Dedicated gaming server – What does it mean & Why You Need It

Dedicated gaming server

The frustration of dealing with delays, lags in loading or games when you’re in a mood, etc., could quickly transform an online gaming experience into something unpleasant.

You can use an online gamer tool to solve the issues completely during online multiplayer games. It’s A dedicated gaming server.

A dedicated gaming server is a secure, private remote server that can host gaming for both the server administrator (a person who is the one who sets up this server) and all remote players that join the server. With this kind of game server that is entirely private, gamers can enjoy an extremely stable, reliable, and fast connection to the most demanding online multiplayer games without the need to share server resources with other sites or software.

If you’re not friendly with the idea of dedicated hosting, this guide is designed to assist you in understanding the advantages of dedicated gaming servers. We’ll also analyze dedicated gaming servers against traditional online multiplayer gaming hosting models.

Additionally, we’ll assist you in deciding whether the private gaming server is the right choice for you and guide you on how to select the right gaming server hosting service.

Online Multiplayer Game Hosting Models

Several online multiplayer games default to two different hosting models: a) client-server hosting or b) peer-to-peer (P2P) hosting. Most of the time, both can result in the game being a lagging or non-customizable experience. However, one can address the issue by playing an active part in the administration of the gaming server.

Client-Server Hosting Model

The host operates gaming servers (either dedicated or shared servers) in a hosting model based on a client-server model. The host can be a game’s publisher or console maker and is responsible for managing the individual connections of players.

Although this configuration is effective for most players, it’s not as secure and makes players more exposed to server issues that the host may encounter.

P2P Hosting Model

P2P web hosting

In the P2P hosting scenario, a local player (player) who has started the game or is the one with the lowest latency performs the role of hosting for all remote clients. In this setup, the host-player uses their console or computer to host a locally-hosted version of the game.

Ensuring that your device has sufficient memory, processing power, and an adequate Internet connection is essential to ensure the game operates smoothly across all players. If the host uses a weak device or has a weak Internet connection, it will be a case of slowdowns, glitches, or even crashes.

How Does a Private Game Server Work?

With a private gaming server, the need to rely on a P2P or client-server hosting model will be an outdated notion. These servers are more powerful in terms of memory, processing power, storage capacity, and bandwidth than other hosts. They also ensure that players have sufficient server resources to play every game smoothly.

Like other hosting solutions, dedicated gaming servers are responsible for hosting all the hosting functions for games. It involves keeping the game up-to-date, all players are connected to the server, as well as taking care of many elements of the game like the players:

  • Locations
  • Interactions
  • Activities
  • Loadouts
  • And much more

Gaming servers dedicated to gaming also manage game-related aspects like rules, physics, and scores.

Dedicated Gaming Server Management cs. Client Device Management

It’s vital to remember that the dedicated servers don’t have a game engine running. Therefore, they don’t require using a graphic card (GPU) for rendering anything. Instead, the private servers use a lot of RAM and CPU to aid client devices in deciding what they can render and at what time. That means the client devices can still manage certain gaming elements, such as audio, graphics, and game controls.

Private Game Server Hosting: At-Home vs. Managed

While you can be taught how to build an at-home gaming server, managed gaming server hosting makes the process easy and secure. It is also affordable.

For instance, when a professional host hosts your game server, you do not need to be concerned about the cost of hardware, server cooling, surveillance, or security issues. Additionally, you get access to more speeds, which will provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Benefits of a Dedicated Gaming Server

Some of the core advantages that come with hosting multiplayer online games using dedicated gaming servers are:


If you host with an exclusive gaming server, the administrator of the server gains complete access to the game, for example:

  • Definition of an operating system.
  • The decision of who is allowed to play this game (dedicated gaming servers could be public or private).
  • Setting bandwidth speed.
  • The processor you choose and the quantity of RAM.
  • Players who do not follow regulations or who have an excessive ping.
  • The game’s setup and game rules.


Due to their advanced equipment with large amounts of CPU, RAM & strong Internet connections, dedicated gaming servers boost the performance of all participants. They ensure no lag, glitches, loss of data, or crashes while playing.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, high-pingers can be removed from the session by the server administrator to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the server and stay fair to all players.


Hosting solutions for dedicated gaming servers have 24/7 monitoring of the server, which means that the game is accessible to players. Most dedicated servers have backup generators that ensure game accessibility if the grid in your area goes out.

