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“Great Wordpress Hosting ”


6 Month

Wordpress Hosting

The first thing I impressed with AW Hosting is their support is really fast. For any ticket you open, for asking or for anything. Their will very fast to replied it. At the same time. the server for Wordpress is really great. My blog which is made by WP, is really fast access. Really satisfied with their hosting. Even if, my country is far away from their server location, compared with other hosting I ever tested, it still really fast to access and open it.

I still not find any dislike about their services to me untill now

Web Master

The uptime, which is really great, and also access very fast from around the world

Yes , we are switching from "it was local hosting before"


If you looking for fast hosting especially for wordpress, try to consider using AW Hosting. I really satisfied till now. Not only the support, but their server also great


Angitta Naracova
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