How Managed Web Hosting Can Help Startups to Get Off the Ground?

The startup ecosystem is the buzzword of the 21st century. Only 2 in 5 startups are profitable while others are on a break or continue to lose money. With limited resources and financial capability, it gets difficult for a startup to thrive and sustain. And about 90% of startups fail to continue.

Managed Web Hosting for Startups

Most of the startups use Web Hosting solutions in one form or another. Some use it for web-hosted applications while others use it to host a website for their online presence. A hosting solution also comes handy to host Android or iOS applications.

There are various benefits a startup can reap from a managed web hosting. It allows them to access revved-up IT equipment at an affordable cost. Since managed web hosting is a leased service, it allows the startup to access this technology without investing in the on-premise infrastructure. Since you are not investing in the hardware components, the overall maintenance allows for more savings.

Cost-effective web hosting solutions helps startups and small businesses to get off the ground. Also, it enables a startup to quickly build their websites and apps in very little time.

Why Would a Startup Need Managed Hosting?

Security and Compliance are the top advantages a managed hosting could provide. The expert management behind this form of hosting ensures the critical and sensitive resources are properly maintained in a secured environment so startups don’t need to worry about technical issues and can focus on their business.

A Managed hosting offers a secure and scalable solution readily available. This helps startups in quick expansion and serve their clients in a better manner. Also,  managed hosting takes away all the hassle of managing the server complexities so the startup can focus on what they are good at.

There are many managed hosting options for startups of all sizes. The key benefits a Managed Hosting can bring further on the table are:

  • SSD Based Startup Hosting :

SSD based hosting provides a faster response as it is quicker than Traditional Hard Drives.

  • Stack With Latest Technologies :

Most of the managed hosting companies offer an advanced stack of technology like PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL/MariaDB etc. for your startup.

  • Technical Support :

Most of the Web Hosting Companies provides 24×7 technical support to their managed hosting clients using live chat and ticket management system.

  • Secured Service :

Managed service will continuously monitor hosted websites against spyware, malware, and malicious codes and keep it safe from unwanted viruses. Also, the client will be notified of unusual traffic over their website.

  • Updates and Maintainance :

It is one of the prime reasons to purchase Managed Hosting that all the updates and maintenance of the Hardware resources and software patches will be taken care of by Hosting Providers.

  • Backup/Restore Management :

Managed Hosting also provides complimentary backup management solutions for websites and Databases. It may be on a daily or weekly basis. They can quickly restore the data from the backup in case of any emergency.

With all the benefits that come along managed to host for startups, there are a few cost-effective Web-hosting companies that are leading the Webhosting industry.

1. Hostway

hostway web hosting
Hostway is one of the oldest and trusted services in the industry. They host some of the biggest brands in the world. They have a Fully-Managed Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud. This allows every startup to pick the best match infrastructure for their needs. They are fully audited with HITRUST, HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI-compliant cloud hosting provider. They provide customized pricing depending on your needs.

2. Accuwebhosting

Fully Managed Accuwebhosting They are also among the very few oldest web hosting services in the industry. As a leading provider of Windows VPS hosting for individuals and startups, their managed hosting is very affordable with 24×7 technical support. Their SSD Based servers are ultra-fast, fully managed, and secure.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Managed hosting
The name does not need any introduction, they are a well-known web hosting service operating for over two decades. They are affordable and their 24×7 hosting support lets you work in peace. With a fully-loaded bare metal server with top-of-the-line processors, you can scale and control down every aspect of the hosting service.

4. Servermania

servermania webhostingServermania has been operating for almost two decades. They are not so well known, but their infrastructure is powerful yet affordable. With only 8 locations worldwide they promise to deliver 100% uptime SLA. They have multiple solutions from Database hosting for your startup to storage servers and much more. They allow you to take a quiz and calculate the server pricing specific to your needs and requirements.

5. InMotion Hosting

inmotion webhostingWith the leading-edge cloud technology, inMotion hosting has been making it easier for startups to kick start their game. With secure DDoS defense and low latency networks, your apps, websites, and database are easy and accessible at a fast pace. This hosting allows you to spend more time coding your apps and less on server management.

Wrapping Up

The advantages of a managed hosting solution have enabled startups to grow and strengthen their businesses in a cost-effective manner. The increased level of reliability and accessibility has allowed startups to stay close to their important applications and customer portals. With managed hosting in place, a startup can work with peace of mind that its sensitive infrastructure is reliable and readily available. Getting the Cost-effective web hosting solutions to help startups and small businesses to get off the ground, so you should consider it during the MVP development.

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