Should I use Azure VPS ? Or should I use a more standard shared setup?

Hi guys, need some guidance here if you could oblige? :-)

I’m looking at building a new website which needs some content switches for regions of the world, aswell as multi-language support. Can anyone recommend how to meet my requirements.
Question 1: Should I use Wordpress?

Question 2: **Hosting? Should I use Azure VPS ? Or should I use a more standard shared setup? **

Type of site: Simple brochure wear/comparison site, no server-side logic (apart from CMS text in DB?) Target audience: Global

Requirement 1:

  • Internationalization*: manual translations for approx. 10 languages, other languages translated with a tool(?)

Requirement 2:

  • Content needs to be dependent on the region of the world the user is in i.e. for users in the U.S. remove a subsection on a page and remove a page from a drop-down menulist.

Requirement 3:

  • http only, not https

Requirement 4:

  • Needs to be fast

Requirement 5:

It’s my startup, so inevitably low hosting/cloud costs are key

  • In terms of SEO, I believe Google rankings now favour locality – so should I have one site under ‘.com’ which is translated to the user’s language (based on regional settings?) or should I actually split the sites to different Top Level Domains per country i.e. .de, .fr, (I think maintenance of this could be painful.. rolling out content updates etc)
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Marcus Garis answered 4 years ago
Marcus Garis answered 4 years ago

some content switches for regions of the world

I believe here you are referring to display different language piece of your website on different regions.

Question 1: Yes, you can. You will need to follow WordPress's Multi-language guide to implement it.

Question 2: I haven't used Azure VPS much but I would recommend some medium-sized companies like Accuwebhosting which can offer you support whenever required. I would

You may experience lack of support if you go with giant companies like Microsoft Azure.

I think WordPress + multilanguage support + Cloud hosting + CDN hosting(for faster delivery of website on multiple local regions) would be enough as per your requirements.

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