Dedicated Server Hosting New zealand

New Zealand is the developed country and is also having the developed economy in the world. The high economic growth is due to the several MNC companies emerged in the New Zealand. There is great growth in business in New Zealand there are many companies which provide the service to the every kind of business.

The service is for the hosting the small and large businesses it will include the variety of the hosting like: Linux, VPS Window, e-commerce, dedicated, shared etc to the companies as per there needs and requirements.

The companies in New Zealand are kiwi web hosting, this is the companies which provides the web hosting requirements of virtually all scales and budgets. It also provides a powerful, but easy-to-use web control panel for account maintenance.
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Head Quarter And Server Location
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Sneaky Gorilla Web Hosting

Sneaky Gorilla Web Hosting

Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand 8024
South Island, New zealand

    Server Locations: )
Net24 Ltd

Net24 Ltd

PO Box 911190 Victoria Street West Auckland 1142
North Island, New zealand

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