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Canada is a country occupying most of northern North America. The culture of Canada have been by influenced by British, French, and Aboriginal cultures and traditions. The Canada is in the few countries which are net exporter of Energy. Canadian is one of the top Canadian that has servers and data centers located in Canada. Canadian company provide 24/7 support with all plans even by telephone with backing of over 20 employees.There are 14 capital cities in Canada - the national capital in Ottawa, 10 provincial capital cities and 3 territorial capital cities. Ottawa web hosting provides reliable featuring state-of-the-art spam filtering on all accounts backed by professional support. The other major cities of Canada are Toronto, Ontario; Victoria, Alberta etc are major cities of Canada.The companies in Canada are Just,, Easycgi, JTLnet, Network11 etc which provide different types of services such PHP hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, JSP hosting, E-Commerce hosting etc. The Canada also have been named as The Great White North as there is high snowfall in witner.

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