VPS - Uno L
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    • San Jose

All 4 CPUs
Any Linux OS
Great support
Reliable, UK based VPS located on an extremely fast network near London.
Our servers use Intel Xeon E55xx processors with 4 hard drives arranged in RAID10. All systems are monitored to ensure sufficent CPU time for each user, and all four cores can be made available for free on request.Network connectivity is provided by a several connections for 'fail-over'.Servers are in a secure location in Maidenhead on one of the fastest networks in the world, according to speedtest.net. Feel free to download sample files from two of our servers, Legion and Emohawk.Virtualisation technology is provided by Xen 3.4, a well proven solution for managing virtual server isolation and partitioning of physical resources.Each virtual machine has its own dedicated RAM and hard disk space. This is not shared with anyone and is not oversold.Your choice of Linux distribution and full root access.

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