Top 13 Reasons to avoid Low Cost WordPress Hosting for your Business

Low Cost WordPress Hosting

Is it wise to go with your business’s low cost wordpress hosting? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Choosing the right WordPress hosting provider for your business isn’t easy if you start a blog. 

To kick-start a business, you need to make a core strategy and have sufficient financial resources to execute the business plan.

It is always the budget that is the deciding factor for any business.

Here are the following reasons to avoid low-cost WordPress hosting for your business.

#1 Malware issue

Cyber threat is not an alien issue now. Multi-layer security protocols are created to prevent malware attacks.
Choosing a WordPress hosting that is not secured enough to protect cyber threats is a concerning issue.
A reliable hosting provider will have a robust and secured infrastructure to protect your website.

#2 Resource crunch

You must look for resources provided by the hosting provider. But some cheap hosting providers provide severe resource crunch.

You may soon exhaust the quota limit, whether it is the bandwidth limit, memory limit, storage limit, or anything else, especially if you are unfamiliar with the system requirements for a WordPress site.

WordPress is a dynamic content management system widely preferred by bloggers, start-ups, influencers, entrepreneurs. WordPress makes your site look professional. But with a resource crunch, you will not be able to get the advantage.

You can get WordPress hosting resources at an affordable rate. You need to look around and find the one suitable for you.

Start with shared hosting solutions if you’re a beginner. Don’t go for an expensive plan or the cheapest one also.

#3 Backups

Backups are important in case you face any data threat. Most hosting providers commonly provide a backup feature.

If you go with a less expensive option, you might not have the option of daily backups or the ability to restore backups.

Most novice WordPress users are ignorant of the need for backups. New users frequently rely on built-in or automatic capabilities to update their WordPress site. As a result, backups are frequently delegated to the web host.

With a cheap low-cost wordpress hosting plan, you will not be able to install a backup feature as your server fails to meet the resource requirement. 

#4 Inexperienced technical support 

Remember – time is money, and opting for a low-cost wordpress hosting provider will cost your time. 

Suppose you paid money purchasing any WordPress hosting plan, and you find issues that you cannot solve. Above all, you get no technical support who are either unwilling to resolve the issue or couldn’t understand. 

A cheap wordpress hosting plan offers even worse customer support. For example, you might not even get 24×7 support if you incur an error in your wordpress site or technical assistance.

#5 Frequent downtime 

Your site performance will increase the visitor gradually. Usually, when you opt for low-cost WordPress hosting, frequent downtime is meant to occur.

When you sign up for a cheap WordPress hosting plan, you are aware that you will experience continual downtime. To assess this, you might select to monitor website uptime.

The downtime should not be an issue unless you are simply exploring with WordPress to learn/explore. However, having frequent downtimes can harm your website (or business) in all other cases.

Hackers can exploit security flaws in databases swiftly and quietly upload malicious code, a practice known as MySQL injection.

Your SEO rankings plummet once Google labels your domain as a malware distribution point.

#6 Poor website performance

Website performance is an important factor as it will also improve user experience and the site’s scalability.

Limited server resources make your website slow no matter how well you optimize it.

When it comes to cheap hosting, they frequently employ a server with a hard disk drive, do not optimize the back end, and may not provide the closest server location for your use case.

Poor website performance will affect SEO rank, losing prominent users. Therefore, it is advised to prefer a reliable website performance and not a cheap web hosting provider.

#7 Hidden cost issue

While decent web hosting alternatives can be pricey, they frequently come with several attractive benefits (such as free SSL, free daily backups, free malware eradication, and so on).

On the other hand, the less expensive solutions may be shady enough to charge extra for fundamental functions that other providers supply for free. And as a result, you may find up paying more for the hosting plan you initially believed was “affordable.”

Not only that, but owing to resource constraints on your server, you may be charged for exceeding resource usage, which is not disclosed at the time of purchase.

#8 Non-scalable 

Most low-cost hosting providers may not be scalable enough to meet your future needs. Even if they do, you may need to manually move your WordPress website, which they may not be able to assist you with.

It is advisable to choose a WordPress SEO hosting provider that is scalable enough to fulfill all of your needs.

#9 Severely unreliable 

Automatic redundant backups, security checks, and regular maintenance are all performed by reliable hosts. And it’s money well spent rather than having no idea what happened to your website.

Reliable hosting provides flexibility to undertake tasks efficiently. So, opt for reliable WordPress hosting. 

#10 Poor documentation

When using a product or service to troubleshoot issues on your own, whether you’re a rookie or an expert, you’ll need sufficient documentation.

Unfortunately, the documentation provided may not benefit a low-cost hosting service (or outdated). Worse, they don’t provide any self-help documentation.

#11 Frequent overuse notices

Sometimes you may incur traffic surges on your website. Cheap web hosts restrict your resources to the point where even a small increase in traffic will result in an overuse notice.

If you do this a few times, they may block your account and keep your data until you pay a hefty fine!

#12 Hard drive failure

Hard discs for servers are usually more expensive than desktop computers due to their higher average life, enhanced reliability, and speedier performance.

However, any hard drive has a finite lifespan because it is a degradable resource. It means that after the stipulated lifetime, the likelihood of the hard drive failing increases dramatically, along with the performance deteriorating to unacceptable levels.

In other words, once the hard disk’s specified lifetime has passed, it should be discarded.

#13 Possible outages

Ultimately limited resources will lead to a slow website. It’ll be near impossible to speed up your site or improve your time to the first byte.

In addition, overcrowded servers will lead to outages. Finally, when too many sites compete for the same limited resources, a server will go down, making your site inaccessible to visitors for an unknown amount of time.

Conclusion: Do not go for cheap wordpress hosting.

Cheap web hosts spell nothing but disaster. Therefore, we must be extra cautious while selecting a web host that meets our needs.

There is a huge difference between a cheap web host and an affordable one. It is good to prefer a hosting provider that is scalable enough to take your site to new levels.

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