What is ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is the hot way to create dynamic web pages that link to just about any database.


Adobe® ColdFusion® 8 software solves the day-to-day challenges of Internet application development, allowing you to be extremely productive as you create and deliver engaging online applications. 


And because it fits into any IT environment, you can use ColdFusion 8 for everything from small departmental applications to highly scalable, reliable implementations of your most important business applications.


ColdFusion is a programming language based on standard HTML (HyperText Markup Language) that is used to write dynamic web pages. It lets you create pages on the fly that differ depending on user input, database lookups, time of day, or whatever other criteria you dream up!


 ColdFusion pages consist of standard HTML tags such as <FONT SIZE=.+2.>, together with CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) tags such as <CFQUERY>, <CFIF> and <CFLOOP>. 


ColdFusion was introduced by Allaire in 1996, acquired by Macromedia in a merger in April 2001, and acquired by Adobe in December 2005. It is currently in version 7.0.1, but the next version of the product (codenamed Scorpio) is already in development.


Now from Adobe


With a host of new features, dramatically improved performance and scalability, and easier integration with enterprise IT environments, Adobe ColdFusion 8 is a must-have release for ColdFusion developers.


New in ColdFusion 8


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Server Monitor

 See exactly what's happening in your application to help identify bottlenecks and tune the server for better performance. ColdFusion 8 also features a Multi Server Monitor to gain insight on all servers in a cluster.


PDF Features

ColdFusion 8 applications can dynamically generate and interact with PDF documents and forms for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information.


Ajax Features

ColdFusion 8 can easily provide data to existing Ajax applications and frameworks. You can use simple tags to access a large library of prebuilt Ajax user interface components such as rich text editors, data grids, tree controls, tab navigators, and more.


.Net Integration

With ColdFusion 8, you can specify any .NET object — either local or remote — and use it in your ColdFusion application, just like any Java™ or other object resource.


Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

Programmatically interact with a Microsoft Exchange server to perform common tasks such as reading, creating, and modifying calendar events, contacts, tasks, and e-mail.

Enjoy ColdFusion Programming !!!

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