Install Windows server on a cloud hosting?

Can I install Windows server on a cloud hosting? my way is install a windows server on a cloud or dedicated server hosting which support window and I can control it like installing a windows server on a local machine. Is that possible? can I access my windows with remote network connection from everywhere?

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Anju Keer answered 3 years ago
Anju Keer answered 3 years ago

Hello, I read your question. But don't worry. Follow these steps.

1.Log into the Cloud Control Panel.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Rackspace Cloud.

3.Select Servers > Cloud Servers. Click Create Server.

  1. In the Server Details section, enter a name for your server in the Server Name field.

  2. From the Region list, select the region in which you want to create the server.

  3. For more information about regions and how to use them effectively, see About regions.

  4. In the Image section, select the operating system that you want to use.

  5. For a complete list of available images, see the Images section of the Cloud Servers product page.

  6. In the Flavor section, choose the appropriate configuration for the server.

  7. For more information about flavors, see the Cloud Core Infrastructure User Guide.

  8. As needed, create a new network and select the PublicNet and ServiceNet options.

  9. The Recommended Installs section displays a number of recommended options for automatic installation and configuration. Select the checkbox next to one or more options that you want.

13.Click Create Server.

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