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365ezone Hosting About 365ezone Hosting


365ezone Hosting Prices, Plans & Features (60)

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthNo. of SitesPrice 
Standard Hostin..40GB100GB1 $1.45
Business Plan150GBUnlimited15 $2.95
Unlimited PlanUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $4.95
Standard Resell..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $6.95
Premium Reselle..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $12.95
Unlimited Resel..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $15.95
Standard Master..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $14.95
Premium Master..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $16.95
Unlimited Maste..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $19.95
Standard Alpha..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $20.95
Premium Alpha R..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $23.95
Unlimited Alpha..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $26.95
Unlimited Super..UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited $38.95
Standard SSD10GB100GB1 $1.95
Plan NameSpaceBandwidthRAMPrice 
Starter Vps 25610GB500GB256MB $3.49
Vps 102440GB2000GB1GB $7.95
VPS P 51225GB1000GB512MB $4.95
Vps 2GB80GB4000GB2GB $11.95
Vps 25650GB500GB256MB $3.49
2GB BFS75GB4096GB2GB $15.95
1GB LEB20GB1024GB1GB $12.95
Xen 25620GB1024GB256MB $9.99
Xen 51230GB1024GB500MB $15.99
Xen102440GB3000GB1GB $19.99
Xen 204860GB3000GB2GB $44.95
4GB SP150GB1500GB4GB $17.95
Xen 76840GB2000GB768MB $20.99
KVM 25620GB500GB256MB $3.95
VPS 51270GB1500GB512MB $4.95
1GB30GB1500GB1GB $7.95
Vps - 2048100GB5000GB2GB $11.95
Vps 3Gb-yearly100GB3000GB3GB $8.50
HRV 6GB30GB2000GB6GB $11.99
HRV 12GB60GB4000GB12GB $21.99
HRV 18GB90GB6000GB18GB $31.99
HRV 24GB120GB8000GB24GB $41.99
Plan NameSpaceBandwidthRAMPrice 
Vps 1GB100GB3TB1GB $32.95
Win VPS 51215GB2TB512MB $9.95
WinVps 1 GB30GB1TB1GB $19.95
WinVps 1.5GB100GB2TB1.5GB $29.95
WinVps 2.5GB150GB2TB2.5GB $44.95
Windows Vps pla..20GB3TB768MB $14.95
Plan NameStorageDedicated IPRAMPrice 
Core2Duo E6320..0.25TB5 Free ip4GB $179.00
Core2Duo E7400..0.25TB5 Free ip4GB $209.00
Core2Duo E8400..0.25TB5 Free ip4GB $239.00
Core2Duo E8400..0.25TB5 Free ip4GB $239.00
Core2Quad Q9550..0.5TB5 Free ip6GB $285.00
Intel Core2Duo..0.25TB5 Free ip2GB $129.00
Intel Single Xe..0.5TB5 Free ip4GB $139.00
Intel Single Xe..0.5TB5 Free ip8GB $239.00
Intel Xeon E552..1TB5 Free ip12GB $249.00
Intel Nehalem C..0.5TB5 Free ip12GB $309.00
Intel Pentiu..0.25TB52GB $99.00
Intel Atom D525..0.25TB58GB $89.00
Single E6320 Pr..0.25TB54GB $139.00
Bare Metal Serv..0.44TB114GB $79.00
Int. Xeon E3-12..0.25TB58GB $109.00
Int. Xeon E3-12..0.25TB58GB $129.00
Plan NameSpaceBandwidthRAMPrice 
Cloud Vps 110GB1000GB256MB $12.99
SSD Cloud Vps20GBUnlimited512MB $9.99

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365ezone Hosting
365ezone Hosting
- Flat No. 302, 3rd Floor, C wing, Sai Simron CHS. Deonar Village, Near Metal Box Company, Deonar Mumbai - 400088 , Maharashtra, India
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Sumit Pradhan (CEO)
Sumit Pradhan - Offer Quality High Speed Windows & Linux based Shared Web Hosting Reseller hosting an...

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Data Center Location

Tampa US

Tampa (US)


Marc Feldstein,

"365Ezone begun offering web hosting services with only one server in 2009 in Mumbai (India) with the goal of providing top notch web hosting services at most affordable rates.

Today, 365ezone offers quality High Speed Windows & Linux based Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Registration services, Dedicated Hosting and Reseller hosting.In addition, company provides various addon services like WHMCS, SiteLock, Backup services and Certificates.The main highlight of the company is their linux shared hosting plans. Linux shared plan ranges between 1.45 USD to $4.95, and all these plans have some premium free goodies, Weekly CPRemote backups, CloudFlare CDN and DNS services, SiteApps, Attracta SEO, SiteLock website security, MaxCDn, Mightycall and more.365ezone is award-winning web hosting company recognized at more than 20 web hosting review websites and hosting directories. The company has achieved the positives reviews at most of the web hosting review portals, forums and directories .Th e company has knowledge rich knowledge-base, clean website and standard WHMCS as billing portal ensuring the smooth signup. "

Published on Jul 26, 2016

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365ezone Hosting

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