Which is The Best Web Hosting for PBNs

Web Hosting for PBNs

The Best Web Hosting for PBNs sounds good when companies provide good hosting services on good servers. You’ll have a better Internet connection, better hardware reliability, and better performance by having your website on a good server. In addition, you should look for companies who can offer their services with assurance by being an intelligent webmaster.

It is usually also advisable to check the available options before opting for cheaper web hosting for PBNs and whether they are genuinely economic in the long term. In addition, the compatibility of local equipment to online servers, plus the accessible small storage space along with the available monthly bandwidth, should always be considered by prospective users of an online host service.

This is usually the basis for a project that demands low-cost web hosting plans. In addition, the provision of additional services such as email accounts supported web applications and scripting languages also constitutes an important web hosting feature.

So, what sort of hosting is compatible with PBNs?

There are several common, dedicated, and self-hosting programs for the best and cheapest web hosting plan. Free web host planning is the cheapest subdomain deal but is only good for small personal websites with little interest in intricate online advertising, overall performance, and host customer assistance.

Meanwhile, a shared web host plan allows you to use your name on virtual servers where many sites allocate space and bandwidth for your disc. It is likely to be cheap, but one may spend a little more on reliable and fast network connections than the everyday one. In contrast, eCommerce websites’ cheap web hosting plans are more cost-effective.

What is a PBN (Private Blog Network)?

Neither does it seem a bad idea to open many sites and use them to link. The problem is the enormous management costs; each site has to be managed, upgraded, and monitored in all respects: and that is where the P.B.N.’s idea came about.

A private blog network (P.B.N.’s acronym) is nothing more than a group of blogs, sites, or fora where you can freely post links. Read on unless it’s clear. Let’s start with how to build links: it’s a question of looking for valid links for your website, and we’re normally looking for links on other sites, as we explained in the Giant post attached to the techniques we could use.

Google doesn’t like the PBN

When speaking in general about PBN, we refer to techniques rather “silent,” but not necessarily negative: in fact, it is – out of necessity and bad luck, unfortunately – the rule to go up the SERPs in the most competitive sectors.

Do you know why we do not necessarily think a PBN is a technique to penalize? Yeah, we don’t think it is as dirty as it appears: it depends on how the websites are managed. If they are wisely administered and contain good content, they are cared for from every point of view, and, as many do, they are not limited to publishing only convenience backlinks. So they may be a good strategy; it depends on the editorial perspective.

As often happens in SEO, good technology can become fatal if mishandled: but generally, it depends on who does it and how it does it above all.

PBNs are also endangered because Google explicitly prohibits their use regarding link schemes (link schemes, which are links that are observed as belonging to a sole owner and are seen as penalizing as well).

It’s not, of course, the only valid technique for the construction of links, and we suggest that they only be utilized by those who are genuine experts.

How is a PBN done?

It does that: through multiple websites, with different platforms (The most widely used are Bloggers and Medium’s) and on different hosting (this will make the PBN less “dirty” or suspicious to have different IPs).

Disappointing to say, things are not as simple as they appear. PBN sites inevitably have medium to long-term effectiveness; in short, time, work, and patience are needed for a PBN that has been developed today to be truly efficient for positioning locations.

It is generally much better to turn to pre-produced PBNs and include them in “circles” to do this (for obvious purposes): to contact those who deal with them directly much better. Thus, in general, you do not search Google.

It is also normal for those who maintain PBNs to have costs and be an investment that is generally at risk of punishment (like any other investment, moreover).

1) Accuweb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

If we talk about PBNs, ensuring security against Google’s tight surveillance is first to ensure. In case by mistake, Google catches you doing such stuff; your website might get drowned in no time (yes, we mean Google’s penalty). Never forget Google is highly strict in implementing punishments for such “Balck-Hat” practices.

However, as we’re doing it as a Grey cum White Hat (if you do it with perfection, the only, otherwise, it’s still black-hat), the chances of getting caught are low.

Still, web hosting is the path that might lead you to heaven or hell. Therefore, Go for a web hosting service such as Accuweb to ensure a high success rate!

But why Accuweb?

It’s not a mainstream PBN hosting, which means it has a “clean white image” in Google’s eyes, while those selling special PBN hosting services might get in Google’s considerations.

Accuweb’s shared hosting costs you just $3.09 per website you want to include in your PBN.

Just imagine hosting 15 small websites, paying below $50, and reaping all huge benefits? How cool (and tension-free)!

Most importantly, this shared hosting plan offers you all the major benefits that you’ll find in just expensive hostings. In addition, they offer you all the opportunities to make your PBN’s body parts (websites) look so authentic (ensure you don’t interlink all websites with each other).

You get Free SSL, 500GB monthly bandwidth, 10 GB pure SSD, and even LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin. Having all this, besides tremendous customer support, 400+ premium website templates, and an Anti-spam cloud server, is undoubtedly a great deal!.

Even if your PBN website gets more exposure later on and drives traffic as well, this shared hosting plan surely has the potential to hold that all for you. So don’t wait to grab the 30-day free trial and start working on your PBN project now to skyrocket your articles, pages, and domain authority.

