Nano Linux VPS
Server Location
    • Zagreb

Nano Linux VPS is designed as a minimal configuration, suitable for a variety of testing and online production.
Supported Operating Systems:CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Open SuSe, Ubuntu
- 512 MB guaranteed RAM + 256 MB swap RAM
- 1x CPU core Intel® Xeon® @2.80 GHz, 50% CPU assignment
- HDD: 10 GB (PureSSD 6Gbps, HW RAID)
- KVM virtualization, Virtualizor® server CP, SSH root access
- 1x Public IPv4 address, DC Zagreb (up to 2, per request)
- 10 Gbps server port, 30/30Mbps dedicated link speed
- Allowed Monthly Bandwidth: 500 GB
- Guaranteed availability 99.99% (SLA)
- More than 80 different operating systems ready to install
- The price includes all licenses, system upgrades and proactive monthly maintenance

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