Server administrators do not have to worry about their servers being overheated during the peak of traffic since solid hosting solutions provide modern cooling systems for their servers.


Security is a crucial aspect of hosting games on a dedicated server. It is good to know that many hosting companies invest significant resources into the most advanced security measures like:

  • Solid firewalls.
  • DDoS or distributed denial of service (DDoS) security.
  •  Scheduled backups.

The server administrator also determines who can log into the game, making it simple to spot untrusted remote players trying to access the game.

Popular Titles that Benefit from a dedicated server

An online gaming server has numerous advantages over other hosting options that do not offer typical gamers. Particularly relevant for players who play online games with high demands when you want to set up a specific Minecraft server. Other games that can benefit from a dedicated gaming server are:

  • Counter-Strike.
  • 7 Days to Die.
  • PUBG.
  • Fortnite.
  • Ragnarok.
  • Killing Floor.
  • Factorio.
  • Valheim.
  • Ark.
  • DOTA 2.
  • Terraria.
  • Arma.

When is a Dedicated Gaming Server Better Than a VPS?

The virtual private server (VPS) hosting (the link that takes you to the best VPS hosting provider in the world) can be described as server virtualization in the dedicated server. If you use the VPS to host a video game, the server administrator can access a specific part of server resources.

For example, suppose the VPS is equipped with 10GB of RAM. The server administrator might only have 2GB of the 10 GB of server resources, and the remaining resources are allocated to other users. In the end, the concept of a VPS is like renting out a part of a private game server.

A VPS offers a superior gaming experience compared to hosting on a shared server. A dedicated server could be the ideal choice if you’re an avid gamer with sufficient processing power to handle massive workloads and demands.

A minimum of 16GB RAM is required for playing modern multiplayer games & more if you intend to multitask. You’ll likely start using a hosting company’s most robust VPS plan. If you need more RAM for the best gaming experience, A dedicated server could offer you the ability to do so.

When not to buy a Dedicated Gaming Server?

Dedicated gaming servers have several advantages in terms of performance & more expensive than other hosting options. If you create your server in the home of your choice or hire one from a hosting provider, that’s the case.

A dedicated server at home implies you’ll have to spend money on expensive equipment & hardware and greater energy bills if you are planning to open your server to the general public. A physical server implies that the server administrator is accountable for the security and maintenance of software and hardware; that’s why a high degree of technical proficiency is require.

If you rent a gaming server through hosting companies, many of the costs of operating a physical server are removed.

However, the monthly costs for these servers are higher than other hosting services and security features DDoS protection.

With top-notch hosts like AccuWeb Hosting, it’s easy to justify these costs. It isn’t difficult for players, gamers’ communities, and developers. Low-cost hosting is better than the more affordable alternative for less-tech-savvy players or players who don’t play often.

How to Choose a Perfect and reliable Dedicated Gaming Server Provider

We’ve already tested dedicated servers of the world’s most reputed hosting providers. We conclude that AccuWeb Hosting stands the best in the battle. Still, you should know a few considerations!

There are a variety of things to take into consideration to ensure it’s compatible with your gaming objectives; for example:

  • Compatible Games: Some games can handle more workloads than others, and the gaming server you select must be strong enough to handle these demands. Also, consider the hosting provider that will allow you to increase or decrease the server’s resources easily.
  • Usability: If you are a server administrator, the hosting service provider must provide a user-friendly interface that lets you modify your server’s configuration in a snap.
  • Reliability: Uptime of servers is essential when selecting the best hosting service. Find time-based guarantees to ensure you don’t face issues such as interruptions in service or game crashes.
  • High-end hardware: The host must offer the best hardware, like SSDs, solid-state drives (SSDs), high-speed RAM, and the latest processors.
  • Security: A high level of security is a must for the selected hosting service. Find dedicated gaming servers with features such as DDoS protection and robust firewalls.

Looking for a private gaming server provider that you can be confident in, Accuweb Hosting can help you elevate your gaming online to the highest level. Customize your dedicated hosting in real-time monitoring besides 100 % Power & Uptime Guarantees. You get access to a fully managed dedicated server that can meet your gaming requirements at an affordable price.

Additionally, with additional services such as server backups or DDoS security, You can be sure your data will be safe.

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