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There are no Reviews for Regencyhost

We don't have any Reviews for Regencyhost. In the meantime. here are some reviews of comparable web hosting companies that might be helpful to check out.

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Regencyhost Prices, Plans & Features (2)

Plan Name Space Bandwidth RAM Price/Mo. Overall Ranking  
Starter VPS 4 100 GB Unlimited 1 GB $22.95 Smart-Rating Top Ranked #2377
  • Starter VPS 4
  • Plan Features Score: 36%
  • Customer Rating Score: -Nil-
  • Domain Authority Score: Low
  • Plan Popularity Score: 7%
  • Rating Score - 4% (Fair)
Plan Name Storage Dedicated IP RAM Price/Mo. Overall Ranking  
Intel Xeon X3220 2TB 5 8 GB $99.95 Smart-Rating Top Ranked #2201
  • Intel Xeon X3220
  • Plan Features Score: 3%
  • Customer Rating Score: -Nil-
  • Domain Authority Score: Low
  • Plan Popularity Score: 9%
  • Rating Score - 0% (Fair)

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We don't have any news for Create Register Web Hosting. In the meantime, here are some news of comparable web hosting companies that might be helpful to check out.

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