats from Forbes regarding the level of unemployment in the USA in 2020.

A total of 1.4 million Americans filed for temporary unemployment benefits within July last week. That’s a massive number, and heartbreaking as well.

Full-time jobs are decreasing, as a huge number of companies have financially choked in this pandemic. High-paying jobs, as we know, are now harder than ever to get.

So, start something from your own idea, and start working on it before it gets too late.

If you begin Virtual consulting Business Post-Lockdown now, it’s gonna fill your bank, believe us, as a virtual consulting has gone more lucrative than ever!

Start Your Virtual consulting Business Post-Lockdown

This guide is going to help to establish your virtual consulting business, no matter nobody knows you, no matter you’re slimy, pushy, etc. and even no matter you don’t have experience and skills!

Doesn’t it sound easy now? Actually, it is!

What is a “virtual consultant”?

A “virtual consultant” is someone who sells his expertise through 1-on-1 consulting through the internet and makes money. A “virtual consultant” stays independent regarding time, location, and finance.

A “virtual consultant” differs from a regular consultant. The virtual one is free to work form the desired place. His physical presence isn’t important while delivering his service. Just, for instance, one of our team members used to work as a virtual consultant, sitting at home in San Francisco, and ran training sessions in Melbourne, Australia, through Skype.

Numerous clients from South Africa, Switzerland, Britain, etc. used to beam him into their respective conference rooms (displayed on big screens), and the feel is very close to being physically present in that room.

He enjoyed his job while traveling as well. In short, he was earning and traveling. You can do the same, and what can be a better life than that?

However, everyone can’t be n virtual consultant, and there are some exceptions. Such workers include language coaches, software trainers, Graphic designers, social media gurus, nutrition experts, personal trainers, etc.

Benefits of Virtual consulting Business

One of the huge positives of running a virtual consulting business is that by working virtually, you’ll be much more efficient with the time. For instance:

  • Create the freedom to live as per your own terms.
  • You become more efficient by working with clients via Skype.
  • It can provide higher values to clients as your efficiency increases.
  • Work when you want, even across numerous time zones.
  • No commute time between an office and home.
  • Live anywhere or travel the world while working.
  • It can save time and increase your earnings by in comparison to a full-time job.

Let’s start the journey!

Those were all mouth-watering benefits, right?

In today’s world, having a laptop, along with an internet connection, gives you the ability to easily start an online business; we all know that. Well, what about starting the journey of a virtual consulting business?

Here we go!

Identify your target market

In any business, determining, identifying, and specifying your target audience is crucial, and the same is with virtual consulting. You can choose a broad market in the beginning, to open more gates for getting clients, and later on, narrow it down as per your experience and expertise. You need to be specific regarding whom you want to service.

Do you want to help students get great grades? Do you want to help couples sort out their issues? Are you looking to help moms carry their responsibilities with newborns? Do you want to help new website owners?

Well, there’s much to do, but we repeat, be specific and consider your own comfort zone. A few might not be able to specify what service they wanna provide in the early days, and that’s not a thing to criticize. You’ll become more specific with your own experience.

Figure out for which specific problem/department you’re going to help your clients

Your niche plays a vital role, and if you’re specific regarding providing help for a somewhat common problem/department, then obviously, you’ll get a high number of clients.

The answer is hidden within you. What do the people around you ask to help? If you feel that there is some frequent topic regarding which you’re asked for help, you can choose it as your niche. If you’re good at solving any specific sort of problem, you can certainly gross well, as there would be many out there, seeking help for the same.

If you’re more specific at a topic, the better it is. There are two factors supporting that. Firstly, if you’re specific, then there are higher chances for you to become an expert in helping people of that group.

If you get deeper into your target market, you can polish your service of solving their specific problems much better. So, you’ll be a better consultant and stand out in the competition.

Besides that, as you’re an expert at providing consulting in a given department, your marketing will take place better, you might get endorsements, and even your clients would prefer recommending you to their known ones.

Now, what if you’re blank here? What if you yourself don’t know about what issues you can solve?

In such a case, research is needed, and don’t hesitate to put some time over there. If still, you aren’t able to drag yourself out of confusion, just start your virtual consulting business with a few selected niches.

Then, gain experience bringing assistance to people in those niches, and then pick out one with which you were most comfortable and confident.

Measure your strength in your chosen niche

Now, you’ve chosen a specific niche. Do you really think people with straightaway start trusting you and paying you? To make people pay for it, you need to satisfy them with your service. For that, you need to measure your strength in your chosen niche.

It might happen that you’re confident that you can help, and suddenly your clients ask for assistance regarding something about which you don’t have any idea.

The main fact we want to explain here is that you need to be highly knowledgeable (if not, then invest good time in gaining knowledge) in your chosen department. Ensure that your coaching or consulting services are really helping your clients, and they’ll hire you in the upcoming time as well.

Start testing your ideas

The very first thing is that you need to be active to earn. Put your ideas to the test, and there are several ways to do that. Just offer 15-minute consultations, and you can also ask for the remarks.

Name your free session something catchy to not just attract people, but also acknowledge them about what exactly are you providing them. Never step behind form talking with them on the phone, and you can provide them some amazing values and tips. You can also fix the second date for one more consultation!

You need to deeply analyze what you felt while providing those free session as, and what other people had to say about your service. If you felt excited and energized while providing consulting service, then you’re on the right track.

However, if you felt tired, bored, exhausted, or got a headache after the conversations, then don’t step back. In some cases, it will happen in the beginning, but if you’re not feeling that interesting, then do change the niche. If you were successful at providing the desired results, then undoubtedly you’ll make bucks in the upcoming time.

Find your ideal clients & begin acknowledging them

Now, after testing and tweaking your ideas, and gaining some experience, you’re set to find real clients. Consider who can be your ideal clients, and where do they hang out online? What’s their offline presence? What groups do they belong to? What are the most preferred social media platforms by them? 

You can certainly have highly successful consulting services. However, all plans can flop if you don’t know how to present your offer to your ideal clients. Although it can be somewhat daunting, you’ll need to get visible online to grab your ideal clients and acknowledge them about your amazing services.

The final step is our conclusion!

After everything is done, you should launch a highly interactive and attractive website for developing your client base in a short time. Keep the pricing structure clear, and don’t hesitate to flaunt your expertise on your website. Fully demonstrate your services and your success, and you can also share your customers’ reviews over there. 

Hosting your inline consulting website will cost just $3.09, and just wonder how much return you’re getting! So, wait no more now, and launch yourself successfully and confidentially! 

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