Best Features of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Account activation is instant, and also, you’ll get Domain Name Registration (Addon). It’ll save you a lot!
  • You get the responsive C-panel along with unlimited SQL databases.
  • For those thinking about building PHP readymade websites, the Latest PHP versions, 8.x & 7.x, are supported.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Free SSL.
  • Enough resources for exceptionally low monthly cost.

2) Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks

It’s easy to set up a Private Blog Network on Easy Blog Networks with high-end infrastructure and an easy-to-use interface.

Easy Blog Networks has all clarified in a time-consuming way that it only takes time to build a PBN on its platform on most PBN hosting platforms.

By randomizing servers, you are constantly undetected, you don’t need to be worried about your network’s defense, and you are fully secured. In addition, several hosting companies on various A, B, and C-class IPs host your blogs in various data centers.

Easy Blog Networks is using over 100 data centers and 18 hosting providers at the moment, and it looks quite natural, and your blogs are undetected.

The best thing is to add additional data centers and hosts in your selection, review the maintenance process, automatic WordPress updates, and daily blog backups, optimize security and make server efficiency the PBN Network management process easier.

According to the study carried out in the case of EBN-powered blogs, Easy Blog Networks is one of the best hosting services for PBN with a superfast set-up, full natural hosting profile, automated maintenance, and many more features the company, PBN Fox.

Here are Easy Blog Networks’ best pieces.

Best Features of Easy Blog Networks

  • It’s quite affordable and also the cost is not hidden.
  • PBNs are the easiest approach.
  • You can use your 7-day free test to try EBN hosting.
  • Unmetered bandwidth and data storage.
  • The randomization and the variety of servers and data centers.

3) SeekaHost PBN Hosting


SeekaHost is known for being run by renowned SEO Fernando in the SEO market. It provides the ideal infrastructure, multiple location servers, and, most importantly, consumer care.

The Seekahost platform is created to help SEOs make their efforts, guarantee total security for their PBN network and provide support through live chat and email tickets. Their costs are incredibly low.

The most helpful thing about your support team is that you are all familiar with SEO, so you know what you are doing when you advise your product. Seekahost has an uptime of 99.9%, and in all its packages, anti-spam plugins such as Spam Assassin have been implemented.

Your cPanel is simple and can be handled intuitively although you first use them, in addition to mixing all cPanel as add-on domains for each domain in your PBN.

For example, if you have ten blogs in your PBN, you will have ten cPanel accounts to customize your blogs easily and certainly handle them more comfortably.

The planning is well-categorized. It is planned to accommodate the modest PBN and the colossal PBN of 5 IP PBN to 70 IP PBN. Here are Seekahost’s best features.

Best Features of Seekahost

  • Suitable both for SEO agencies and businesses with a small budget.
  • Data centers with multiple locations secure your information so that you reach users as soon as possible.
  • As the customer support team, expert SEOs.
  • Each domain will receive 500 MB.
  • All bundles include Spam Assassin, a leading industry anti-spam software.
  • Software and hardware resources are up-to-date.
  • Their rates are extremely inexpensive.

4) LaunchCDN

SeekaHost PBN Hosting

LaunchCDN is defined as ‘Made Simple PBN hosting,’ which we found an explicit declaration. It uses the Content Delivery Networks to host websites on different IPs. Therefore, your PBN websites are located alongside other normal websites, unlike unique providers where your sites are hosted on servers with only other private blog networking websites.

Overall, we found LaunchCDN the best choice for large networks that require zero footprints. It’s perfect. We are now a customer and intend to be forward-looking, every few months, we revisit the contestants, but LaunchCDN has it all.

Best Features of LaunchCDN

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • It has an integrated PBN site builder, which was one of the biggest things. From your dashboard, you can order a complete website build for $35 for your own PBN site.
  • Excellent support team
  • Among the PBN websites that I have checked was the best anti-floor plan technology.
  • Daily backups
  • Many other small features on the platform
  • Mail your PBN to your principal email
  • PBN website free migration

5) WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

WPX has been in the industry since 1998 and is one of the Best Web Hosting for PBNs, if you are a business standard framework, you can, of course, know your customers and their difficulties. This experience helped Terry to comprehend fully and start building what people love.

Best Features of WPX

  • The AVERAGE support team of WPX Hosting 24/7/365 under 30 seconds response time.
  • a ‘Staging Area’ in which you can merge your version of the Staging Website with the Live version without losing any new blog comments or changes to the Live website;
  • “STATE FOR YOU” Guarantee: Contrary to support for old-school hosting, when you get into technical problems and expect to solve the problem, they will do it for you, FAST & FREE.
  • UNLIMITED Installed and Active Under 10 Seconds Free Google-sponsored SSL certificates
  • SUPERFAST high-end new SSD servers willingly UNDERloaded under extreme traffic loads for performance
  • http2 enabled + PHP 7.X Enabled (Plus EarlierVersions)
  • Completely Managed Hosting WordPress With FREE Email (Unlike Many Others)
  • Unlimited free website migration within 24 hours, seven days a week from your current host to the WPX host.
  • Enterprise-level Protection of Incapsula DDoS on ALL plans.
  • US servers in London, also in the UK, located at the World’s Largest Data Center Along With America’s Financial Infrastructure;

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