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Srbhost News

  • New price for our Business Hosting Plan

    05th Nov, 2014 20:24 PM

    Business Hosting Plan


    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Multi-lingual Control Panel
    • 5 Domains Hosted
    • 500 Email Accounts
    • Varnish
    • Memcached
    • Node.js
    30 Days
    Money Back Guarantee

  • A ?Jail Host? option added to the arsenal of security features in Hepsia

    05th Nov, 2014 18:41 PM

     Not long ago, we enabled the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall on all our servers to shield your hosting account from malicious online activity around the clock.

    As the global practice has shown, however, hackers may find ways to infiltrate into the system surreptitiously (we all know that no one can possibly offer a 100% anti-hacker insurance) and manage to take over one of your hosts. Well, if that happens, it’s time for them to get ‘jailed’ in that host.

    Through the new ‘Jail Host’ functionality, our web hosting system will outsmart the intruder by ‘jailing’ them.

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