What is Virtual Web Hosting?

Virtual web hosting refers to the process of running multiple "virtual" web servers on a single physical host computer. Using this technique, a single computer can host thousands of independent websites.

Commercial web hosting service providers often use this technique to allow better manageability, efficiency, and scalability of their service infrastructure.

Virtual hosting is a method that servers such as web servers use to host more than one domain name on the same computer, sometimes on the same IP address.

Virtual web hosting is one of the most popular hosting options available at the moment - probably because it is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.


Also known as shared hosting, virtual hosting allows a website owner to have a site hosted on a web server shared with other websites. 


In simple terms, the virtual hosting company's server will allocate out hosting services and bandwidth to more than one website. Virtual web hosting is a cheaper hosting option because you won't have to pay for a dedicated server to host just your website.


Virtual web hosting is a good solution for small- to medium-sized (and even some larger) websites that aren't constantly being visited or have reasonable bandwidth needs.


There are two basic methods of accomplishing virtual hosting: name-based and an IP address or IP-based.



Name-based virtual hosts use multiple hostnames for the same webserver IP address.




In IP-based virtual hosting, each site (either a DNS hostname or a group of DNS hostnames that act the same) points to a unique IP address.

The web server is configured with multiple physical network interfaces, virtual network interfaces on the same physical interface, or multiple IP addresses on one interface.


The web server can obtain the address the TCP connection was intended for using a standard API and use this to determine which website to serve. The client is not involved in this process, and therefore (unlike with name-based virtual hosting), there are no compatibility issues.


Virtual hosting is the term used to describe multiple domains that are hosted on the same server. Virtual web hosting can be compared to leasing an item as opposed to purchasing it.

In this case, you are leasing a service offered by a virtual hosting provider that generally includes the following:


       1. Basic server features

       2. Internet connection services

       3. Domain name registration

       4. File storage and directory services

        5. An email account with related services

Besides, a provider of virtual hosting may provide website and web page design.

Why Virtual Web Hosting?



Virtual web hosting providers generally offer round-the-clock support, providing you with the security of available help when you need it most. Besides, many virtual web hosting companies have measures in place to keep your site from hackers.


You can try a variety of features without the burden of long-term commitment. You can also customize your virtual hosting arrangements with the bandwidth and database access that matches your business needs.


Virtual hosting is a great value for small or medium companies on a tight budget. With no major equipment purchases required, virtual hosting is ideal for start-up companies trying to minimize their initial investment.

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Anonymous commented 10 years ago
Anonymous commented 10 years ago

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